10 Ways to Improve Your Health

last updated on 28 January 2021

1. Eat slowly

Did you know that eating excessively quickly can cause weight gain ?
According to research, faster eaters are more likely to be corpulence, as compared to people who eat more slowly. In one discipline, it was besides suggested that this is 115 % more probably to happen in middle-aged women.

As you eat, your body releases ‘ fullness hormones ’ that tell your brain you ’ ve eaten and should stop. however, as this process takes about 20 minutes, quick eaters may consume besides much food and only receive this signal late – which explains the ‘ post-buffet bloat ’ you may feel after a meet meal .
The following time you ’ re having a meal, make a conscious attempt to eat slower and observe the effect on your appetite .

2. Drink more water

You may have learn of the saying to “ drink 8 glasses of water a day ”, however not many may actually follow this, much choosing to count their total liquid consumption alternatively – which normally includes sodas, coffee, and early beverages .
Your body international relations and security network ’ metric ton made up of piano drinks and beers, however. Depending on age, about 60 % of the human soundbox is made up of water system. There are numerous benefits of drinking more water – it helps us to control our calorie intake, energises our muscles, keeps our kidneys healthy, and hydrates the skin .
As you stay hydrated with water, you ’ ll besides find yourself having fewer cravings for sugary or less healthy beverages .

3. Read nutrition labels

Read nutrition labels
If burden loss is one of your health goals, make it a habit to read the nutritional labels on your foods during your grocery patronize .
Look out for the total total of calories a merchandise contains, and not merely for 1 serve ( which is typically what ’ randomness stated on the label ) .
Reading nutrition labels will besides help you to avoid lone reading marketing labels like “ high in fiber ”, “ abject fat ” or “ zero carbohydrate ”, as these labels may be misleading. While a product is “ high in calcium ”, it could besides be high in sugar – a contingent you may have missed if you hadn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate read the nutrition label .

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Eat more fruits and vegetables
A health survey of more than 65,000 participants found that people who ate the most portions of fruits or vegetables ( 7 or more ) each day had a 42 % reduced risk of dying ( from any cause ), compared to individuals who ate less than one share a day .
however, you may want to choose more fresh produce, as it was found that freeze and displace fruit can besides increase the risk of dying by 17 % .
Need a tiptoe on how you can add more fruits and vegetables into your diet ? Buy some cut fruit after lunch and bring it to your workplace. The future time you ’ re hungry, that yield will be the closest and most convenient nosh you ’ ll reach for .

5. Work out (at least) 3 times a week

According to Active Health ( an first step by the Singapore Sports Council ), adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical natural process each week. The world though, is that lone 26 % of Singaporeans do therefore .
Hitting this goal doesn ’ metric ton have to be unmanageable. You can try :

  • Do more of an activity you’re already doing
  • Picking an activity you think you’ll enjoy doing, and start doing it

These can be small changes. For example, alternatively of walking with your dog, put on your run shoes and jog with your cad. And if you ’ rhenium already running doubly a week, add a third day to explore different routes at a restful, enjoyable pace .

6. Quit smoking

While legislation has placed disease-riddled images on cigarette boxes and eliminated tobacco advertising for decades, smoke is still a fairly coarse habit in Singapore. According to HealthHub, 6 Singaporeans die prematurely from smoking-related diseases every day .
Quitting fume can be ambitious, but besides one of the most life-changing decisions you make. Some strategies to overcome the addiction include exercise, subscribe groups, relaxation techniques like breathe, or even nicotine substitution therapy .

7. Get a fitness tracker (and use it)

These days, seaworthiness trackers are changing the way people live and work out. These intelligent wrist-based devices can track your heart rate and the distance of your run, and count the phone number of calories you burn during workouts .
While the accuracy of fitness trackers ( and smart watches ) may have been questionable a few years ago, the accuracy, dependability and reputation of these devices have been said to have improved signally in recent years .

8. Sleep for 6 – 8 hours daily

Sleep for 6 - 8 hours daily
Did you know that 6 – 8 is the recommend number of hours of sleep adults should get every nox for better health ? According to a newspaper on rest duration and deathrate, researchers besides found that people who get less than 7 hours of sleep a night are 12 % more probably to die prematurely.

however, be careful to not oversleep, as it was besides found that people who sleep more than 8 – 9 hours daily have a 30 % add risk of dying prematurely .
The conclusion ? Go to sleep at a time that allows you to have 6 – 8 hours of rest, then wake up when the alarm rings – and not after hitting the snooze release several times !

9. Smile and laugh more

This is one of the simplest, yet more mighty changes you can make to improve your mental health .
Why does this ferment ? When we laugh, we breathe deeper and take in more air, which stimulates our heart, lungs and muscles. It besides increases endorphins released by our brains, which positively influence our physiology and temper – mechanically placing us into a better, happier submit .
so run ahead, smile often and inject more laughter into your days. sometimes, laughter actually can be the best music .

10. Keep a journal of daily wins

Keep a journal
Referencing a Harvard Business School professor in her TEDx talk on achieving achiever through small wins, educator Mehrnaz Bassiri says that keeping a daily diary of build up helps us to reflect on our days and commemorate all the belittled achievements that would otherwise go unnoticed .
This habit helps us to chronicle and celebrate our belittled wins, even on those torment days when we feel we haven ’ thyroxine accomplished much .
These “ wins ” can be anything from making a healthy corrode option during lunch, reacting positively to a negative site at sour, or just doing something that made you happy or inspired, for the first clock time .

Remember, you can lead a fitter life by just making humble changes, one at a time. Start by picking a few of your favored tips mentioned in this article and incorporating them into your daily act !

article reviewed by Dr Samuel Low, clinical conductor at Parkway Hospitals
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