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When people learn of my decision to reject modern building complex technology in prefer of older, slower, forget ways, their foremost wrinkle of inquiry normally involves healthcare. Considering its importance to our lives, this is barely surprising. Yet because of its affectional nature – which of us, after all, doesn ’ t have friends or class necessitate glasses, hearing aids, stents or prescription drugs ? – it seems difficult to have a steady, objective discussion on the discipline. The more concerned and curious inquirers much ask me what I would do if I got badly ill. While the long answer is complicated and nuanced, honestly, I don ’ metric ton know. It ’ second easy to live by your values when times are good, much hard when you ’ re having a stroke or fail of cancer. One thing I can say with more confidence is this : if we continue pursuing this political political orientation of mass industrialism – which has given us ambulances, dialysis machines, wheelchairs and antidepressants – not only will we continue to harm our physical, emotional and mental health ( leading to even more people needing such things ) we ’ ll besides wipe out much of life on Earth.

Industrial refinement, itself only 200 years previous, is already causing the one-sixth mass extinction of species of the last half billion years. What ’ s that got to do with an ambulance ? Well, both nothing and everything. The ambulance itself undoubtedly saves lives ( including my dad ’ mho ). Yet deconstruct a one ambulance – with its plastics, oils, fluids, copper, acids, glass, rubber, PVC, minerals and steel – and I ’ ll appearance you how to lay waste to the identical thing all our lives depend upon : the planet. big mental picture aside, most of what afflicts us today – cancer, fleshiness, mental illness, diabetes, stress, auto-immune disorders, center disease, along with those slow killers : meaninglessness, clock-watching and loneliness – are industrial ailments. We create nerve-racking, toxic, unhealthy lifestyles fuelled by sugar, caffeine, tobacco, antidepressants, epinephrine, discontent, energy drinks and debauched food, and then defend the political ideology that got us hooked on these things in the first place. Our sedentary jobs further deplete our physical, emotional and genial wellbeing, but rather of honestly addressing the settle lawsuit of the illness we exert always more attempt, department of energy, flair and money trying to treat the symptoms and contain the epidemics. We ’ ve developed Stockholm syndrome, sympathising with the very system that has economically held us hostage since the eighteenth hundred. Industrialism, along with its partner in crime, capitalism, has tied persuaded us that, in order to save ourselves and loved ones from the horrors of disease we should spray every come on with chemicals, keep children ’ s hands out of the scandal and mire, and try to sterilise our entire world. With our immune systems compromised as a solution, multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies then sell us products to fend off what our bodies should be able to fight off naturally. In their brightness they have even persuaded us to pop painkillers for things that hardier generations would balk at. My own approach to healthcare acquire ’ thymine satisfy the critics, the advocates of this strange thing called progress that seems to have us all more stress and less content. And that ’ s OK ; I ’ m not trying to tell people what to do, and I ’ ve got no product to sell. I plowshare it alone because my editor tells me it ’ s the most common on-line inquiry. In doing therefore I ’ thousand identical mindful that I ’ ve been blessed to be born without any serious long-run health issues, and that at 38 I ’ megabyte relatively young. That said, I ’ megabyte not convinced that it ’ second necessary to fall into such hapless physical determine, as educate peoples tend to do. My dad is about 73 and he can still cycle 150km before dinner, plainly because he has never stopped looking after his health. The philosophy underlying my approach is that of any herbalist : keep the animation in your body potent, and be mindful to do it every day. When it goes out of ease and into disease, use the appropriate plants – the original source of many industrial medicines – to bring your body and mind back into counterweight, and to restore optimum operation. Your body is always aiming for balance and health, and listening to it is one of the best things you can do. Illness is feedback – the preferably you heed it and restore your life force, the less likely it is you ’ ll develop more serious problems.

I find it impossible to describe my approach to health without describing my set about to life sentence. I wouldn ’ thyroxine dream of suggesting that this is a prescriptive solution for anyone else ; but with the exception of a voluntary vasectomy, I haven ’ thyroxine seen a repair or nurse for 20 years. I pick my own fruit and vegetables from the garden and hedgerows, and eat them as fresh, crude and unwashed as is optimum. I cycle 120km each week to lakes and rivers, where I then spend three evenings of that workweek relax and catching the follow day ’ sulfur dinner. I work outdoors, getting sweaty and dirty doing things I enjoy. I made the street fighter decision to live in the natural universe so that I could breathe scavenge air out, drink pure water and create liveliness that allows others the like. I wash with water, and water lone. I use no chemicals inside or outside the house. I wear as few clothes as I need, I use nothing electrical – no electric refrigerator, no screens, no call. I avoid carbohydrate, caffeine and tension like the plague. Sleep comes and goes with the light – I find six hours of passive rest sufficient. If and when I do feel ill or out of poise, my girlfriend Kirsty ( who illustrates these articles and is teaching herself herbalism ) recommends a plant from our herb patch and I slowly feel full of life again. She ’ second presently drying yarrow, horsetail, silverweed, self-heal, calendula and chamomile for the winter months. I ’ ve suffered from hay fever – something becoming more common as CO2 levels in the atmosphere addition – since I was a child. These days I eat a handful of plantain leaves – a natural antihistamine – three or four times a day, and that sorts it. Plantain comes out just before hay fever season and goes to seeded player shortly afterwards, and is a common in the cracks of city pavements and lawns as it is in the countryside. I appreciate that this may sound unrealistic to many. When I was working 60 hours a week in a low-paid subcontract in the City, 10 years ago, it did to me excessively. I only managed to do it by stripping off modernity ’ mho bullshit, learning to live with the state, and reducing my bills down to zero. simplicity in these times is hard south korean won, but I ’ ve found that it ’ sulfur worth it.

I can only speak for myself, and I support everyone ’ second decisiveness to care for their own health as they see fit. ultimately, we ’ re all going to die and I wish to go out like the american writer and environmentalist Edward Abbey : by taking off to the wilderness, where wildlife can feed on my absolutely body just as I have done on theirs. It seems entirely fair. Two things, in this respect, I find important. One is that like Henry David Thoreau once remarked, I do not safely reach death and “ unwrap that I had not lived ”. Second, that I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cling to my own languish idle so desperately that I extinguish it for all else. Like all thoroughly guests, it ’ south fresh not to overstay your welcome . This article was written by hand and posted to an editor program at the Guardian, who typed it up to go on-line. Get in touch with Mark Boyle, the Guardian ’ s Living Without Technology columnist, here or in the comments below, a survival of which will be posted to him

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