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People have practiced torso change for literally centuries, but nipple piercings are a tendency that semen and go. “ Appointments spike when a new fame shows off her pierce nipples, ” says Brian Keith Thompson, head piercing officer at Body Electric tattoo and piercing salon in L.A. ICYMI, that includes areola style icons Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Miley Cyrus. There ‘s besides decidedly been an overall interest in the nipple over the past couple of years ( # FreeTheNipple ), fueling the ardor for bedazzled nips. sol if you ‘re intrigued by the estimate or thisclose to walking into a pierce studio apartment to get your own, peep this fuse to, er, nip all your questions in the bud ( or should I say boob ? ).

Does a nipple piercing hurt?

While nipple piercings may feel capital afterward—or, ya know, eventually—the actual here and now when a needle goes through your nipple feels precisely as you ’ vitamin d imagine it to. “ Nipples are packed with boldness endings, then be ready for pain, ” says Debra Jaliman, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. But know that just how painful the pierce is varies from person to person. “ Some people feel excruciating pain for a disconnected second ; others are like, ‘Oh, that was it ? ‘ ” says Thompson. If you ‘re stressed out, sleep-deprived, or a few days ‘ deep into a bender, you ‘ll likely feel more pain since your body is in a compromise express. so, like, do n’t do that .

“ The pain is a rite of passage—if it did n’t hurt a little, it would n’t be as cool or massive. ”

“ The pain is n’t then bad that it should ever stop you from getting the pierce, ” says Thompson. “ And it ‘s basically a rite of passage—if it did n’t hurt a little moment, it would n’t be as aplomb or monumental. ” ( Preach. )

How long do nipple piercings take to heal?

On average, a nipple pierce needs about six months to heal. It can be quicker—say, four or five months if you care for it properly ( do n’t worry, those tips are coming adjacent ) —but mend is a natural body summons that you ca n’t very rush. Why therefore hanker, you ask ? chiefly because your upper torso does n’t get a long ton of blood hang, and blood is what carries the oxygen and nutrients your cells need to repair injury ( yes, a pierce is injury ) .
“ Your body builds a fistula, which is like a tunnel through the nipple that seals off both out points so the area can heal inbound, ” Thompson explains. “ It may seem like you ‘re healed after two months because things look very well from the external, and then you might be a small less cautious or more boisterous with it. ” The result ? You end up catching your jewelry on a top ( ouch ), which can cause swelling and pique, or touching it with dirty hands, inviting contagion. On that eminence : Since the body knows your nipples are ( biologically speaking ) for breastfeeding a child, your immune organization can create issues, excessively, Thompson adds. In some cases, your body could reject the pierce ( it is a alien object after all ), which typically requires removing the nipple jewelry to avoid a serious infection. All that said, in most cases, when you ‘re pierced by a skilled, hygienic piercer and using high-grade metallic jewelry ( as in gold, platinum, or titanium ), your nipples will bounce back precisely fine halfway through the class .

Are there any risks associated with nipple piercings?

A pierce punctures your skin, poking a hole in your immune arrangement ’ s first line of defense. Wherever you get one, there will be risks. If you plan to get a nipple pierce, Jaliman says contagion ( bacterial or viral ), bruising, and irritation are all possibilities. ( These are the like with any body pierce, though. )
To avoid infection, since that is, by far, the most common consequence : Make sure the the tools used to pierce your nipples are wholly sterile, Jaliman stresses. The area should be cleaned with a skin bactericidal or alcohol before you get started.
If you have a alloy allergy—looking at you, nickel—be sure the piercer uses stainless steel or better. After that, it ‘s up to you to take good manage of your pierce .

Are there any benefits—will a piercing make my nipples more sensitive?

great interview. While there ‘s no scientific research that a nipple pierce will change the nerves in the sphere or increase nipple sensitivity, a draw of women say they notice a difference subsequently. “ It could be more of a genial thing—a placebo effect, ” says Thompson. “ The lapp way you notice more Audis the second you buy an Audi, a nipple pierce makes you naturally pay more attention to your nipples. So they may seem more sensitive merely because you ‘re abruptly more mindful of them. ”
That said, nipple piercings do enhance the appearance of your breasts. “ turn back and flat nipples are in truth common, and piercing them pushes the tissue up a small so they look more marked, ” Thompson explains. even if you have regular/pointy nips, a consistency piercing there gives them more of a profile. And that, for some women, makes them feel actually aphrodisiac. Which can, of course, translate to a hot sex life.

Cool, so how do I find the right piercer?

Most of the homework comes polish to finding a piercer who will do a dependable job, and with whom you feel comfortable—you ’ re going to be baring your breasts to this stranger, after all. here ‘s how to find yours, as recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers ( APP ) :

  • Get recs from a friend with piercings.
  • Check out online reviews, and compare feedback.
  • Visit the space in-person and make sure the staff washes hands, wears gloves, and uses pre-packaged, sterilized needles.
  • Take a peek at the piercers’ portfolios.
  • Call your health department to check that the studio you’ve selected is licensed.
  • Look out for the APP certificate displayed on the piercing studio wall.

