Is Your Dude Wearing The Right Size Condom? Here’s How To Tell

Had Goldilocks been a woman live in 2017, she would have had a field day with condoms. From cubby, to standard, to magnum, one size surely does not fit all .
“ Standard condoms fit a lot of people. But are there people who don ’ thymine match because their erection is besides small or besides big ? Yes, that ’ s decidedly a reality, ” says Logan Levkoff, Ph.D., a sex and relationships expert in New York .
Having an fallible fit can result in slippage or breaks that can jeopardize the whole point of using security. here ’ s how to tell if your guy is wearing the wrong size condom and how to find your perfective burst .
( once you ‘ve got the right condom size, do n’t forget to lube up—try NaturaLove organic personal lubricant from the Women ‘s Health Boutique. )

Too loose?

“ If a condom is excessively informal, then you risk it sliding down or off during any kind of penetration, which defeats the function of keeping your spouse ’ randomness fluids from getting into your urethra, ” says Levkoff. Yikes. Plus, getting down with a baggy condom is n’t precisely the gorge big orgasms are made of .
You might be able to spot this issue just by looking. When you or your collaborator puts the condom on, it should roll down the cheat securely, lying bloom with his flesh. If the condom starts slipping around during the action, or flush comes off wholly, that ’ s a sign you might need to switch sizes .

Too tight?

“ If a condom is besides compressed or cozy, it ’ south going to be uncomfortable, ” says Levkoff. “ That ’ s going to make it less likely for your collaborator to sustain an erection and reach orgasm. ”
As a general convention, the hint a condom is besides close will by and large be based on feel—a.k.a. it might be hard for you as the spouse to tell if your guy ’ randomness box is excessively constrained. however, there are some clues you can pick up on. “ If you ’ re the one rolling down a condom on your collaborator ’ sulfur penis, you might notice if it ’ mho incredibly snug, ” says Levkoff. You may even see a line kind of like the one you get from wearing a haircloth necktie on your wrist when you take the condom off, she says. That ‘s a definite bless he needs to size up .
If it looks uncomfortable, it ’ randomness worth asking your guy if he ’ mho feeling an unpleasant power play .
Watch this video to learn everything you never knew about the male anatomy :

Just right

A Goldilocks-approved condom should be snug—no slipping around—without being uncomfortable for your partner .
ideally, you ‘d pick the perfective size up at the drugstore. But what happens if you realize that you did n’t good as things are getting hot and big ? unfortunately, there ‘s no fix external of getting a new gang of condoms .
“ There ’ s no DIY choice, ” says Levkoff. “ As playfulness as condoms can be, they are checkup devices regulated by the FDA. That means in order to maintain the integrity of the condom, it has to be used as designed. ” No MacGyver-worthy formative wrapping tricks, please .
alternatively of feeling frustrated in the here and now, make bribe condoms a fun separate of foreplay —don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be afraid to try unlike kinds until you find the right size, says Levkoff. “ rather than guessing, ask your spouse what he buys and what he likes, ” she says. Think of it less as an awkward question about what to put on your grocery store list and more as an opportunity to get a little erotic together. “ There is fun in having that conversation, ” Levkoff says. “ Can it be awkward ? certain. But, hey, arouse is awkward. That doesn ’ t make it bad. ” Consider this your apology to experiment with all the options Golidlocks-style until you find one that ’ randomness barely correct .

Macaela Mackenzie
Macaela MacKenzie is a diarist covering women ’ s equality .
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