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No matter how you ask it, erectile dysfunction is one of the most search topics on the internet today .
The good news is that if you are one of the estimated 30 million men within the United States affected by regularly occurring ED there are a myriad of treatments available to you, including the revolutionary, non-invasive GAINSWave therapy which has helped hundreds of thousands of men regain their intimate function cursorily, painlessly and naturally .
Erectile dysfunction is a treatable checkup condition that is typically diagnosed by a medical master and is identifiable by regularly occurring difficulty getting and maintaining erections sustainable enough for sexual activity and orgasm .
Lab testing can often diagnose the root causes of this dysfunction, but for those affected, the questions then become

What can I do about my loss of erection and how can I maintain longer erections?

To actually understand and address ED, it is worth investing in some time discussing how erections occur, what are some of the fundamental causes of erectile dysfunction, and what are some of the ED therapy options presently available .

What Causes an Erection?

To understand how erections occur, it ’ sulfur significant to understand the anatomy of the penis and the six important regions that directly affect erections and orgasms :
Of these, the corpora cavernosa is the most significantly responsible for achieving erections.
Erections occur when the lineage vessels within the principal cavernosa open and begins to fill with blood. As the amount of lineage within the principal cavernosa increases, so excessively does the atmospheric pressure. A particular membrane called the tunic albuginea within the shot that traps the blood within the penis. This process engorges the penile shaft with blood which then creates and sustains an erection .
Erections are not precisely achieved by physical sensation alone. They typically besides require some class of physical and/or genial foreplay to be successful .
To learn more about how the brain and erections are connected, american samoa well as how pornography can affect erectile dysfunction, check out our article here .

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

erectile Dysfunction presently affects over 30 million men in the United States, which following a diagnosis, begin to ask the lapp question : how did this happen to me ?
by and large speaking, the underlying lawsuit of a fail erection can be pinpointed to one of two reasons :

1. Lack of Blood Flow to the Penis

Vasculogenic issues are the most common perpetrator behind erectile dysfunction. ED stemming from vasculogenic causes are typically impacted by several factors such as diabetes, anxiety, fleshiness, and natural depression. This is why your doctor may prescribe maintaining a goodly life style as one of the first steps toward restoring penile blood menstruate and optimizing intimate health .

2. Arterial and Venous Plaque Buildup (Atherosclerosis)

atherosclerosis is normally associated with life style and can be caused by a kind of factors including high blood atmospheric pressure, smoke, and eminent cholesterol. additionally, aging, diet, exercise and other conditions can contribute to atherosclerosis.

Among the contributors to this condition, diet ranks as one of the chief influences for the development of atherosclerosis. Factors such as high boodle concentration in the blood can create a microbiome that is hostile to and may damage the nerves and blood vessels within the penis .

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

traditionally, there are three ways to alleviate ED in men : medicine ( oral or injectable ), surgery ( reconstructive and implant ), and GAINSWave therapy .

For men seeking a safe, all-natural solution for their ED, shockwave therapy is fast becoming the preferred choice over medications and surgery, which may have unwanted side effects or painful recovery.


For many men, medications plainly do not offer the simplicity or spontaneity normally associated with an erection. With pills, one often has to premeditate or plan intimate activity and even if this does not become an obstacle to regular sexual natural process, the hazard of building up a permissiveness to the medicine is a real problem. copulate that with unintentional english effects and sometimes afflictive injections and it ’ s not unmanageable to understand why some men seek out a dependable, less irritating treatment for their ED. It is besides from this hope that many men choose the erstwhile discomfort of a operation over medicine when addressing their powerlessness .


Two major obstacles for treating ED with operation include the high monetary value and electric potential side effects of treatment. For many, the side effects of male enhancement operation can include the loss of sensitivity within the penis, irregular and long-run nerve damage, and worsening erectile dysfunction. The last symptom might sound confusing for person undergo operating room in arrange to achieve erectile function, but as no surgical procedure is ever guaranteed, corrective surgery sometimes may cause more harm than good .

GAINSWave Therapy

A rotatory discussion for ED and sexual optimization, pastime in GAINSWave continues to grow. As the non-invasive alternative to atrocious surgeries and costly medications, GAINSWave has become the favored treatment for thousands of men across the nation. Beloved for its miss of side effects, pain and convalescence, men across the area are increasingly choosing GAINSWave over early available treatments .

FAQs for GAINSWave Therapy

How Does GAINSWave Therapy Treatment Work?

GAINSWave works by utilizing clinically proven acoustic therapy to optimize erections and intimate performance by increasing the blood menstruate to the penis .
GAINSWave therapy remedies erectile dysfunction by addressing its implicit in causes : plaque buildup ( atherosclerosis ) and lack of blood stream within the penis. GAINSWave achieves this by first breaking up residual brass deposits and then instigating the exhaust of growth factors which creates new rake vessels and steel bundles within the penis .

Is Shockwave Therapy Painful?

No. Shockwave therapy is not atrocious. The administration of these low-intensity pulses is alike to being tapped energetically. Although not irritating, those who prefer to feel nothing at all may opt to use a numb cream during discussion .

Do I Need to Take Medication with GAINSWave?

No. One of the most compelling reasons many choose GAINSWave over other, more incursive treatments is that being treated doesn ’ triiodothyronine have to affect early parts of your biography. There are no medications to remember, no side effects or recovery to account for, and with treatments that can be administered in less than thirty minutes, you can be treated on your lunch demote and hush have adequate time to grab something on your way back to the position .

How Can I Keep an Erection with GAINSWave Shockwave Therapy?

possibly one of the most important questions is how GAINSWave shockwave therapy helps men to optimize their intimate health and overcome erectile dysfunction. This is achieved in two ways.

beginning, when administered, the device sends out low-intensity sound waves that break up brass that has been building up within the penis. The removal of these deposits allows for the immediate restoration of lineage flow to the area, which is why so many men experience positive results directly following their beginning discussion .
second, the application of these sound waves besides instigates the spill of the body ’ s natural increase factors within the penis. These increase factors are used by the body to grow raw heart bundles and blood vessels, which over the path of treatment results in improved erections and more hearty orgasms .


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