    How do I take care of my nipple piercing?

    Again, your piercer should offer you detailed aftercare instructions, but you decidedly want to make certain they clean the area before things get started. Jaliman recommends using “ an antibiotic ointment right after the pierce and throughout the heal process. ”

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    “ Make certain to keep up with your nipple pierce aftercare, ” she emphasized. For at least four ( but typically four to six ) weeks, Jaliman recommends using a especial spray on the piercings : The APP suggests an additive-free, pre-mixed saline atomizer formulated for piercings. Thompson recommends the “ less is more ” approach path, keeping the area houseclean by showering once a day ( with gentle, fragrance-free soap ). “ Your torso does n’t very need help to heal the area, digression from maintaining a goodly life style ” —you know, staying hydrate, eating clean, sleeping well, managing stress, and exercising. During the first couple months, you ‘ll besides want to skip hot baths, pools, lakes, and hot tubs ( giant star teeming petri dishes that they are ), and cover the pierce with a rainproof bandage if you do partake, suggests the APP. besides, consider a tight cotton shirt or a sports brassiere for sleeping. ( Again, you don ’ triiodothyronine want the jewelry getting pulled out. ) For itching, Jaliman suggests an over-the-counter hydrocortisone skim.

    What does a healing nipple piercing look like?

    Expect some bleed and some crust to form around your pierce as it heals—do not remove the jewelry to clean, because the hole can promptly close. jaundiced dismissal is normal and a sign of mend, but any fluid that looks park, brown, or streaked red is a sign of infection. besides, if the clamber feels hot to the touch, your lymph nodes or swollen, or you feel like you ‘re getting sick ( you have a fever or chills ), see your department of commerce ASAP. Wait a minimal of seven to nine months before changing a nipple pierce, Jaliman says, unless you find you ’ rhenium allergic to the metallic element in the jewelry. In that casing, see your piercer to swap it out—unless, again, you notice signs of infection ( always go to a doctor of the church in that event ) .

    What kind of jewelry should I use in my nipple piercing?

    Some people have metal allergies : Avoid attaching anything made of nickel to your body, and rather opt for surgical stainless steel, Jaliman says. titanium, platinum, amber, niobium, or certain polymers and glass are all solid options, besides. If you are getting a nipple acute, you ’ re probably looking at one of three styles : A ring, a barbell, or a bent barbell.

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    What will my nipple look like if I take it out?

    As mentioned, removing your jewelry might mean the hole closes cursorily, so invalidate taking it off for farseeing stretches. If you do and it begins to heal, Jaliman says there could be a keloid ( or a fleshy, raised bump—some people are genetically prone to keloid formation ) or a scar. Most of the time, the scar is barely detectable, says Thompson, but if you keep your jewelry in for decades versus a copulate of years, you ‘ll probably have that fistula and trap everlastingly. It truly depends to the size of the hole you create—the typical 14- or 12-gauge size will heal sol nicely after removing the jewelry that you credibly wo n’t be able to tell it was ever there .

    Can you get a nipple piercing and still breastfeed?

    You can, although you shouldn ’ thyroxine get a nipple pierce and immediately return to breastfeeding. The piercing needs to in full heal ( hopefully that ‘s obvious ).
    “ Having had a nipple pierced does not affect the child breastfeed or milk production, ” Jaliman says. so just take out the jewelry and keep the area clean, and you should be all right. ( Again, as always, be hypervigilant about infection—contact a repair if you notice pain, red, swelling, or fire. )

    Okay, but what is it actually like?

    still not certain if it ‘s for you ? These five women spill all the juicy details about their nipple piercings—from whether the annoyance was demonic to, yes, how the unexpected metallic element accessories affected their sex lives .

    “I love surprising people with it.”

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    “ I got my piercing about four years ago, during the summer after my sophomore year at college. I had wanted it for a infinitesimal, but did n’t know I would actually go through with it until I was checking in at a pierce shop class about the price and logistic thrust. Before I knew it, I was topless and flat on my binding as my piercer, Zoe, poked a reasonably long needle through my nipple and left it there while she prepared my jewelry. That was wyrd. “ It hurt a bunch, and honestly, if I had known what it would feel like, I may have skipped it. I am very beaming I have it, though, and I love surprising people with it. It makes my nip much more sensible, which I like, because I did n’t truly have a lot sensitivity before. I ’ ve heard most women with larger breasts have less sensitive nipples. not certain if its on-key, but it was for me. ” —Mara W .

    “The piercing definitely made me more aware of my nipples.”

    “ I got a nipple acute when I was 20 and kept it in for credibly eight years before I removed it. The piercing itself was not what I thought it was going to be. I ‘d had friends who got them and told me, ‘ It does n’t hurt about arsenic a lot as you think it will. ’ This was unhelpful ; I waltzed in thinking it would n’t truly hurt, so the trouble actually caught me off guard. This message is imported from Giphy. You may be able to find the same subject in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web web site .

