How to Lower A1C Naturally + 5 Myths to Ignore

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Many people with diabetes wonder how to lower a1c naturally, but it’s important to know the best ways to do that and what myths are out there.

As with any health topic, there are a lot of ideas floating approximately out there about how to lower your a1c. In this article, we ’ ll dive into what a1c is and not myths and truths about how to lower a1c naturally .
***This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, opinion, discussion or services. This article and the links contained in it provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this article is not a stand-in for medical care, and should not be used in place of the advice of your doctor or register dietician. ***

What is a1c?

Before we dive into how to lower a1c naturally, let ’ s briefly review what a1c is .
A1c is a normally used terminus short circuit for hemoglobin A1c. This lineage trial is used to diagnose pre-diabetes, type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. And if you already know you have diabetes, the a1c is used as a standard of blood carbohydrate control/glycemic control.

The a1c is a reflection of what your modal blood carbohydrate has been over the last 2-3 months and tells your doctor how much glucose ( aka, boodle ) is attached to your crimson blood cells .
A higher A1c means on modal your blood sugar has been higher. The graph at the end of this article gives a good comparison of A1c and estimated average lineage sugar level .

Wondering what a1c stands for?

As I briefly mentioned above, a1c is a short name for a rake test : glycated hemoglobin. wHere ’ s what each letter and number indicates :

  • Hemoglobin: a protein that carries oxygen from the lungs to your body’s cells and an important part of red blood cells 
  • A1c: There are many types of hemoglobin, but A1c is the most common type of hemoglobin making up about 2/3 of the hemoglobin in most people. 

How does glycemic control relate to a1c?

Your a1c and rake sugars have a linear relationship. This means that when your blood sugars are higher, your a1c will be higher .

How to lower a1c naturally (without medication)

now, let ’ s prima donna in to why you ’ re very reading this article… here are some prove ways for how to lower a1c naturally that might be effective for most people .

  1. Be more physically active
  2. Prioritize overnight blood sugar levels
  3. Eat balanced meals
  4. Pre-bolus (for people on insulin therapy)
  5. Practice positive sleep habits

myths how to lower a1c naturally
Be more physically active : This does not mean killing your body at the gymnasium everyday or forcing yourself to do some form of use that you dread. flush something vitamin a simpleton as adding in a 30 moment walk each day can have a positive affect on lowering a1c .
two women walking how to lower a1c naturally
Prioritize overnight blood sugars : Think about it. The time you sleep accounts for anywhere from 1/3-1/2 of the hours in a day. If managing blood sugars during the day is hard or difficult, work with your repair to prioritize overnight lineage sugars. I have some tips on how to do this in my post on bedtime snacks besides .
Eat balanced meals : Making surely that the meals and snacks you eat are balanced with fat, character, and protein is crucial for keeping lineage sugars stable and learning how to lower a1c naturally .
how to lower a1c naturally with foods
Pre-bolus (for people on insulin therapy) : If you are on rapid acting insulin therapy, consider taking insulin 10-15 minutes before you eat, rather of right when you start eating .
Practice positive sleep habits : Poor sleep habits can make blood sugars more difficult to manage, and high gear blood sugars can cause inadequate sleep. Focus on practicing cocksure sleep habits .
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How to lower my a1c: 5 common myths to ignore

therefore, immediately that you know true ways that you may be able to lower a1c naturally, let ’ s look at some myths that are out there and are precisely NOT how to lower a1c naturally.

  1. Take cinnamon supplements
  2. Go on the keto diet
  3. Go gluten free
  4. Cut out sugar
  5. Use essential oils

myths with wood block letters and green plant
Take cinnamon supplements : : There is some data on some types of cinnamon that shows a meek improvement in glycemic reply, but this does not translate to improved a1c levels in the long term. If you want to add cinnamon to your food, go for it ! It tastes delectable. But I would not recommend cinnamon supplements .
Go on the keto diet : While eliminating carbohydrates may show some short circuit term improvement in blood sugars, long term health impacts negate any shortstop term benefits. Most health caution professionals agree that a keto diet is not recommended for people with diabetes .
Go gluten free : There is no scientific tell for this instruction. In fact, many gluten free food products actually have a higher glycemic measure than traditional products .
Cut out sugar : Cutting out carbohydrate would mean cutting out fruit and most vegetables. And we know from decades of inquiry, that a diet rich in fruits and veggies is recommended for people with diabetes .
Use essential oils : While some anecdotal stories of people perceiving a reduction in blood carbohydrate when using essential oils do exist, there is no scientific evidence to support this title .

Common questions about a1c:

How can I lower my A1C without medication?

The 5 recommendations listed above are a big place to start when trying to learn how to lower a1c naturally. And, exercise with your doctor of the church and diabetes educator to build a design that works for you !

How long does it take to lower A1C?

A1c is measured every 3 months. If effective strategies are implemented, changes should be seen within 3-6 months .

What foods can I eat to lower my A1C?

No food in and of itself can lower a1c. But rather, the combinations of foods we choose to eat together can have an impact on a1c levels .

Can losing weight lower A1c?

For some people, yes. Losing burden if accompanied by early rake boodle balancing behaviors, may help lower a1c. But weight unit personnel casualty by itself won ’ t inevitably lower a1c levels .

How does a1c relate to diabetes blood sugar levels?

See the chart below for comparisons between your a1c level and what your estimate median blood carbohydrate may be.

What will my a1c be if I have normal blood sugar levels?

An a1c of 5.6 % or less is considered a “ normal ” a1c. People without diabetes will have an a1c in this range. For people with diabetes, a1c target ranges will vary based on a count of factors. Speak with your healthcare team to decide what your best target a1c should be .

Easy a1c chart

Use the chart below to determine what your a1c means your estimate average blood glucose level is .

A1c value Estimated Average Blood Glucose (Sugar) Level (mg/dL)
5% 98
6% 126
7% 154
8% 183
9% 212
10% 240
11% 269
12% 298

now that you know what a1c is, what it means, how to lower a1c naturally, and some myths about lowering a1c, check out these early related topics…

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