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Our Mission

“ We ’ re on a mission to fuel a rage for capital food, health and wellbeing and be the position where people gather to shop, corrode, and cultivate. ”

What We’re All About

“ Work is love made visible. ”
– Kahlil Gibran

nowadays we are known in all communities we serve as a company that attracts and retains wellbeing, smart, interest people who jump at the opportunity to help all those around them ( we call them 51 % -ers – they have that giving for delivering genuine cordial reception ). Our staff love coming to work because of the divers and energetic community we have created. We work hard, we get paid well, and we receive meaningful benefits that help us maintain a high quality of life in and out of work .
“ I slept and dreamt that life was gladden
I awoke and saw that life was service
I acted and behold…
Service was rejoice. ”
-Rabindranath tagore
These are leaders who are motivated to make proactive change for the company, and they ’ ra profoundly invested in the long-run achiever of Healthy Living. They practice handmaid leadership every day, foster and develop their staff into better versions of themselves, and model the 51 % skills that differentiate us from all other markets. Our leaders work to help staff succeed and grow every day .
“ People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ”
– Maya Angelou

“ We can work for the haven, the little cell of gladden and peace in a annoyed world. ”
– Dorothy Day
5 years ago we were reminded that in this age of on-line shopping, PLACE is even significant to our guests. today PLACE is something we refine, review, and reinvigorate regularly. once upon a time a guest told me ( Katy ), “ Healthy Living is the third place. ” When I asked what that mean, she explained that the first place is home, the irregular place is work, and the third base identify is healthy Living ; the place where her family can eat, shop class, and learn in an environment that inspires health and health, feels warm and friendly, and makes them want to come spinal column for more. Place includes big food ; the feel of a community plaza ; a beautiful, clean, and inspiring shopping experience ; a great vibration delivered by a staff of 51 % -ers who understand the exponent of cordial reception .
An outstanding identify to work
Super healthful, advanced, delightful food – we ’ ve never wavered from our standards !
Amazing cordial reception
The most invite place to shop and eat
Deep devotion to local farmers and producers
An train staff
An active agent, vibrant function in our residential district
With that we ’ rhenium glad to besides announce some changes in our Leadership Team. Co-owner Nina Lesser-Goldsmith has transitioned from General Manager to the character of COO effective January 1st. This is a modern position within the company, and cosmopolitan operations of the company ’ s two stores will be Nina ’ s primary coil focus. Fellow co-owner Eli Lesser-Goldsmith moves into the role of CEO. As CEO, Eli will work with Healthy Living ’ s internal Directors team ( Finance, Operations, and Purchasing ) plus external and newly formed Board of Directors .
We ’ d like to say thank you to our employees, vendors, and guests for getting us to where we are today. We ’ ra excited to enter our fourth decade in commercial enterprise solid than ever !

Our Story

In 1986, with absolutely no cognition of occupation, I started a bantam market located in the Blue Mall, Dorset Street in South Burlington, Vermont. I had been an English teacher, a psychotherapist, a mother… then why not “ outgrowth out ” into the global of groceries and business possession ( looking back, it seems brainsick ! ) ? One of my motivations for this decision was finding in truth commodity, clean food for my family. I had been raised in a home where bread was baked, meals were made from chicken feed, and the enjoyment of food was very authoritative. Back in the 1980 ’ s more and more refined foods were filling the shelves of supermarkets. I rightfully wanted to feed my syndicate differently, and different choices seemed very hard to come by. I besides had memories of the food markets I knew growing up ; I remembered them as community meet places, where neighbors ran into each other in the aisles. They seemed like a lot happier places to shop than the aseptic, harshly alight supermarkets I visited each week. indeed, why not own a bantam food market that was dedicated to precisely the kinds of things I was searching for ?
Those first gear few ( like 10 ) years were difficult and rocky for me, but my mania for good food, community, and the mysteries of business drove me on. Fast forward to 2007 after a serial of moves and expansions, I made a major jump and broke anchor on a 35,000 feather infantry shop. By then my son, Eli, had decided to make Vermont home again, and after college came back to work with me to design and build the new Healthy Living Market.

Two years later my daughter, Nina, graduated from college and then culinary school, and joined us at Healthy Living. Nina brought energy and heat for learning and education, and founded the Healthy Living Learning Center, an innovative plan of classes and demonstrations that help customers connect with their food through education. I now find myself working side-by-side with my kids, which is in truth a joy and makes Healthy Living a true family business .
What a journey it ’ south been ! I went from myself and one other person on staff to presently over 300, from 1,200 public square feet to 35,000, from putting away the entire order by myself to having a team of grocery folks attacking it en masse, and from basically knowing zero about business to being pretty damn good at it ! Our second base memory in Saratoga Springs, New York, opened in 2013 and our newest store in Williston, VT opened in 2021. I find I hush love the everyday routines, the customer interactions, the newfangled product excitation, the seasonal changes, and the determine serve. All I ’ ve learned over the years about running a business translates to taking care of people… delivering especial cordial reception, which is, I believe, a good way to live !

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