Female Masturbation 101

The foremost meter I ever masturbated, I got actually lucky. I somehow rule my clitoris without knowing that it even existed and it responded well to whatever I did to it — and I was off and running .
I ’ ve been a sex educator for about 20 years now and I know it ’ randomness not like that for everyone. On okayso, the app I run where we answer questions about sex, “ How do I masturbate ? ” is one of the top questions we get. There ’ randomness this estimate that everyone can barely “ figure it out ” like I did — but I actually think that ’ randomness much more rare. so, here ’ s what I can tell you about how to masturbate, whether it ’ s your first time or one-thousandth .

Step 1: Find the right time

It might seem obvious but it needs to be said — spend some time thinking about when you feel most interest in masturbating and see if you can masturbate then. not everyone is a right-before-bed person : you might be an 11:00am-on-the-weekends person. It ’ s all about finding a time when both your body and your thinker are relaxed, and a weeknight when your head is spinning from the day might actually be a challenge .

Step 2: Set the scene

Get yourself all set up in whatever way you need. Is it besides hot or cold ? Too quiet ? Too darkness or excessively light ? All of those things can distract you from the sensations you ’ ra feeling, so aim for your ideal standard atmosphere. Get any toys you might want, some lubricant, a glass of water, your darling slice of pornography or sexy video, or anything else you ’ ll want to have close to hand. And turn your phone to do not disturb. That text from your baby about the annoying thing your parents did can wait — it will decidedly kill the mood.

Step 3: Remember your anatomy of pleasure

Pleasuring a vulva and vagina is all about knowing your way around. We live in a very penetration-obsessed acculturation, indeed often when people think about masturbating, they head to the vagina first. But in fact, the clitoris is Where. It ’ mho. At. The clitoris has over 8,000 steel endings — it ’ s the alone organ in the human body that is entirely for joy — so we will be talking a distribute about it. And the clitoris international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine just the share we can see ; it has a quill and roots that extend back into the body all the way around the vagina ( so vaginal joy is very clitoral pleasure — indeed aplomb ) .

Step 4: Start slow

Because the clitoral steer ( which is the part of the clitoris that you can see, the little hood-covered nub at the acme of your vulva ) has so many nerve endings, it can be very sensible. When touching the clitoris, it ’ sulfur best to start lento and thinly, using lubricate if needed. You can besides touch all around it or touch the clitoral hood and use that as a barrier to lessen the volume of the sense. As you become more ablaze and more blood flows into the clitoris, it will want more coerce. ( The same goes when you ’ re with person else excessively. )

Step 5: Experiment!

This is where it gets difficult to give very specific advice. Everyone ’ second clitoris is different, so here are some things to try to see how they work for you :

  • accelerate : slowly, dreamy strokes all the way to furiously fast
  • coerce : light as a feather to angstrom hard as you can press ( without trouble )
  • motion : circles, up and down, back and forth, tapping, flicking… get your finger moving !
  • wetness : quite dry to wholly lubed up

Remember that your clitoris might like one jazz band at the begin, another jazz band as it ’ sulfur getting revved up, and something else entirely as orgasm is ( possibly ) happening. It ’ s not about finding the thing that constantly works, it ’ randomness about finding the matter that ’ mho working right now .

Step 6: The big O

many people masturbate with the finish of orgasming. A password about that : much if we ’ ra ace goal-oriented, we can get in our heads about it and actually make it much harder. If orgasm is something you ’ ve been struggling with, try taking it off the board for a while and just see where these explorations lead you. That being said, generally to get to orgasm, you want to find something your clitoris likes and adhere with it. often people stop excessively soon, but it can take a while to get there .

Step 7: Consider other options

A finger on the clitoris is not the alone means to masturbate, for certain. It ’ sulfur much a bang-up way to start out, because your finger is easy to control and you can feel what ’ s happening. But here are some other things to consider trying if you ’ rhenium concern :

  • Humping : many people prefer to hump a pillow or other object, so give that a try if it sounds matter to .
  • body of water : If you ’ ve got one approximately, another go-to for many folks is a detachable shower head .
  • Vibrators : As I mentioned above, the clitoral read/write head has 8,000 boldness endings. Nerve endings love insistent apparent motion. Vibrators… well that ’ s all they do, and they do it very well. For some folks, a vibrator can be an perplex addition to masturbation .
  • penetration : about 25 % of people with vaginas can have penetration-only orgasms. If this is you, then try penetration with fingers, a dildo, or a longer vibrator. You can experiment with some of the lapp things as above

    focal ratio, type of motion, and wetness can all make a difference .

  • The rest of the body : From nipples to the G-spot to the american samoa, there are many other enjoyable spots on the body to incorporate in whatever manner works for you .
  • Erotica/porn : I mentioned it above, but it ’ mho worth repeating here

    there are lots of amazing books, blogs, and videos out there that can help you fantasize or just stay a bit more concentrate on the undertaking at hand.

If you ’ ra enjoying it, there ’ s no wrong way to masturbate. So don ’ t worry about doing it right. rather, find the manner that ’ s correct for you .

Elise Schuster

Elise Schuster, MPH, is a sex educator with 15 years of have in pleasure-based sex department of education and youth exploitation. Elise is is the co-founder of okayso, a unblock on-line platform that connects young adults with questions about sex and mental health to experts they ca n’t reach any early means. Elise has a masters in populace health from Columbia University with a specialization in sex and health and spent many years working at Babeland and at The Door – a major young person development means in New York City .

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