How to Give a Blow Job: 23 Tips and Techniques for Going Down

You ’ re in layer with your boo and everything ’ second going great. You ’ re all ready to ramp up the foreplay with some oral, but when you come face-to-face with that peen, a whisper of insecurity hits you : Am I any estimable at this ? fortunately, an authoritative truth that comes with a blow subcontract is that ( angstrom long as both people have given enthusiastic accept ) the mouth + penis is a recipe for pleasure : It ’ s reasonably hard to suck at it ( american samoa long as you suck on it ). That ’ randomness because the penis — specially the promontory — is covered in heart endings. It ’ s ace responsive to sense, specially when there ’ sulfur lots of lubrication.

The natural wetness in the mouthpiece, along with the variety show of textures created by the tongue and lips, makes a truly dynamic set of tools for stimulation.

Before you go down, make sure they’re down

Our first sting of advice is to make certain, advance, that the other person is into it. We agree oral sex feels amazing and is a extremely common thing to do in bed — a 2018 analysis found that more than 75 percentage of people surveyed had given or received oral sex before.Habel MA, et alabama. ( 2018 ). heterosexual anal and oral sex in adolescents and adults in the United States, 2011–2015. department of the interior : 10.1097/OLQ.0000000000000889 But assuming what another person is into, sexually or otherwise, can be assumptive, particularly with new partners. Yeah, asking might be awkward. But unless you ’ ve chatted ahead about by sexual likes and dislikes, being direct is how you gauge whether person is ready for it. You can ask in a sexy way, like, “ I in truth want to taste your dick good now. Can I ? ” or “ Is getting sucked off something you ’ re into ? ” Or not. For some of us, trying to sound sexy is a certain way to sound even more awkward .

The sights and smells of peen-town

Orgasms are great, but pleasure isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate subject on one happen. so preceptor ’ thymine go in with a goal of making the Big O happen. not all blow jobs will, or should, end in orgasm. Plus, if you ’ re giving a blow job during foreplay to build the agitation, you both might want to prolong the playfulness by not finishing justly away. It all comes down to what you both want in the moment .

What you’ll see

One of the realities of oral sex is that your eyes ( and nose ) are very close up to, good, the show. This can be thrilling or, possibly, a piece overwhelm. But be prepared to get up close and actually personal with your partner ’ randomness penis. Each penis has its own unique style. Some bend a little to the leave, some to the right. Some are long and minute, others short and turn. Some are circumcised and some aren ’ thymine ( inquiry suggests american samoa many as 80 percentage of folks with penises in the United States are circumcised ) .Morris BJ, et aluminum. ( 2014 ). circumcision rates in the United States : Rising or falling ? What effect might the new affirmative pediatric policy statement have ? DOI : 10.1016/j.mayocp.2014.01.001 An uncircumcised penis distillery has its prepuce, the morsel of skin that covers the head of the penis. These two, um, genres of penis look a little different, but whether a penis is circumcised or not doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate change much for you. The like is true of pubic hair’s-breadth. Some people choose to keep their hair’s-breadth in full shaved, while others like it grown out, but that personal option doesn ’ thyroxine change the mechanics of giving a blow job .

What you’ll smell

At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, bodies have smells. Groins, in especial, have smells because there are more sweat glands down there. Everyone ’ mho scent is different, and everyone ’ s scent changes a little from day to day. It might be acute like an onion or subtly evocative of cannabis. You may be surprised to find you love your spouse ’ sulfur musk. Or possibly not sol much. If it ’ south overwhelming in a bad way, there ’ randomness nothing improper with politely asking them to jump in the shower. It ’ mho besides a good theme to visually check out a person ’ s bits before any intimate meet, particularly if you ’ re not super companion with one another. This doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to be exam-like, but don ’ triiodothyronine be shy about using your eyes to look for bumps or sores .

Take it slow

When it comes to sexual activity, the consistency is like an engine — it doesn ’ triiodothyronine heat up immediately. Foreplay is all the work you do to get that engine going. The time you spend building excitation in the beginning will pay off with more intensity former. The lapp goes for blow jobs. Try starting out with a bass, passionate makeout sesh. If you like talking dirty, do it to get the blood flowing. Don ’ thymine be in a haste to lose the clothes. It can be ace hot to grind up against each other ’ s love bits with clothes hush on. Treat the experience like a road travel. The hours you spend listening to the radio and all the sites you stop at along the way are what makes it fulfilling and memorable.

BJ techniques: The nitty-gritty

Learn how to use what your ma gave you to make their pleasure ah-mazing .

What do I do with my lips?

There international relations and security network ’ t a right or amiss manner to use lips on a penis. pretty much any room is going to feel fantastic. Wrap your lips over your teeth to get a firmer rim to slide along the shaft. Or keep them puckered and spongy .

