5 Simple Steps to Massage Your Partner at Home

5 Simple Steps to Massage Your Partner at Home

In our busy lives it can be hard to find meter to connect with our collaborator in ways that strengthen our kinship and create more affair. Giving your spouse a simple at-home massage can be a capital way to boost affair and help your collaborator feel nurtured. You don ’ t need to be a professional ; all you need is some great massage vegetable oil ( we recommend Kate ’ s Magik Aphrodisian Fire Body Oil ), relaxing music, a bed, and your own two hands. With Valentine ’ sulfur season upon us, it ’ s a bang-up time to light some candles, turn up the fastball, and pamper your partner using these easy to follow steps for a simple whole body massage. No experience necessity !

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Prepare your massage space

    • Cover your bed with an old towel or blanket that you don ’ t mind getting oily. Have one or two pillows on hand to make your collaborator more comfortable. If you ’ d like warm anoint, you can fill a large bowl with hot water and place the anoint bottle in it. Have an supernumerary towel on bridge player to clean up any messes .
    • Your spouse may be more comfortable lying face down with a pillow under their chest of drawers, then they can turn their lead to one side. Have your partner put their arms along their side, with palms up .
    • When your collaborator turns expression up, they may want a pillow under their knees or principal .
    • Use your hale hand while massage, handle and bottom of fingers will be touching your partner ’ south skin .
    • Keep your second square while massaging and use the weight of your body to put press, quite than good your hands .
    • Before you start, place your hands on your partner ’ sulfur second, and take respective deep breaths in concert. Set an purpose to be the donor, and honor the giving you are about to give your spouse .

Massaging in the Back

    • Sit at your partner ’ mho head, preferably in a kneel situation. Sit on a pillow for extra knee confirm. Rub a few squirts of vegetable oil between your hands. Place your hands, palm down, at the base of your partner ’ sulfur neck, with the spur between your thumbs .
    • Glide your hands down your collaborator ’ second back, staying following to the spur. At the top of the buttocks, glide your hands out to the top of your collaborator ’ mho hips, then slide your hands up their sides and onto their shoulder blades .
    • Make several circles with your hale handle over the shoulder blades .
    • Starting with hands-on their shoulder blades, glide your hands down their back with your hands moving toward each early so they come together over the circus tent of your spouse ’ randomness buttocks. Again, glide over the crown of their hips, then slide your hands back together over their first gear back .
    • Slide your hands up their spinal column with the spur between your finger edges .
    • At the top of the shoulders, slide your hands out over the tops of their shoulders and then slide them back in concert to the nucleotide of your partner ’ randomness neck. repeat 3 – 5 times .
    • Starting at the base of the neck, slide your palms out over the tops of your partner ’ mho shoulders. Slide onto their very upper berth arm and then slide each palm all the direction down their arms, onto their hands and then slide off their hands with your fingers going between theirs .
    • Repeat these strokes 3 – 5 times, varying direction and combining them as you like. Use more petroleum as needed .

Massaging Back of Legs

    • seat at the outdoor boundary of your collaborator ’ s lower leg. Rub some oil into your hands. Start with your hands, palm down, on either side of your collaborator ’ randomness ankle .
    • Glide your hands up the sides of your partner ’ second leg, all the direction to their hip and inside thigh. Bring your hands together at the top of the second joint and slide your hands all the means down to their heel. Repeat 3 – 5 times, applying more vegetable oil as needed .
    • immediately slide your way up the back of your collaborator ’ s leg making circles with each palm in an alternate practice. ( right circles over center and side of stage, left hired hand circles over the middle leg and inner calf/thigh, move up a few inches and repeat ). Go back down the leg with the lapp practice, alternating the direction of your circles .
    • repeat on the irregular branch .

Massaging Neck and Arms

    • Turn your spouse face up and sit above their head. Rub some petroleum on your hands. Place your palms at the base of your partner ’ randomness neck, with fingers facing your collaborator ’ south upper berth back and palms against the basis of the neck where it meets the shoulders. Glide your hands out to the tops of your partner ’ second arms, then glide down over the external of their arms down to the elbow. Slide your hands under their arms and then glide back up under their arms, under their upper back and up to the basis of their skull. Repeat 3 – 5 times.
    • With your fingertips at the base of the skull, on either side of the spur, make humble circles, letting the fingers move the muscles slightly. check-in with your collaborator about blackmail, the more you press your fingers up, the more blackmail they will feel. Continue making belittled circles on the neck muscles, moving down toward the upper back .
    • Slide your hands under your spouse ’ mho upper berth back, with your fingers on the muscles between the shoulder blades and spine. Glide your hands up to the base of the skull. repeat 3 times .
    • Sit at your spouse ’ south side near their handwriting. With oil on your hands, place one hand on your spouse ’ sulfur wrist. slide that hand up their arm to the shoulder, followed immediately by your second hired hand. Slide one hand under their shoulder and keep the other hand over the front of the upper sleeve. Slide both hands down the branch to the hand while squeezing your hands slenderly to create pressure. Repeat 3 – 5 times .
    • repeat on the moment sleeve .

Massaging Legs and Feet

    • Sit at your partner ’ second slope near their ankle. With vegetable oil on your hands, place your palms and fingers on either side of your partner ’ randomness ankle. Slide your hands up the sides of their stage to the upper thigh/outer hip .
    • Bring your finger edges together at the center of the amphetamine second joint, with your palms and early fingers resting on the sides of the upper second joint. Slide your hands away from each early toward the sides of the leg. Move your hands down a few inches and slide your hands away from each other again. Continue this down the peg to the ankle, watching out not to press on the knee bone or the shin bone .
    • Repeat these two steps 3 – 5 times, using more oil as needed .
    • Place hands on metrical foot, with one palm on top of the foot and other on the bottomland. Slide your hands up and down your partner ’ randomness foot, from toes to heel/ankle, pressing your hands toward each other. Repeat respective times .
    • Using fingers, make circles around the ankle bones. Rub your palm in a circular gesticulate over the front of the ankle. finish by rubbing your palm in a circular motion over the bottom of the infantry, from toes to heel and back again. Use a informal fist to make circles if your partner wants more coerce .
    • reprise on the second leg and foot .

When you ’ ve finished massaging your partner, place your palms on the bottom of their feet and take respective deep breaths together. Take some time to snuggle up with your collaborator and let them give you some appreciation, in whatever form it comes. Enjoy the time you ’ ve exhausted together, even if you stumbled through, and know that moments like these are precious. And make surely to find a time when your partner can take a turn as the giver excessively !

Heather Bishop, CMTHeather Bishop is the Massage Therapy Supervisor at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary.  She has been practicing massage and bodywork for over 17 years and performs a wide variety of modalities, specializing in deep tissue and east-west fusion massage.  In addition to massage, Heather is also a Registered Yoga Teacher of 15 years and teaches at Soulstice in Santa Rosa.  She loves having daily opportunities to help others and is a proud member of the Osmosis team.

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