Everything you need to know about squirting

Sploosh. Yes friends, squirting is real, and it ‘s not urine, or at least, not entirely. female ejaculation ( although it ’ randomness been around since the beginning of time ) is one of those things that ’ s placid considered ~mysterious~ and is heatedly debated .Skip giphy embed
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well, debate no more because hera ’ s everything you need to know about squirting, how it can make for a bang-up sexy prison term, and how not to make it into an impossible quest .

What’s it feel like when it happens?

Hook Up hearer Taylor says it first happened for her after she ’ five hundred smoked some weed with her boyfriend and had sex. “ I had no theme what was going on, I barely exploded and I was like ohio my idol ! What have I done ? I thought I ’ five hundred make myself but then I was like no that ’ s a different sense, ” she says. Taylor says it ’ s hard to explain the feel, but it feels actually, very full. “ It ’ s like a release, it ’ s like everything precisely escapes your body. ”Skip giphy embed
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She does n’t think it ‘s urine, because it still happens when her bladder ‘s empty, but she ‘s still curious about what it could be .
“ I precisely in truth want to know what the fluid actually is, like what is coming out ? ”

So, what is it exactly?

The ‘debate ‘ continues to rage : is it pee or not ? Well, it ‘s a fiddling bit urine and a lot a fluid found in the prostate ? ! basically, the urethral quick study ( a glandular tissue that produces lubricant ), which is the placement of the “ g-spot ” secretes the lubricating fluid into the urethra and it flows back into the bladder. When a woman has a big enough orgasm and has a academic degree of urinary dissoluteness the fluid will come out. The fluid could be seen as the equivalent to “ precum ” in men .Skip giphy embed
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Gynaecologist Dr Charlotte Elder says while the research is not completely conclusive, “ it ’ s probably fluent from a gland that ’ s similar to a prostate gland, that potentially collects in the bladder and then gets expelled. ” It ‘s not urine but it will mix with whatever urine is in the bladder at the time .

Ok so how does it happen? Is there a magic button to push?

well yea … rather ! It ’ second called the g-spot. Sexologist Naomi Hutchings says when we talk about the g-spot, we in truth need to think of it as an area down there.

“ Some people say they can feel it, others don ’ t. But when that area on the front wall, about an edge or so in, when that ’ mho stimulated, that ’ s when it can happen, ” she explains. And it doesn ’ t necessarily happen together with an orgasm. “ Some people have an orgasm after, some people don ’ triiodothyronine have an orgasm and they ejaculate, ” Naomi says .Skip giphy embed
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☎ “ I first squirted when a boyfriend was fingering me and I was rubbing my clitoris. He did n’t believe it was a thing until then, ” anon ☎ “ The first clock time I was aware I had squirted was my first fourth dimension using a “ magic scepter ” style massager/vibrator while on top with a partner I was enormously attracted to. He was besides able to reproduce this effect via manual stimulation – the “ beckon ” style of finger, ” Mia, Hobart ☎ “ I have squirted before during a treble foreplay orgasm ( clitoral, vaginal, anal ) – so intense I saw fractals. I ca n’t control it and never know if I ‘m going to do it. ” Helen, Hobart ☎ “ My wife sometimes squirts ( I love it by the way ) constantly during oral, sometimes it ‘s truly flimsy watery liquid early times it ‘s quite compact, ” Anon Naomi says there are different types of squirting you could be experiencing.
There ’ randomness ‘ female ejaculation ’ which is a humble total of milky white fluent and then there ’ s the unclutter fluid and heaps of it, which can make deoxyadenosine monophosphate a lot as a glass broad .

The pressure to chase the squirt

Taylor says now that she ’ randomness started doing it, her boyfriend gets actually excited and wants it to happen every time. “ But it ’ second rather sad, because I think he thinks that ’ s like the goal nowadays, to get to that item, but I ’ thousand not always at that bespeak, ” she tells us. Naomi says much partners enjoy seeing some kind of physical testify of an orgasm, and it can become an end goal for them during arouse. “ even though they ’ ra two separate things, but for some people they will hear partners having an orgasm, or saying ‘ they ’ re cumming ’ but I think sometimes they think squirting is evidence. ” It ‘s worth explaining to your partner that it wo n’t necessarily happen every time, and that a squirt does n’t mean an orgasm or vice versa .

So how do you deal with all that mess?

Most likely no one wants to lie in soaking besotted sheets before going to sleep, so Naomi recommends towels or dissoluteness arouse mats “ and if you ’ re very worried about your mattress get a defender. ”Skip giphy embed
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But she says it ’ s nothing to be embarrassed about.

“ I think it ’ randomness about time we all kind of realised, if you ’ re going to be intimate with people, that there ’ mho fluent, there ’ mho perspiration, there ’ south yea sometimes actually urine, semen fluid, you know there ’ s stern from people experimenting with anal bet and there ’ sulfur tears. There ’ second going to be all sorts of gorge. ”
People can in truth stress over it, but from all the stories we heard on The Hook Up, it can besides be a bloody great time and Naomi agrees, “ some people say it ’ south amazing, and a feel of letting go and good being in their body. ” so squirt is wholly a thing, nothing to be embarrassed about and I think the conclusion is we just need more research please and thank you.
Learn more about jetting, and everything else sex, love and relationships on The Hook Up podcast.

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