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How Can I Gain More Weight ?

I want to be healthy for me & my baby

How can I gain more weight ?

How Much Weight Should I Gain?

You should gain system of weights gradually during your pregnancy, with more of the weight gained in the last 3 months. many health care providers suggest women gain weight at the follow rate :

  • 1 to 4 pounds total during the first 3 months ( first trimester)
  • 2 to 4 pounds per month during the 4th to 9th months (second and third trimesters)

The total amount of weight to gain during pregnancy depends on how a lot you weighed when you became meaning. spill with your health manage provider and WIC dietician to find out what amount is justly for you.

General Guidelines

Pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index (BMI) BMI (kg/m2) Total Weight Gain
Underweight <18.5 28-40 pounds
Normal Weight 18.5-24.9 25-35 pounds
Overweight 25-29.9 15-25 pounds
Obese ≥30 11-20 pounds

Did you know? Women fraught with multiples need to gain more weight to help support the growth of multiple babies. Normal weight women should gain 37-54 pounds, corpulence, 31-50 pounds and corpulent, 25-42 pounds during pregnancy .

Where Does All That Weight Go?

Location Weight
Baby 7-8 pounds
Larger breasts (preparing to breastfeed) 2 pounds
Larger uterus 2 pounds
Placenta 1.5 pounds
Amniotic fluid 2 pounds
Increased blood volume 3-4 pounds
Increased fluid volume 3-4 pounds
Fat stores 6-8 pounds

Risks of Gaining Too Little Weight
Women who gain besides short weight during pregnancy are more likely to have…

  • Babies born early (premature )
  • Babies born too small (small for age)
  • Babies with delayed development
  • Babies with heart or lung problems

What Can I Do To Gain More Weight?

If you ’ ve gained less weight than recommended, lecture with your health worry provider or WIC dietician. nausea can make you feel less athirst and affect your weight gain. Along with a healthy diet, taking a prenatal vitamin can help you to get the right sum of nutrients to help support your pregnancy.

To cope with nausea

  • Get up slowly when you wake up; keep some crackers by the bed
  • Eat small amounts of bland, low-fat foods every 1-2 hours
  • Focus on foods that appeal to you and avoid smells that make you sick
  • Drink liquids, but take small sips
  • Take prenatal vitamins with meals, change brands, cut in 1⁄2 or take at night
  • Open the window to let fresh air in and stale air out

To increase calories

  • Eat small, frequent meals
  • Focus on high-calorie, nutrient rich foods
    1. Whole grains, granola
    2. Starchy vegetables and dried fruit
    3. Protein foods (beef, chicken, pork, eggs, beans, nuts)
    4. Whole milk, yogurt, cheese
  • Eat more at times of day when you feel the hungriest
  • Add healthy fats to your food (canola or olive oil, peanut butter, cheese, tub margarine)
  • Make a protein shake when you’re not hungry for a meal
  • Mix powdered milk into foods

Why Should I Exercise During Pregnancy?

Staying active voice during pregnancy can help to lessen your nausea and have a goodly pregnancy and pitch. exercise is safe for most pregnant women. Talk to your health care provider to find out what type of physical bodily process is condom for you .
Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

  • Lessens nausea
  • Helps with constipation, backaches
  • Improves sleep
  • Gives you more energy
  • Improves mood

Did You Know? Women who exercise during pregnancy may have shorter labors and easier deliveries .

Guidelines for Exercise in Pregnancy

  • Avoid contact sports, activities that increase your risk of falling and jerky, bouncing movements.
  • Don’t exercise on your back after the 1st trimester
  • Avoid working out in very hot weather
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes on all or most days of the week (150 minutes total per week)
  • Warm up and cool down
  • Take frequent breaks and drink plenty of fluids
  • Never exercise to the point of exhaustion

Stop exercise and call your health care provider if you experience faintheartedness, concern, pain, shed blood or have trouble walk .

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