How to Get Rid of Blue Balls: Remedies, Causes, and Myths

You might know “ blue balls ” – that dull, throbbing, aching feel in your gonads when you ’ re turned on but can ’ thymine quite bust that all-important addict, like an ineffective squirrel. Is it serious ? No. Is it easily to relieve ? Yes. Ejaculating can do the trick ( or thus we hear ), either solo or with a collaborator. Or, you can try distracting yourself to the point where you ’ re not aroused anymore. Some healthcare professionals might use the term “ epididymal high blood pressure ” to describe blue balls. But, in all honesty, they may be amiss. There aren ’ t very any studies to support the idea that the discomfort comes from high blood pressure in your testicles. In fact, there ’ s not much inquiry on this subject at all.

Read on to have all your “ irritating testicles ” questions answered ( american samoa far as the specify research will allow ) and myths busted. Hey, at least you ’ ll get to bust something, right ?ping pong balls indicating blue balls header share on PinterestAudrey Shtecinjo/Stocksy United

Sweet relief: How to get rid of blue ball pain

Easing the pain of blue sky balls is normally pretty easy .


If you ’ ra experiencing gloomy balls in the presence of a consenting sexual partner, finishing the subcontract and reaching orgasm will ease symptoms. If there ’ s no such partner nearby, consider one of the watch :

  • masturbating to completion
  • choking the chimichanga
  • burping the worm
  • consulting Professor Ivana Jerkov
  • visiting Dr. Palm and their five siblings
  • realizing all mean the same thing
  • going back to the first point and just doing that instead


If you ’ ve got blue balls and don ’ t have a safe, comfortable, or legal route to instant gratification, distracting yourself from foreplay can ease the tenderness. Have a cold shower, go for a run, read a ( nonerotic ) book — do whatever it takes to get your mind off your blunder .

Pain relief

Blue balls are not good, and you credibly won ’ t need pain easing. over-the-counter ( OTC ) pain relievers like ibuprofen might help, although your erecting is probably to go away before the pills kick in. In rare cases where the pain is more serious, applying a affectionate compress to your testicles ( compressticles ? ) can offer easing.

What causes blue balls? The one study on the topic

well, here ’ s the thing : No one very knows. Finding research on the topic has been something of a ballache. In terms of research in dependable journals, there ’ mho fair one study — and it ’ s 21 years old. ( To give you some theme of how previous that is, that ’ s the class after the free of “ The Matrix, ” and that wholly movie now looks like a bad Marilyn Manson music vid. ) This was a case study ( of one affected role ) and there was a bunch together of backfire upon publication. Because it sucks, honestly. And even this learn suggests that the researchers contacted a bunch of their urology pals and found that they ’ d only listen of blue balls anecdotally, and surely not as part of formal educate. The study authors put forward a theory that “ possibly ” blue balls can happen ascribable to pressure that builds up after decelerate drain of the veins in the testicles when the veins in the pelvis are besides wide ( which they will be during your industry-standard erecting ). But it ’ mho best to treat any conviction beginning with “ possibly ” with extreme point caution. We ’ re left with a theory, and that ’ s it — ironically leaving us unfulfilled and without a felicitous ending. ( The circle of life, justly ? ) We know that certain masturbation methods like border, where arousal is kept up for a long as possible without a climax, make the trouble more likely. But few men will have trouble oneself with blue balls as depart of regular intimate action.

Myths about blue balls

There are a lot of myths surrounding blue balls out there — a phlurry of phallic phalsehoods and phurry tales. That ’ s because there ’ s not actually a aesculapian position on amobarbital sodium balls.

Will my balls really turn blue?

There ’ s no attest that supports this. So you can throw your balls ’ Blue Man Group audition tape in the pan .

Is it dangerous to have blue balls for too long?

No. Experiencing pain and discomfort in that most cherished of locations isn ’ t precisely fantastic. But the pain goes away promptly and is meek compared to other conditions. If you experience testicular tortuosity ( where they get tangled up ), for exemplar, you ’ ll know about it !

Is it only males who get blue balls?

Blue balls, of course, entirely happen to those with… well… balls. Those with female genitalia might experience vasocongestion ( “ blasphemous vulva, ” if you will ) when blood flows toward the clitoris and vulva during arousal. Again, symptoms fade once blood run returns to normal.

Other common causes of testicular pain

Blue balls entirely tend to concern sexual arousal and frustration. If your fellas are hurting and you ’ ra not presently horny, there might be another reason for discomfort in your balls. Remember, blue balls typically presents as meek trouble and discomfort. If the pain is more severe, you might be dealing with one of these alternative culprits :

Diabetic neuropathy in the groin

Diabetic neuropathy happens when high lineage carbohydrate levels cause boldness damage in people with diabetes. This can happen at diverse different spots around the soundbox and causes apathy or annoyance. If this happens around your breakwater, you might mistake it for gloomy balls .


When the metro at the back of your testicles gets swell and atrocious, normally due to infection, that ’ s epididymitis. Again, it happens without sexual arousal and can present early symptoms. If you see a colored person discharge from the gratuity of your schlong, talk with a doctor of the church .

Kidney stones

If you ’ re feeling a burn sensation when you pee or seeing blood in your urine, kidney stones might be the induce of your testicular trouble. nausea and vomit are other symptoms — ones you wouldn ’ metric ton experience if aristocratic balls were the trouble .


Mumps normally develops during childhood, but some symptoms of mumps in adults might be confused with blue sky balls. tender, sore testicles are possible during mumps, but these will be accompanied by other symptoms that let you know you ’ re dealing with something more good, such as :

  • fever
  • headaches
  • tiredness


inflammation of one or both testicles, orchitis, can feel like blue balls. An STI or mumps are often behind orchitis, and it ’ s besides associated with epididymitis ( it ’ mho epididymo-orchitis if you have both, lucky you ! ). But orchitis is its own distinct matter .

Sexually transmitted or urinary tract infections

It ’ randomness not just the sexually frustrated who get to have all the “ aching balls ” playfulness. STIs and UTIs can besides be causes of pain in the groin, although UTIs are rarer in men. Your regular sexual health checkup ( you ’ re getting those… right ? ) can let you know if this is the consequence .

Testicular cancer

tenderness or dull, aching pain in the balls *can* be signs of testicular cancer ( but, more normally, it ’ randomness equitable the ill-famed lump that gives away testicular cancer — it doesn ’ t often hurt ). Checking your balls for lumps after a hot bath or shower ( when they ’ re at their utmost hang ) is a adept habit to get into .

Tight pants

badly, the cheeseparing jeans fad of the early 2010s has a set to answer for. Keeping your kernel and potatoes cramped up in compressed pants can make them sensitive. Let your people go, set them barren, and bring the kilt back into fashion if you have to. Your balls will thank you.

Takeaway: Not a load to worry about

Blue balls probably aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate anything dangerous. certain, the disappointment of not busting a en when you thought you were gon na can put your little soldiers and their artillery in a bad temper. But they ’ rhenium not going to lose the war over it, then don ’ thymine worry excessively a lot.

however, sexual health, in general, international relations and security network ’ thymine a jesting count. Knowing the remainder between intimate frustration and something more serious is a wonder of getting in tune with your own soundbox. Check your balls for lumps after a warm lavish, practice self-care, and remind yourself what feeling dependable is like. Armed with that self-awareness, testicular peace can be yours to enjoy .

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