What do I do with my tongue?

Your tongue is a versatile tool for shock jobs. You can make it firm and rigid to apply direct pressure with the tip off or keep it indulgent to use the solid coat to stimulate. Hold the beam of the penis with one hand and use the very lean of your spit to thinly lick the head. Make slow circles or light taps around the circumference. Or use it to stroke the frenulum, an extra-sensitive area on the buttocks side of the drumhead of the penis. To make certain your natural language can carry its weight in bed, give it a exercise ahead with tongue push-ups and pull-backs. No gymnasium required .

Do I have to deep throat?

Some people love the touch of having a penis deep inside their mouthpiece and touching their throat. Others, not sol much. The ideal BJ astuteness is the astuteness that ’ s most comfortable for you. Go only a deep as you want ( and can handle without gagging ). You can still deliver an earth-shattering orgasm without going all the way in. Try holding the penis about an edge below the principal while you wrap your lips around the top of it. then, using batch of saliva, lightly suck and lick the head of the penis .

What do I do with my hands?

The mouth may be the headliner of the gust caper show, but the hands play important supporting roles. Like you hold an methamphetamine cream cone while you lick, use your hand ( south ) to hold on to the shaft of the penis and the testicles while using your mouth. besides bring your hands into the blend to switch up the type of stimulation. And, if your spouse is into this, your hands are there to explore other erogenous zones nearby !

What’s the best position?

The ideal position is whatever feels most comfortable — whether that ’ second on your knees in front of your resist partner, leaning over them while they lie on the bed, or any other variation you can think up .

What if my mouth gets tired?

That ’ s where your hands come in, well, handy. Give your mouth a rest by applying some sliding action with your charming fingers .

What do I do if there’s foreskin?

Coming face-to-face with that unexpected flap of skin might make you wonder, “ What do I do with this thing ? ” Consider it retractable and precisely slide it on down to expose the principal .

Should we make eye contact?

Some people absolutely love locking eyes during oral. It ’ s a wholly new and confidant ( not to mention sexy ) way to connect with a spouse. But it ’ s besides not for everyone, so don ’ metric ton tactile property obligated if it ’ second not your thing .

What rhythm should I follow?

It ’ s important to get the rhythm right. Too slow and your collaborator might fall asleep. Too fast and it ’ ll be over before you ’ ve evening gotten going. Start slowly and then ramp up the intensity. Keep things interesting by toying with different speeds throughout. And if they seem ready to come, try slowing things gloomy to prolong their pleasure .

How do I avoid gagging?

nothing will spoil the mood faster than sounding like you ’ re about to spew. To avoid triggering your choke reflex, relax your throat muscles. Or just don ’ thymine go as army for the liberation of rwanda. Most of the sense is in the tip anyhow. Go alone adenine deep as you ’ re comfortable with, and let your hands do the rest of the dense lift .

How can I tell if my partner’s into it?

Unless they ’ re a boastful speaker during sex, don ’ thyroxine expect to hear a play-by-play. rather, look for signs like grunting, dense emit, or hip lunge. If you hear/see those, trust us, you ’ ra doing it right. If you ’ ra insecure about your oral sex skills, go ahead and ask whether it feels good. Chances are you ’ ll get a big “ hell yeah ” in response .

What if I’ve had enough?

If your mouth is sensitive, give it a rest. Switch to your hands, ask for your turn on the receiving end, or switch over to full-on acute sex .

Other erogenous zones to pay attention to while you’re down there

There ’ s a tendency to get laser-focused on the penis during oral, indeed here ’ s our reminder : Stimulate other delectable spots on the body excessively !

Everyone likes different areas to be caressed, though, so it ’ s extra crucial to ask your partner what they like. The body has lots of erogenous zones. hera are a few coarse ones .

The balls

If you ’ re trying out ball play, start by gently cupping them in one pass and asking your collaborator if it feels OK. If they want more, use your fingers to massage the balls and move the sack around in your hands. Using lubricate will help you avoid incidentally pinching the skin .

The booty

If they want some cigarette action, start by using a lubricate finger to tease the brim of their butthole. If they ’ ra craving penetration ( and you ’ re up for it ), stick your finger a couple of inches into their anus to find the prostate ( BTW, lone people assigned male at birth have prostates ) .

The perineum

The perineum is the sphere of bark between the ball dismissal and the anus, and many people love having it touched. Try tickling or pressing this area with your fingers while you ’ ra giving them a botch speculate .

The inner thighs

The hide on the inner and upper thighs, including right field below the loot, can be super sensitive to touch. Try licking this area as a manner to tease them. If they ’ ve expressed an interest in bite, this is a big place to ( lightly ) use your teeth.

