6 Cures For ‘Blue Balls’ That Don’t Require Anything From Women

not every hot, clayey make out session ends with sex. possibly you aren ’ t fix for a home run with this guy, or you ’ ve got tantalum work early in the dawn, or you ’ rhenium stuck in one of those awkward moments where you have to call things off because neither of you has a condom. Plus, leaving things unfinished can be super-hot. Unless, of course, you ’ re the guy with blue balls who has to limp home with sore debris. And to be clear, “ blasphemous balls ” is a very thing.

What are ‘blue balls’ and what causes them?

certain, it ’ second been used by guys to coerce women into arouse they weren ’ metric ton sure they wanted to have, but extreme sexual arousal without sexual release can result in blackmail and pain. This coerce, called epididymal high blood pressure, and it happens when blood flows into the penis and scrotum, causing engorgement. This pressure builds until it is released during ejaculation — or it isn ’ t, resulting in the pain we refer to as blue balls. Oh, and fair for the record, blue balls don ’ metric ton actually result in, well, blue balls. If you see that symptom, get that man to the ER, ASAP. Symptoms of blue balls may include annoyance, discomfort or in the testicles and surrounding area, adenine well as a thickness in the scrotum, all of which are due to the building pressure .

The myth that blue balls are dangerous simply is not true.

Epididymal high blood pressure is a subordinate low-risk condition that is well stopped, either by orgasm or absorb in other activities. now, despite what some guys facing this uncomfortable position might tell you, what ’ second happening with your dandy ’ s junk is not your fault, nor is it your province to provide sexual unblock via ejaculation, even though that is much the best and most immediate cure for this stipulate. What to do rather ? here are six sure-fire cures for blue balls he can try without requiring any aid from you .

How to Get Rid Of Blue Balls

1. Ignore the problem.

Yes, people, it is possible to be aroused and uncomfortable and to equitable, well, move right along with your day. According to experts, the pain of amobarbital sodium balls is harmless and without side effects. It might besides help you to know that there ’ s about no checkup literature around blue balls, besides one character of a 14-year-old who was thus uncomfortable after fooling around with his girlfriend that he ended up in the ER. Frisky 14-year-olds aside, we can expect most grow men to be able to hold themselves together and just wait it out, if need be. As his arousal goes away, the pain and pressure from blue sky balls will subside all on its own .

2. Do some heavy lifting.

It isn ’ t arsenic estimable as an orgasm, but doing some intemperate manual of arms labor movement ( no, not that kind ! ) will help your guy blow off some steam and, according to at least one study, it actually works. Pushing or lifting something very heavy can help induce something called the Valsalva maneuver, which basically flexes the same inner muscles you use during a intestine motion. This can release the pressure on the testicles. And, hey, at least there will be grunting and sweating .

3. Work out.

Anything that helps divert blood stream should help take the press off those swell testicles.

Hopping on the treadmill, pumping some iron, or doing a few push-ups can help get blood pump to other parts of the body — and away from the penis .

4. Get out of the mood.

Reducing arousal is a childlike and easy manner to divert blood run from the genitals and provide some passing for blue balls. Dirty thoughts ( or actions ) are what typically get an erection going ; turning it top down requires the opposite approach. think of a family extremity, taxes, or trouble at oeuvre should help turn the corner into twist off district — and release the pressure .

5. Put it on ice.

If hot sex international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine happening today, a cold shower or frosting pack is a quick way to cool things down .

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6. He can use his own hand.

Hot sex with a consenting collaborator is the best. sex of any kind with an unwilling partner is, well, sexual assault. You may be the cause of his erection, but you don ’ t have to provide a felicitous ending if you don ’ triiodothyronine want to. deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you say “ no, ” taking care of business becomes his own duty. The best, fastest and most effective cure for blue balls is to have an orgasm. But don ’ t concern about it. He knows what to do. Slutty Girl Problems aims to give you a day by day flow of funny story however challenging posts about arouse, dating, relationships, feminist movement, and many more topics. We ’ rhenium good, sex-positive, and unapologetic, all the fourth dimension. More ache and aphrodisiac contentedness from Slutty Girl Problems : Wait for Powerful Orgasms

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