7 Times Henry Cavill Inadvertently Made Me Horny While Watching ‘The Witcher’

Hi, my name ’ second Taylor, and I have a juju for grey monsters that have wicked, charming powers. Well, actually, I take that back. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate catch turned on by all deranged chilling mutants … precisely the ones that look precisely like Henry Cavill in The Witcher. The Witcher is a modern Netflix series that follows Henry ’ s character, Geralt of Rivia, as he meets a sorceress, a princess, and lots and lots of scary-looking creatures throughout his travel to find “ his destiny. ” This capacity is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the lapp content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their vane locate .

Mind you, I ’ megabyte not one of those girls who is super into fantasy things. The farthest my interest has gone is watching Twilight and, no, I didn ’ thyroxine watch Game of Thrones. So when I sat down over winter rupture to watch The Witcher with my dad and older sister, I wasn ’ metric ton expecting to be so … uh, in love with Henry ’ s jawline ( among other things ). The more and more we watched, the more I noticed the estrus between my legs brewing ( blue, Dad ! ). I besides couldn ’ thyroxine sympathize why everyone seemed to think the grey Witcher was therefore evil in the picture ? Like, if he ’ south “ thus bad, ” I, for one, do not want to be right. ( What can I say ? I ’ ve constantly had a thing for damaged bad boys. ) This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web locate .
now that I ’ ve finished the serial, I find it lone fitting to reflect on what I equitable watched by running down all the times Henry made me feel some type of way—even if he wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate doing anything unwittingly sexy. Behold, the seven moments that literally no matchless else would find attractive besides me and my wyrd self. ( Oh, and no detail spoilers in here, then if you haven ’ t seen the usher, wholly approve to continue to read …. )

1. His first words of the entire season.

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    About two minutes into the first sequence, Henry ( who I ’ ll now be referring to as Geralt moving forward ) says : “ Today isn ’ t your day, is it ? ” to a smol doe who was attacked by a weird swamp giant. then, he proceeds to eat said doe … so, like I said, not sexy at all. merely ! His ! voice ! It ’ s the first time we hear it, and it sets the precedent for the rest of the series. I was all like, Oh, whoa, o, we have a super-sexy, low, deep, rumbly voice setting the tone for this temper, let ’ s fucking gooo. And if you ’ re superintendent into voices like I am, let me recommend listening to these episodes through your headphones … in bed … alone …. This content is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their vane web site .

    2. Every time he grunts.

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      Okay, so I ’ meter one of those people who loves to watch movies with subtitles ( sue me ), but it was particularly erotic because not alone could I hear Geralt grunt in his baritone peddle, but I could besides see on the filmdom that he said : “ Hmm. ” It was super hot in a way that I ’ megabyte not truly certain why …. FWIW, he does this, like, a million times in each episode when he ’ south either ( a ) think, ( b ) about to beat the asshole out of person, or ( coulomb ) dysphoric with a reception. I can ’ t explain it, you actually just have to watch it to know .

      3. His face post–fight scenes.

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        He is greasy, has blood all over his confront, and has hair strands all up in his eyes, but for some inexplicable reason, he always looks lusciously tasty. To the average person, he looks like actual stool, but to me, he ’ s jack that ’ second hot … ? I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know, possibly I ’ molarity precisely actually into dudes who fight, which sounds like something I should take up with my therapist .

        4. When he says “fuck” right before he realizes he has to beat some village people’s asses because they’re taunting him.

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          Something about the stress and the harsh curse bible coming out of his mouth makes me want him to say it more and more and more … preferably in the sheets with me ( but I ’ ll take it in season 2 besides ). It ’ s like : “ No, he ’ s good, he doesn ’ t want to fight you. You ’ ra egging him on ! ” with a mix of “ Yeah, he can ’ thymine wait to kick your ass. ” ( Which he does … every time ). Love it .

          5. The fact that he’s low key a horse girl.

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            Look, we all know horse girls. Memes of their scrunchies and French-braided hair’s-breadth blew up into an internet sensation. But honestly, “ cavalry daughter ” takes on a whole new mean when you see Geralt ( with his half-up, half-down hairdo ) tending to his bb. I mean, there are multiple times when Geralt is seen equitable chillin ’ and talking to his horse, which is A-OK with me, honey. It precisely means he ’ sulfur ~sensitive~, right ?

            6. When he drinks that weird potion thing (which I still don’t understand) and it makes his eyes turn black.

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              I don ’ metric ton know what a monster looks like, but if I had to guess, I ’ vitamin d think it resembles his side after he takes a sip from that jolt in his pocket. wholly indecipherable what that clash is, what it does ( besides make him look chilling AF ), and why it ’ sulfur needed, but there ’ s something super blistering about his demonic english that screams, “ I ’ m going to do dirty things to you in bed. ” ( Y ’ know, like dame in the street but freak in the sheets. ) anyhow, most people would find this confront chilling and abhorrent, but I find it a act endearing. I ’ m all about seeing all sides of my spouse, and he lets this one SHOW, y ’ all .

              7. His ability to feel compassion, despite not being able to feel anything at all?

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                apparently, Witchers can ’ metric ton feel emotions the means humans do ( they talk about this often throughout the season ). But without revealing excessively much, he seems to have a piano spotlight for children, cursed creatures, and other monsters besides. This might be the entirely point you agree with me on, but any time Geralt saves a child or defends, say, a dragon, my center ( and vagina ) does a little pit-a-pat. then if I haven ’ thyroxine sold you on watching the season fair for the reasons above, know that it has a seriously good plotline excessively. And coming from person who wasn ’ thyroxine precisely psyched about starting a picture like this, I can ’ t wait for more fantastic “ hmms ” and “ fucks ” in temper 2. faint !
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