A picture says a thousand words

You can read all day about how to give a blow problem, but nothing will prepare you like actually watching one ( *ahem* ) go down. And if you ’ re a ocular apprentice, this might be the best way to learn. The internet has no dearth of blow job videos, as they ’ re a superintendent common type of pornography. While you can jump on any honest-to-god pornography site to find one, we recommend paying a fiddling bit for a site that makes ethical, sex-positive pornography. These sites are more likely to pay and treat their employees well, and their message is a batch more inclusive. Or, for real lips-on experience, take a BJ class on-line or in person. ( Yes, that ’ s a thing. )

Choose a position that’s fun for both of you

stead is all-important for BJs. If you ’ re in an uncomfortable position as the donor, a coke job can start to feel boring, which no one wants. And who says you shouldn ’ t get some pleasure of your own while you ’ re at it ? There are so many great positions for getting off while you give drumhead. here are three of our faves .

The Front and Center

This position is best done in bed. As the donor, you lie with your head propped up against pillows while the receiver kneels over you, straddling your upper body and positioning their penis right at mouth level. This situation is great because it frees your hands. You can reach down your body and pleasure yourself while they ’ re in your talk. The recipient can besides steady themselves against the wall to help maneuver their penis .


What ’ s more fun than one person getting oral ? Two people getting oral ! 69ing is notoriously polarize, but those who love it love it. Receiving pleasure while giving it is like a pleasure feedback loop. And if you ’ ve always felt like giving principal was a job, 69ing will make it feel a fortune less like exploit .

The Upside Down

The idea is for the donor to lie on their back with their forefront at the edge of the mattress ( or couch ). The receiver stands over them so their penis is at mouth level. At the same prison term, the receiver uses their hands to pleasure the giver. This place works best if you have a tallish bed frame. Or you can try it on certain couches.

How will I know they’re going to come?

much, it ’ randomness pretty obvious, and if the liquidator is a commonwealth of independent states man, they might announce it. Some tattletale signs are :

  • quivering thighs
  • shallow, quick breaths
  • tensed muscles
  • throbbing penis

other times, dialogue can be part of the know. When you notice body changes, ask. They ’ ll let you know what ’ sulfur going down. then be prepared for ejaculation. Ejaculate ( aka semen, aka semen ) is a milky flannel liquid that dribbles/squirts/shoots out of the forefront of the penis.

The finish line: Spit or swallow?

so, as we said earlier, blow jobs don ’ t constantly end with the person having an orgasm. But if they do, it ’ south convention to have questions like Would I like the taste ? Should I spit or swallow ? This depends on you. Semen has a taste that you may or may not enjoy. This sample changes slightly from day to day, depending on lots of factors, and everyone ’ s semen tastes a little different. Semen besides has a texture. The internet seems to love comparing it to tapioca pudding, so we ’ ll stick with that. Some people love tapioca pudding, others not sol much. One matter you don ’ t need to worry about is slant addition. contrary to what you might have heard, splooge is low in calories. so immerse, spit it into a washcloth or the first piece of dirty laundry within reach, or have them finish somewhere on your body. Anywhere goes. You could besides ask your spouse what they prefer and give it a try. But know that there ’ s no unmarried right way and where it goes is wholly up to you, the person with the penis in their sass. P.S. : If choosing your side or upper berth torso, be mindful of your eyes. Semen in the eyes is no fun and could even cause damage.

The golden BJ rule: Communication

again : Get consent. once you have that, you can start talking specifics. Do they like having their balls fondled ? Should you tease their butthole ? You ’ ll never know unless you ask. Communication doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to mean sitting polish and formally interviewing each early about intimate preferences ( although, if this sounds like your idea of a hot date, by all means ). Having open communication means being affected role with one another. Put aside any judgment and replace it with openness and curio. communication might happen in the heat of the consequence, or it might happen by and by, over lattes in the park. But it ’ mho best to start the convo early on to ensure you ’ re both on the lapp page. besides, texting is a wholly reasonable option when saying something out brassy feels besides uncomfortable. And once you broach a convo via text, it might feel easier to talk about in person .

You never have to feel obligated to give a blow job

Blow jobs are a fun, exciting room to give another person pleasure. But you never have to feel obligated to give one. Every sexual have is a two-way street : Both people should feel comfortable and enthusiastic. If you ’ rhenium excited about giving a gust job but aflutter about how you ’ ll perform, remember that it ’ s likely going to feel good to them no count what you do.

And as with most things in life, what feels daunting immediately probably won ’ thymine feel daunting everlastingly. For more O-mazing sex tips, check out our Greatist Guide to Sex .

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