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In a well physical or mental condition
“ After overcoming a series of heart conditions, he is ultimately feel healthy and repossessing his force. ”
Promoting or conducive to dependable physical or mental conditioning
“ Feeling match starts with a healthy and balanced diet. ”

Marked by characteristics benefiting one ‘s physical and mental circumstance
“ Drinking bone broth has many healthy benefits for our digestive system. ”
Marked by growth in the state of wellbeing
“ After the economic crash, many wondered if they would ever feel financially healthy again. ”


A significant or brawny amount
“ I feel on lead of the world after a healthy dose of sleep. ”
Exhibiting or exercising discretion
“ I call it a healthy fear of arachnids because those things can kill you. ”
Having a physique with chiseled muscles
Having a healthy hide tone, particularly one that is red in color
Pertaining to hygiene
big adequate to be estimated

very large in sum, respect or degree
Favored by luck and good luck
Being in a healthy and functional state
Greater than average in size, amount, measure or degree

(of food or drink)

Low in fat subject, and hence moo in calories and conducive to weight personnel casualty
Characterized by self-support
Having goodly and sound mental faculties
Sending out light


genetically well-endowed
A shade resemble such a red color

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