32 Tips for Female Masturbation

You ’ re home plate, you ’ ve got a few hours all to yourself, and you ’ re hornier than a rhinoceros dressed as a monster for Halloween. What ’ s a woman to do ? Masturbate, of course ! Whether you incorporate a sex toy or go the ole-fashioned finger route ( no ill-timed answers here ! ), solo play is n’t good a playfulness way to spend “ me time, ” it ’ randomness besides legit good for you —more on that in a sec. Plus, it ‘s good for your sexual partner ( s ), besides. Because you ‘re able to experiment on your own, masturbation is a low-pressure means to learn what feels good, explains Megan Fleming, PhD, a psychologist and sex therapist. possibly you realize clitoral stimulation is absolute must to climax, or possibly you discover deep penetration is what gets you to O-town ( and beyond ). “ Relay that insight to your collaborator and you ’ re destined for better collaborator sex, including orgasms, which promote bond, ” says Fleming. need another reason to enjoy your ~alone time~ ? I ‘ve got four …

Good news: Masturbation has tons of health benefits.

The fact that it feels phenom is reason enough to get down with your bad self. But the health perks will have you reaching into your panties faster than you can say “ vibrator. ” These perks include :

  • It lowers your stress levels. “Masturbation releases stress and anxiety,” says Leah Millheiser, MD, clinical assistant professor and director of female sexual medicine at Stanford University Medical Center. “We know that you get total-body relaxation after an orgasm, which is great for someone who’s tense.”
  • It’s good for your vaginal health. “Masturbation increases blood flow to the genitals, which is important because blood flow keeps the vagina healthy,” says Dr. Millheiser.
  • It’s the safest sex possible. I know what you’re thinking: duh! But if you’re looking to avoid pregnancy or eliminate your risk of STIs, masturbation is the way to go, says Wendasha Jenkins Hall, PhD, a sex educator and researcher. All the pleasure, none of the risk!
  • It quells cramps. Motrin? Pfft. Try masturbating! Orgasming releases the body’s natural pain relievers: dopamine and serotonin.

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    New to masturbation? Here’s what you should know:

    Before you can “ rock your body ” Justin Timberlake–style, you first have to know your body. “ It ‘s essential for women to be able to identify their anatomy, ” says Janet Brito, PhD, a license psychologist and certified arouse therapist in Honolulu. That ’ sulfur why she recommends using a combination of diagrams and hands-on learn to suss out what ‘s going on down there …

    1. Sit down with a diagram of the female anatomy.

        Admit it : The last clock time you looked at a diagram of the female anatomy was during your one-seventh grade health class ( just me ? ). Spend some clock time looking at and tied memorizing it. As you do, be surely to say the anatomic words out loudly. In a world that undervalues vulva-owners, doing therefore can be an act of baron .diagram showing anatomy of human vagina illustrationA diagram of the female anatomy


        2. Bust out a mirror to look at your own.

        Unless you ’ re in Cirque du Soleil, getting a real beneficial look at your vulva and vagina is going to be physically impossible. That ’ s why Brito recommends beginning your personal probe with the basics, which is to say, a hand-held mirror. It ’ s truly the best manner to see what your vulva *actually* looks like, she says .

        3. Find your clit.

        The clitoris ( a.k.a. your best ally ) is where the masturbation magic normally happens. Home to a humongous 15,000 ( ! ) boldness endings, it should come as no surprise that some 37 percentage to 73 percentage of vulva-owners NEED clitoral stimulation to orgasm, according to inquiry. Depending on your human body, finding your clitoris may be easier said than done, but it ‘s worth the campaign .

        4. Locate the other parts, too.

        on-key, odds are senior high school that you ’ ll need clitoral foreplay to cross the finish line. But that doesn ’ t mean touching allllll the other parts of your vulva can ’ thyroxine feel good, besides. Brito suggests taking your time to explore and name all parts of your body to figure out what feels commodity and what ‘s just meh. “ Touch gently and, with curiosity, label the parts that feel most sensitive, arousing, delicate, and uncomfortable, ” she says .

        5. Acknowledge any shame you might be feeling.

        “ At best, we ’ ra told to never discuss [ masturbation ] and keep it to the confines of our bedrooms. At worst, we ’ re teach to avoid it altogether, ” Hall explains. The result of these ( miss of ) teachings leave some masturbators with a challenge to overcome : believing that masturbate is improper, says Fleming. But nothing could be far from the character. “ There is absolutely nothing black about self-pleasuring, and there ’ south nothing to feel guilty about after you do it, ” she says. ➡ Join WH Stronger today and get unlimited access to digital content, exclusive workouts, and more! If shame comes up for you, “ depart by owning that that ’ s what you ’ re know, ” she says. “ then, tell yourself that those feelings are a solution of internalize arouse negativity. ” If a self pep-talk international relations and security network ’ thymine enough ( it may not be ! ), she recommends seeing a license sex therapist. They specialize in replacing what she calls “ the wet blanket of shame ” with pleasure .

