7 Proven Tips to Lower Your Hemoglobin A1C Levels

If you have prediabetes, diabetes, or are at risk of developing either, your healthcare supplier may have mentioned your hemoglobin A1C ( HbA1C or A1C ) levels. You may have been told that your A1C should be lower. If you ’ re hush diffident precisely what an A1C is and how can you lower it, read on for a simple explanation and 7 dependable tips .A couple preparing a salad together in the kitchen wearing neutral colored aprons.Rawpixel/iStock via Getty Images ad ad

What is hemoglobin A1C?

Your lineage is entire of crimson blood cells. Red blood cells contain a protein called hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout your consistency. Glucose ( sugar ) besides travels through your blood and can bind with hemoglobin. When the 2 semen in concert, they create what ’ mho called hemoglobin A1C, besides known as glycosylated hemoglobin, HbA1C, or A1C .

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How are hemoglobin A1C levels measured?

An A1C test measures the sum of glycosylated hemoglobin in your blood. Your A1C is written as a percentage and gives you an idea of how well-managed your blood boodle levels are over a period of 2 to 3 months. It ’ s besides one of the numbers healthcare providers use to diagnose prediabetes or diabetes. ad ad

How is the A1C test different from a blood sugar finger prick?

To measure your A1C levels, you need a blood sample distribution either in a tube for an A1C trial, or as a drop for a finger-prick test. The A1C examination is a more accurate representation of your blood carbohydrate than a quick finger goad because by measuring your glycosylated hemoglobin, it reflects your average blood sugar over respective months. A finger-prick test measures the actual carbohydrate in your blood, which changes throughout the day, and only tells you how much boodle is in your lineage at that very moment. Both of these tests are important for overall lineage sugar management and restraint .

What does it mean to have high or low A1C?

Higher than average A1C levels means that there is excessively much sugar in your blood. If your A1C is 6.5 % or more on an initial test and on a recur test, the American Diabetes Association ( ADA ) considers this to be a positive diabetes diagnosis. Diabetes can increase your risk of :

  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Eye disease
  • heart annoyance

The ADA sets guidelines for healthy A1C targets. For the modal, non-pregnant adult who has been diagnosed with diabetes, the ADA recommends a prey A1C of less than 7 %. Based on your medical history and early current medical conditions, your healthcare provider may prefer that you aim for a less rigid or more rigorous A1C .

How do I lower my hemoglobin A1C levels?

It ’ randomness significant to understand that lowering your A1C levels is a gradual action. Your A1C, unlike your finger-prick glucose test, measures your average rake sugar over a period of 2 to 3 months. That means it can take up to 3 months to notice meaning changes in your A1C. here are respective ways you can work on lowering your A1C over prison term. ad ad

1) Diet

Diet is an important component in your blood carbohydrate levels. You credibly know that carbohydrates ( sugars ) can increase your blood sugar levels. But your body besides needs a certain sum of carbs to work correctly. A tip off for meeting your body ’ randomness needs while keeping carb consumption under control is to eat more proteins, non-starchy vegetables, and low-sugar fruits. This includes :

  • Meats
  • Eggs
  • cheese
  • Berries
  • Whole-grain bread

Do your best to avoid carbs like :

As you check your blood sugars after meals, you should start to see patterns in how specific foods affect your levels .

2) Exercise 

Your body produces a hormone called insulin which moves carbohydrate from your blood to your cells. If you have besides a lot carbohydrate in your rake, your cells can not absorb sugar deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as they should. This is called insulin resistance and is one campaign of high blood boodle and high A1C levels. exercise is a authentic way to bring your A1C levels down because it helps jumpstart your torso ’ s natural insulin activity. If you ’ re an adult with type 2 diabetes, the ADA recommends participating in aerobic activities and resistance train. These activities include :

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • weight-lift

daily activity is ideal, but if you must skip a day, the ADA suggests no more than 2 days of inactiveness between exert sessions .

3) Weight loss

Since everyone has a different body structure, weight loss is specific to you as an individual. A study has shown that burden decrease of 5 % to 7 % may be enough to lower the gamble of diabetes in people who are at high hazard and/or have prediabetes. If you already have diabetes, slant personnel casualty can help you reduce the measure or frequency of your medications. Using the diet and exercise recommendations above can help achieve these weight personnel casualty goals .

4) Medications, if needed

If you have prediabetes or diabetes, your healthcare provider may prescribe medications to help lower your A1C. But remember, these medications don ’ thymine work unless you take them systematically. Whether or not you “ feel fine, ” you are at hazard for good complications if your A1C levels are high. Take your medications the way they are prescribed to you. If side effects or monetary value concerns keep you from taking your medications, let your healthcare supplier know .

5) Follow up with your healthcare provider

communication with your healthcare provider is important in monitoring your A1C levels and diabetes discussion. Your supplier may schedule an appointee with you every 2 to 3 months. That ’ second because it takes about that long to see changes in your A1C. Attending these follow-up visits can help you find out if your A1C levels are headed in the right direction .

6) Manage stress and mental health

According to the ADA, tension can directly impact your lineage sugar levels. When your torso is under stress, it gets fix to either fight or run from the source of try. Your body needs energy in the human body of boodle to do this, so a hormone called hydrocortisone is released to increase the levels of carbohydrate in your blood. Since daily life can be nerve-racking, finding ways to manage and lower that stress is key to maintaining healthy rake sugar levels. You might enjoy calming activities like :

  • Walking
  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Knitting
  • Writing

Try a few different soothing activities to discover what type of tension management works best for you .

7) Find a community for diabetes self-management

If you have prediabetes or diabetes, know that there are batch of people in the global who are besides working to manage these conditions. Connecting with others in similar situations can be an excellent way to find support, stress respite, and accountability. Plus, you ’ ll likely determine tips and strategies for managing your diabetes tied better. Ask your healthcare provider about patronize groups or meetups for people with diabetes .image

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