    “ But it was n’t just the pain—it was the whole feel. I was told an apprentice would be doing the pierce. I was like, ‘ Okay. I can deal with this. ’ They told me to take off my shirt and brassiere, so I was sitting there shirtless with my least favorite, most modest roommate and six strangers crowding around me. The apprentice picked up a needle to prep it, and his handwriting was literally shaking to the steer where the main piercer was like, ‘ Whoa. Set it down. Calm down. This is no big deal. ’ Really instilling assurance in me, guys. When he picked the needle back astir and was about to jam it through my nipple, the other piercer yelled, ‘ STOP ! ’ The other piercer grabbed the needle and was like, ‘ Look, it ‘s barbed. You do not want to use this one for the piercing. ’ Finally, the act was done. It was much more atrocious than I thought it was going to be because I had expected it not to hurt. The annoyance was sharp and scorch, but in the august scheme of things, it was distillery accomplishable. “ At the clock time, I was dating my now-husband, and he fair rolled his eyes at the whole thing. He did n’t care one way or another if I had one, so from an ‘ alien ’ point of view, it did n’t make a snatch of difference. The pierce decidedly made me more mindful of my nipples, and that awareness probably made me more sexually aware as well. Once it healed up, I will say it added some spice to our sex life. It made my nipple more sensitive and tingly. He could tug on it with his teeth, massage it, or flick it, and it would elicit greater arousal. ” —Laura W .

    “I don’t remember even deciding to get a nipple piercing.”

    “ I imagine it was one of those things that seemed like a good estimate at the time. I do, however, remember getting it done. The piercer was a much older man. It felt strange whipping out my breast for him, but he took it like a day of work. now, I have an average amount of piercings—ears, nose, tongue—but, my deity, the pain of a needle skid slowly through my nipple is one that I never want to experience again. This content is imported from Giphy. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site .

    “ To be honest, I ‘ve found that nipple piercings only always changed my arouse life if my collaborator was into it. My ex-husband would find it interesting, but my stream boyfriend think if he played around with it excessively much it would hurt, bless him. I actually found that it was less sensitive than my non-pierced nipple, but I guess the fact that it was there to play with made it more erotic. It seemed to be fair vitamin a otiose as my tongue cutting, actually, and when I unintentionally ripped it out with my bracelet about a year ago—a report I hear is reasonably common—I never decided to go back and get it remodel. Interestingly, nowadays that it ‘s not there anymore, I find that that nipple is much more sensitive than the other. ” —Jess M .

    “Once I sat up and looked in the mirror, I was instantly aroused.”

    “ It was the weirdest thing. I had a dream that I was getting my nipples pierced, and when I woke, I was intrigued by the think of it. I started to do research, and by the end of the week I had them done. The feel was nerve-racking, of path. I was sitting in the living room like, ‘ What the heck am I doing here ? ! ’ “ I sparked a convo with a young dame who was getting her nose pierced, and that set my nerves at rest. then, I heard my appoint called, and there went my nerves again. The room was cold and very sterile. I removed my top and brassiere and dwell on the leather president. My nipples were tumid from the cold chill. The technical school told me to take a deep breath, then boom. She put the legal profession in my left nipple, and I felt it in my toes. My epinephrine kicked in ; then it was time for the right one. That was the irritating one, as it ’ sulfur my sensitive side. I felt the blood rush through my entire torso. I lay there a while. once I sat up and looked in the mirror, I was instantaneously aroused. This subject is imported from Giphy. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web web site .

    “ The ride base was interesting. The vibration of the trail was erotic. still in full moon epinephrine mode, I felt myself climaxing. What a race ! My first inner meet was besides amazing. The touch of his spit circling my nipple and the bars made for an explosive orgasm, and it has ever since. I ’ m a put-together, master caretaker and mother. The think of this hidden being hidden under my clothes is so sexy to me. I ’ m aroused by the slightest touch or tap, and I would not take them out any time soon ! ” —Yamil J .

    “My partner says that they taste like metal.”

    “ I got them done a month apart : the bequeath first, then the right. I ‘m a side-sleeper, so I figured that doing one at a meter was the best approach, and I think I made the justly choice. The first hurt bad, largely because I was more aflutter and thus more tense. My nipples are naturally not that medium, so compared to the stories I have heard from others about the pain they experienced during the pierce procedure, I had a pretty easy time overall. “ After getting them done, my nipples are decidedly more sensitive than they were ahead. That ’ s a bad bonus because I did n’t get much from my partner touching my nipples ahead. There decidedly is a level of circumspection that both my collaborator and I have gotten used to having, but I think that a bigger issue than anything sex-related is plainly getting dressed. You have to be careful taking clothes on and off, and things like open knits and mesh are normally a no-no. This content is imported from Giphy. You may be able to find the lapp contented in another format, or you may be able to find more data, at their world wide web web site .

    “ My partner says that they taste like alloy, but he does n’t actually mind it or notice in the consequence. overall, I enjoy having them largely for aesthetic purposes—they ‘re ace cute and switching out jewelry is fun—and I see myself having them at least for another class or two. ” —Chloe M .
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