        Before you masturbate, set the scene…

        You change the sheets, light candles, and cue up your fave sexual activity playlist when you ‘re about to get it on with another person, therefore why not put the same sum of effort into DIY meter ?

        6. Clean your room.

        It ‘s rather heavily to feel sexy if your board ‘s covered in month-old laundry and yesterday ‘s takeout containers. therefore, “ begin by creating a slack, comfortable space in your home, full of privacy and free of interruption, ” says Brito. Plus, she notes, Marie Kondo–ing your space can help clear your judgment, giving you more room to focus on identifying what feels enjoyable and, consequently, increasing your chances of having that big O .

        7. Lock your door.

        This one might seem obvious, but so many people skip it. Locking your door, even if you ‘re home alone, can clear your brain of any worry of person barge in. sometimes, that ‘s all your mind in truth needs to get centered. It ‘s not that it ‘s so much about privacy but about privacy, explains Holly Richmond, PhD, a certify sex therapist and bodily psychologist : “ We all deserve privacy. Feeling like you have to keep things secret and hurrying up or hiding typically creates shame. ” By locking your door, you can create your own private space and, in turn, feel more comfortable … and confident. In some cases, though, you might want person to walk in on you, says Richmond. After all, it ‘s wholly hot. If this is your sexual fantasy, talk it out. Tell your partner : “ Hey, I ‘m a voyeur, ” or “ The estimate of catching you doing this very turns me on. Can we set up a fit in which we make this find ? ”

        8. Put your phone away.

        masturbation is “ me time ” —plain and elementary. Do your best to pretend the outside world does n’t exist ( buh bye, phone ) and tune into what ‘s going on inside your human body. “ A womanhood who can practice mindfulness is much more likely to reach orgasm preferably, ” says Dr. Millheiser. “ While masturbate, if you find that your mind is wandering off, recognize that and gently bring it back to focus. ” Using your call to explore erotic content ( more on this under ) ? Put that thang on Do not Disturb. end thing you want is a message from your knob popping up when you ’ re about to finish…

        9. Thank your body.

        Everyone has hang-ups that make them feel lesser-than when it comes to their bodies. Let that ish go, particularly when you ‘re masturbating ! rather than dwelling on parts you ‘re not wholly meet with ( like, say, your digest ), focus on the sensuality of your curves and how capable your body is of pleasure. Research links having a convinced body image with greater sexual satisfaction. indeed, far from being frivolous, loving your body can help you, ya know, love on your body .

        10. Break out your fave lingerie and underwear.

        Why save your sexiest underwear for an consultation ? If the black lace brassiere you have n’t worn since V-day makes you feel aphrodisiac, or that pair of Calvin Klein briefs brings you gender euphoria, put ‘ em on ! Taking them off can be part of the fit excessively, as Amy Levine, sex passenger car and fall through of Ignite your pleasure previously told Women ‘s Health. As each article comes off, think about what you love most about your body to get all kinds of turned on, she says .

        Try alllll the different types of masturbation…

        There ‘s no properly or ill-timed way to touch yourself when you masturbate. But this list of all the different ways to masturbate may give you some new tricks that ’ ll take your self-made orgasm to the future level. Let ‘s begin .

        11. Touch your non-genital erogenous zones.

        alternatively of going from zero to vagina, spend time romancing your non-genital erogenous zones. There ’ sulfur no rush ! “ It ‘s not all about the genitals, ” Richmond explains. “ The best arouse is sensation-based, when we ‘re in our bodies and not in our heads. ” It ‘s all about enjoying the senses, tastes, sounds, and smells of eroticism, versus just grabbing a dally and mindlessly going at it. “ If you are in the early stages [ of masturbating ], you want to get to know the areas of your body that make you click, ” adds Dr. Millheiser. And the vulva and vagina aren ’ t the merely areas that can turn you on, she says .

        12. Head south.

        “ Starting with your fingers is the best way to engage in masturbation, ” Dr. Millheiser says. Plus, you ‘ll simulate the feel of a partner ‘s fingers around your vagina, which can help you tap into the correct mentality. From there, you can build up the sensation in other ways ( more on that in a secant ) .

        13. Insert your fingers.

        If you ‘ve fair pulled into the self-service station, you might a well try penetrative masturbation—using your fingers, a dildo, or a phallic-shaped vibrator—to see if you like it. If you do n’t, NBD, you ‘re still one step closer to knowing what you *do* like .

