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The continuing surface of lifestyle-related diseases and chronic disorders means that we need to take a bracing front at health and healthcare, and must combine prevention and discussion. TNO aims to deliver sociable and technological innovations that can help people make the kind of choices that lead to better health and increased social participation. “ We want to help people make the right choices for themselves with gaze to their health, handiness to work, and productiveness. This is no easy topic, given what we face every day. Consider, for case, working healthily up to an older long time, having an frequently busy or intense domestic environment and a full-on life style, ” says Peter vanguard Dijken, managing director of the Healthy Living unit.

TNO, together with government authorities, cognition institutes and companies, is developing technological and social innovations that promote good health and function handiness, and which consequently lead to a goodly, vigorous, and generative population – angstrom well as lowering national healthcare costs and increasing economic growth.

Active in four domains

Working across four domains – Youth, Work, Biomedical Health and Digital Lifestyle – the Healthy Living unit excels in identifying the significant future developments and interventions relevant to each. Within these domains we are developing cognition and expertness in the fields of health, health technology and personalised health interventions. For exemplify, we are contributing to the transformation of youth healthcare by manner of digitalization. We are developing an on-line platform that provides youth healthcare guidelines and allows parents to find the professionals and advice they need to make the properly choices. We are besides measuring and monitoring stress and vulnerability to toxic substances in daily life sentence, to enable the development of collective populace health strategies, personalised interventional strategies and empirically based health interventions, in particular for the work environment. In this way we are creating a basis for interventions and supportive engineering so that both prevention and engagement may be improved.

Health interventions

By innovating within the preclinical and clinical phases of music development we aim to greatly reduce the failure rate—and frankincense the development costs—of substantive modern medicines. In addition, we are helping citizens and professionals to make the best health choices by collecting data about health and risks at a personal tied and converting them into valuable information with which we can proactively provide customize advice. This personal data supports long-run, permanent behavioral changes and a healthier life style. We are convinced that for many disorders a change of life style is the remedy of the future.

Personal digital healthcare is developing at a rapid pace

How can we continue to improve the quality of digital healthcare ? Healthcare is going digital at a rapid pace. Any individual can already gather a big deal of data and gain an insight into genetic, life style and environmental factors. In order to improve the quality of digital healthcare, TNO uses the P4 concept ( prediction, prevention, personalisation and participation ). In this way, we are developing useable, condom and reliable applications that meet each person ‘s particular indigence for personal healthcare. Privacy is a precondition of this study. TNO is developing interpretations and predictive models of personal health data that will enable reliable advice and personal interventions. By means of practical pilots and the P4 concept, we aim to improve the concept of personalize digital health .

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