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Healthy Lifestyle
Living a healthy life style is easy…hmm…really ? I am afraid it is not. I have been asked this question an umpteen times and my answer has always remained that one should strive to change their everyday or habits to maintain physical and mental health, both of which works simultaneously .
rarely have we found people doing this. healthy habits are not taken worry of by majority of people. Considering the fast paced techno understanding lives that we all lead money is something that everybody is chasing and in the action forget to take concern of themselves and their health .
To lead a healthy life one should eat goodly, exercise regularly, drink lots of water daily and reduce stress .
here are a few healthy habits that can be practiced in our sidereal day to day life with no excess efforts regardless of what age or gender you are.

In order to live a healthy life style one should have a balance wheel. here is how you can get a balance in your life :
( iodine ) practice for at least 45 mins five times a week
( two ) Consume 2.5 to 3 litres of urine day by day
( three ) Eat 6 -7 meals a day ( breakfast, lunch, and dinner will remain main meals and mid- dawn, mid-afternoon, mid-evening will remain small meals ) .
( four ) Choose lean meats, domestic fowl, pisces, beans, eggs, nuts .
( five ) Choose foods that are broken in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt ( sodium ), and added sugars ; look at the labels because the first listed items on the labels .
( six ) Control helping sizes ; eat the smallest assign that can satisfy hunger and then stop eating.

( seven ) Snacks are oklahoma in moderation and should consist of items like fruit, wholly grains, or nuts to satisfy starve ,
( eight ) Turn the television receiver off and get 7-8 hours of sleep everyday
( nine ) Follow a food pyramid which is –keep an eye on your helping size ,
( ten ) include clean fruits and vegetables in your casual diet
Physical Wellness (For The Body)

  • Good Nutrition, Eating Right
  • Getting Physically Fit, Beneficial Exercise
  • Adequate Rest
  • Stress Management

It is said that ‘ a sound mind is in a phone body ’. This erstwhile proverb is true and I am certain most of you will agree with me .
In order to live a mentally healthy life style it is important to have master on our minds and emotions. It ’ second good not enough to have a positive attitude, mindful corrode is equally significant.

Do not let tension take over your life. Try to follow your dreams or engage in some kind of a hobby that relaxes you and relieves you of your stress. Try and avoid trash food a much as you can because that satisfies only your taste buds not your system ’ south hunger. Our consistency receives zero nutrients from it .
Emotional Wellness (For The Mind )

  • Positive Thoughts and Viewpoints
  • Positive Self-Image
  • Give and receive
  • Forgive
  • Love
  • Laugh
  • Inner calmness
  • Be outgoing

God gifted us super system it ’ s BODY so let ’ s raising it by promising ourselves to sustain it by inculcating good habits .

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