        14. Explore the backdoor.

        “ You don ’ t have to go inside the arsenic to enjoy its pleasure-potential, ” Fleming says. The entrance of the anus has a many nerve endings as the tip of the penis ( about 4,000 ). When you begin “ exploring anal masturbation, start outwardly and get comfortable and familiar with the ace, ” Carol Queen, PhD, a staff sexologist at previously told Women ’ s Health. Add a pip-squeak of lubricant to your finger and simply circle the entrance to start .

        15. Combine multiple types of stimulation.

        “ The hale is greater than the sum of our sexual parts, ” says Nan Wise, PhD, a accredited psychotherapist and certified sex therapist. translation : Combining stimulation from multiple erogenous zones ( e.g. clitoris, vagina, cervix, nipple, inner thighs, and anus ) can add up to some serious pleasure. Some pleasure-seekers can actually orgasm from touching their nipples alone. Try putting one hand on your breast and the early inside you. “ Give yourself permission to lay down and let your hands wander, ” advises Brito .

        16. Focus on the task at hand (pun intended).

        But “ you don ’ t have to turn off your take care to orgasm, ” says Wise. alternatively, she suggests “ paying attention to sensations ” —not unlike how you pay attention to your breath when meditating.

        17. Take your time.

        Do n’t rush it ! Take as much time as you need, says Richmond. If you can make it an all-day affair, why not pull a Samantha Jones and make it one ? ! “ once a workweek or once every copulate of weeks, possibly go into a self-pleasure seance without orgasm having to be on the menu, ” Richmond suggests. Doing so can help you very explore your body alternatively of good rubbing one out real immediate .

        18. Play around with positions.

        You switch positions in sex, then why not when you masturbate besides ? “ There is no one position that works for everyone. You have to experiment and find what ’ s correct for you, ” Dr. Millheiser says. Some people like to rub their clitoris against the sleep together, while others like to lay on their backs. Some like to keep their knees bent ; others like to splay their legs out directly, and others still like to lift their legs into a V-shape. It does n’t matter what your personal taste is—but you wo n’t know until you move around .

        19. Focus on pleasure, not orgasm.

        Wise says the most significant region of masturbation is merely to “ savor the sensation ” and not set out with the intention of orgasm. “ Being in the experience is cardinal, ” she says. Sorta like with actual sex and relationships, it ‘s best not to go into masturbating with any expectations—even achieve orgasm—because that can make you feel anxious, says Brito. still, if you find yourself freaking out because nothing ‘s “ find, ” specially during your first me-sesh, that ‘s wholly normal and completely o. Remember that you ‘re experimenting in the name of being sexually healthy and do n’t need to impress anyone. Your only occupation is to “ focus on discovering what feels the most enjoyable to you, ” she says. Take your clock, and precisely feel it out. literally .

        Add in some erotic aids…

        “ We have sooo many different types of pornography available, ” says Fleming. “ Why not explore what works for you ? ”

        20. Use your imagination.

        Your mind = the best erotic help ! “ Everyone has different fantasies, ” Dr. Millheiser says. And no fantasy is excessively politic or excessively crazy ! possibly your fantasy is to make love to your sweetie the manner you did on your honeymoon. possibly your fantasy features you and a young Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge… ( Just me ? Okay ). possibly you ’ re taking a page from Rihanna ’ s playbook and envisioning whips and chains. “ fantasize is a time to discover what turns you on—and not judge it, ” explains Brito. Just let your imagination run raving mad and see where it takes you. For the record : It ’ south wholly convention to fantasize about genders you ’ re not attracted to IRL. Some straight women fantasize about being with another womanhood or a girl-on-girl sexual view, Dr. Millheiser says. ( That ‘s shouldn ’ t be besides surprising considering many directly women get off to lesbian pornography. ) And some lesbians masturbate while thinking about a man—that ‘s normal besides. “ No matter what your fantasy is, you do n’t have to question your sex, ” Dr. Millheiser says .

        21. Watch some ethical porn.

        If your imagination just is n’t cutting it ( no worries ), there ‘s no reason not to break out the big guns : pornography. Rather than going for the free ( and TBH, normally misogynous ) stuff, invest in some ethical pornography. Another choice is to re-watch the scene in a sexy movie over and all over again. Heck, if you have an old video of you and your partner stashed somewhere safe on your call, go ahead and enjoy that !

        22. Listen to audio erotica.

        not a ocular apprentice ? Thanks to audio pornography, you can listen to a fib that ‘ll get you all hot and bothered and let your mind do the perch of the work. “ There ‘s an app called Dipsea filled with tons of sexy audio stories to get you going, ” Richmond says. “ [ Some people ] like the floor around it, they like being able to create their own visuals. ”

        23. Curl up with page porn.

        Erotica, page pornography, R-rated books. Whatever you name them, blue texts are a great room to explore what turns you on. And by the way, the genre doesn ’ t start and diaphragm with Fifty Shades, # consecrate. hera are 25 other pornography novels to get your hands on right now .

