How to Find Your G-Spot: Tips and Positions for a G-Spot Orgasm

The baffling G-spot is one of the most heatedly debated areas when it comes to women ‘s sexual health. But despite what you may have been told in your ( less-than-great ) seventh grade arouse education class, the G-spot most decidedly exists and is absolutely accessible. “ The G-spot is the urethral sponge hitting up against the vaginal wall, ” explains Carolanne Marcantonio, LMSW, a senior sex therapist and co-founder of Wise Therapy. “ like to an tumid penis, the quick study gets bigger when aroused, so you can find it better when you ’ re turned on. ” That said, some people might think the G-spot does n’t exist merely because not every womanhood has one. Plus, the G-spot wraps around the urethra, which can make you feel like you need to pee and isn ’ t constantly enjoyable, says Marcantonio. thus if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like this sense, no damage, no foul—just skip the G-spot when you play. This contentedness is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the like content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

But if you ‘ve stumbled across your G-spot a few times and were like, “ OMGGGG ” —listen up. It ‘s not fair your G-spot that feels amazing. “ When the G-spot is stimulated, it pushes against the mons pubis, which pushes against the clitoris and clitoral ligaments, which causes pleasure, ” says Marcantonio. “ It ’ s all connected. ”

Now that you know the G-spot exists, how do you find it?

First things first, you need to know where to look. “ The G-spot is about two inches in and one inch up inwardly of the vagina, ” says Taylor Sparks, erotic educator and fall through of “ But all women are different and you may need to go one inch astir and to the right or left. This will take exploration and is best done with your fingers. ”

And while it ‘s long been regarded as a bite of a human sex mystery, once you find it, you can unlock that ever-elusive dual vaginal and clitoral orgasm ( yes ! ). But how, precisely, do you find your G-spot ? Some tips here :

  1. Before you take your fingers on a spelunking mission, get into a sexy mood. When you’re aroused, more blood rushes to your pelvic region and the spot becomes raised and easier to find. So light some candles, fantasize, fire up some feminist porn, or do whatever else you like.
  2. Once you’re all hot and bothered, Marcantonio recommends “inserting your finger(s) two to three inches up, curving the finger(s), and then rocking them towards the belly button.”
  3. If you’re playing with a partner or a toy, you can also enter the vagina from behind, just keep the pressure pointing towards your belly button.
  4. Your G-spot might feel rougher than other parts of your vagina, or feel like a ridged area, but that’s not always the case. “There’s no specific texture you need to be looking for,” says Marcantonio. “The best way to find it is to experiment.”

    Once you find your G-spot (good job!), what should you do now?

    Use firm, abstruse imperativeness to stroke the area. Try a rhythmical round motion or more of an up-and-down proficiency, says Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, sex educator and author of. Another popular method acting is moving your fingers in a “ come here ” movement ( kind of appropriate, right ? ). Keep in beware that the G-spot is n’t actually on the vaginal presence wall. rather, it ‘s something you can feel through the focus on of the front wall, or a spot off to the leave or proper of the center. Since it ‘s not mighty there, you may need more atmospheric pressure than you think to hit the pot .
    If you ‘re struggling to find the G-spot with your fingers, or equitable want more pressure than your fingers can produce, Marcantonio recommends trying a curved non-vibrating sex miniature, such as the stainless steel steel Njoy Pure Wand dildo. Pro tip : Lube up the toy before inserting it lento and making a rocking movement towards your belly button. besides clutch : The 10 Best Vibrators To Hit That Sweet G-Spot Every Time. If it ‘s feeling thoroughly so far, increase the rhythm, and create a batch of friction as you go on to boost your chances of orgasm. “ Stimulating the area will create sensations if it ‘s a hot spot for you. Some people describe a quick, flushing feeling throughout their genitals and consistency, ” says Fulbright. ➡ Join WH Stronger today and get unlimited access to digital content, exclusive workouts, and more!
    “ Others says they become a distribute wet. ” even better, she says women have reported G-spot orgasms feeling full, more acute, more emotional, and more full-bodied than the clitoral variety. Of class, if you do n’t reach the Big O, but it feels brainsick good anyhow, that ‘s amazing, excessively. Getting to know your body better is constantly a good thing .
    “ G-spot sense besides varies based on the menstrual bicycle, ” says Marcantonio. In fact, “ all pleasure spots can change as the body progresses through its motorbike. ” So preceptor ’ t freak out if the sensation changes throughout the month—that ’ south fair your body doing its thing.
    Can stimulating your G-spot help you squirt?

    If you ‘re matter to in squirting, a.k.a. female ejaculation, tapping into your G-spot might be the way to go. While not everybody can squirt, and ejaculation does not equal orgasm, “ G-spot stimulation is frequently encouraged in exploring one ‘s potential to squirt since the blurt out often occurs when a woman is peaking—not necessarily climaxing—during G-spot play, ” explains Fulbright .
    Female ejaculation comes from “ the buildup of fluid in the urethral sponge, ” adds Marcantonio. If enough fluid builds up and is followed up by intense atmospheric pressure ( both on the G-spot and the clitoris ), ejaculation can occur. It won ’ thymine constantly happen—and tbh, it depends on how hydrated you are—but if squirting excites you, it ‘s decidedly worth a test. Just, uh, remember to put a towel down before you play .

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    Are there any sex positions that stimulate the G-spot?

    Glaaaad you asked. Generally speaking, positions that ( a ) give you more control over your movements ( you on top ) or ( bacillus ) allow for deeper penetration ( like pooch stylus ) will increase your odds of a G-spot orgasm. More here : 10 sex Positions That Will Hit Your G-Spot Every. Single. Time. Yeah, you ‘re welcome. Most importantly, remember that every torso is different. so if your beginning attack at G-spot foreplay international relations and security network ’ t a total success, merely keep experimenting. After all, practice makes perfective, proper ?
    Hannah Rimm
    Hannah Rimm is a health and health writer based in Brooklyn .
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