        Bring in some of the best sex toys for masturbating…

        Whether you have arthritis ( damn you, calculator keys ) or wan sodium substitution things up, a arouse toy dog can very take your self-pleasure game to another degree .

        24. Lube it up.

        lubrication is a pretty important character of masturbate because “ it makes stimulating your genitals much more comfortable, ” says Dr. Millheiser. ( Preach. ) And that stands whether it ’ randomness boughten or body-made ! Bottle lubricate particularly comes in handy for masturbators on birth control pills, which can cause vaginal dispassion, Dr. Millheiser says. It ’ second besides a capital accession to anyone who ’ south dehydrated— because being dehydrated affects natural lubrication levels .
        If sobriety is a legit return for you, and you ‘re not using a silicone sex toy, try silicone-based lubes, which last longer and reduce friction, Dr. Millheiser says. But if you ‘re just looking for a fiddling supernumerary wetness for more fun—or have a silicone vibe—stick to a water-based convention. ( It wo n’t break down your buzzing friend. )

        25. Play with a vibrator.

        The modern vibration is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread ( better, flush ). These days, most vibrators are specifically made to give you that clitoral foreplay you crave. From bullet vibrators to charming wands ( that, yes, live up to the name ), there are a long ton of options out there for you to try. Treat yourself !

        26. Try an oral-sex simulator.

        Toys are fun—especially ones that bring a unlike kind of pleasure to the party. There ‘s such a thing as oral-sex simulators, and they ‘re, well, AH-mazing. first, consider the, which Dr. Millheiser recommends to clients and friends all. the. time. “ It ’ s a suction cup that uses an oscillate blackmail, ” she explains. “ It ‘s about as if it does n’t allow you to hold yourself bet on. It gently pulls an orgasm out of you. ” ( Sounds kinda courteous, does n’t it ? ) then, there ‘s the, which besides mimics cunnilingus but has an extra-cool feature where the suction gets more intense when you press the vibration hard into your skin. 10/10 recommend .

        27. Try another kind of sex toy.

        From nipple clamps to nipple pumps, non-vibrating wands to electricity sticks, C-rings to genital sleeves, there are more types of sex toys than there are masturbation tips. Hall specifically recommends a stainless steel sword or glaze plaything. You can place it “ in the electric refrigerator or warm water before a seance, then use it on medium areas like the breasts or thighs to provoke sensually intense reactions, ” she says. Hot ! ( Or should I say, cold ? ? )

        28. Move your body *while* playing with these toys.

        As entice as it may be to make your toy do all the heavy lift, try to get your body into it. Rock your hips to the cycle of the shaking, or move your pelvis in a round, figure 8-style motion. Doing so will help you stay present and maximize all the sensations you ‘re feeling. You might even happen upon some erogenous you did n’t know would get you going, says Richmond .

        Other ways to change up your solo sex…

        equitable because you ‘re entirely does n’t mean masturbation should be boring. To avoid falling into that trap, try something new .

        29. Change where you get down.

        Always getting busy while watching Netflix in the living room ? Head to your office electric chair. normally in bed ? Move it to a moderate, or the car if you ‘re feeling particularly adventurous, Hall suggests .

        30. Take your solo-sex session into the shower.

        This placement deserves its very own peak because you can treat it like you would a sexual activity toy. A hand-held showerhead might just become your new BFF. According to Dr. Millheiser, many women reach orgasm by pointing the flow of water system onto their clitoris. “ It ‘s like a promptly and easy vibrator—that pulsating sense on the most sensitive area on the human torso, ” she says. ( not to mention, it ‘s nice and warm. )

        31. Try edging

        Getting yourself to orgasm during solo play doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean you constantly have to go wax accelerator. ICYDK, there ’ s a technique known as “ border, ” which basically involves masturbating to build up sexual tension in your erogenous zones, then backing off equitable before you ‘re about to climax. “ Edging can make orgasm feel much more potent, intense, and enjoyable, ” as Vanessa Marin, a license psychotherapist and sex specialist, previously told Women ‘s Health. And Wise says it ’ s a firm way to draw out the pleasure before the thousand finale, particularly if this is n’t your first bedroom rodeo .

        32. Make it a show.

        “ Masturbation doesn ’ t have to be a solo bodily process. Masturbating in front of your partner or engage in reciprocal masturbation can heighten desire and serve as an opportunity to explore each other ’ sulfur bodies, ” Hall says. This room, you can show your partner precisely what gets you going. Keep an eye on where their hands roam on their own bodies to do a little determine yourself. This is besides a biggie for couples in long-distance relationships. “ They can hop on a video recording call and put on a sexy express for each other, ” says Hall. You can bet it ‘ll make the reunion so. much. hot.
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