Penis health: Conditions, safety, lifestyle, and care

This article describes certain life style factors and health conditions that can affect penis health. It besides outlines some possible symptoms of inadequate penis health and provides tips on penis care. A sudden change in the appearance, ace, or function of the penis may signal an underlying topic that requires aesculapian attention. besides, a person should not experience any annoyance in their penis when make or engaging in sexual natural process. A goodly penis should be rid of lesions, warts, and abnormal discharge. In general, the penis should be roughly the lapp coloring material as the surrounding skin, though it may be a shade dark or abstemious.

Doctor talking to patient about penis health share on PinterestLifestyle factors that can affect penis health include sexual relationships, weight management, and alcohol use. The sections below draft some common life style factors that can affect penis health .

Sexual relationships

sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ) can negatively affect penis health. Some of the most common STIs include : The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) recommend that people drill safe sex in order to reduce their gamble of contracting an STI. This involves using barrier methods during sexual activeness and getting vaccinated against hepatitis B and HPV. The following can besides help reduce the gamble of spreading and contracting STIs :

  • limiting the number of sexual partners
  • maintaining a monogamous sexual relationship
  • abstaining from sexual activity

much, people who contract an STI do not experience any symptoms. This is why it is important for people who are sexually active to attend regular sexual health screenings .

Weight management

fleshiness can negatively affect many aspects of a person ’ s health, including penis affair. People with fleshiness may be more likely to experience erectile dysfunction, or powerlessness. This occurs when a person is unable to develop or maintain an erection during sexual activity. According to the Obesity Action Coalition, fleshiness can contribute to erectile dysfunction by :

  • decreasing testosterone levels
  • causing inflammation throughout the body
  • damaging the blood vessels, including those that supply blood to the penis

however, one 2018 survey suggests that the relationship between fleshiness and sexual health is not wholly clear up. Although fleshiness may contribute to erectile dysfunction, other factors may besides give rise to poor sexual health. These include :

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • self-esteem issues


Eating a sanitary, balanced diet can help prevent fleshiness and related intimate health problems.

A 2017 animal cogitation investigated the potential link between diet, fleshiness, and erectile function. In this study, one group of rats consumed a calorie-rich diet, while a second group consumed a standard diet. The rats that consumed the calorie-rich diet were more likely to develop fleshiness, and they besides showed significantly poorer erectile officiate. The types of food a person eats could besides affect their penis health. For model, one 2016 study found that a diet deep in flavonoids was associated with a shrink risk of erectile dysfunction in men below the senesce of 70. Flavonoids are chemicals that occur naturally in a range of vegetables, fruits, and grains. Some examples of flavonoid-rich foods include :

  • root vegetables
  • legumes
  • berries
  • grapes
  • citrus fruits
  • teas
  • chocolate


exercise is authoritative in helping a person maintain a tone down slant. This means that it besides helps reduce the risk of obesity-related intimate health concerns. exercise may besides benefit sexual health more directly. For exemplar, one 2015 study investigated whether or not regular walk exercise could help improve erectile dysfunction in men who had recently had a heart assail. Those who took separate in the regular walk program reported a 71 % decrease in erectile dysfunction symptoms. Those who did not take partially in the platform reported a 9 % addition in erectile dysfunction symptoms. The researchers conclude that regular exercise may help reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction. A 2011 meta-analysis investigated the effects of aerobic exercise on erectile dysfunction. The researchers analyzed five studies involving a sum of 385 participants. All the studies showed improvements in erectile dysfunction following aerobic activity. The researchers conclude that men with erectile dysfunction may benefit from aerobic educate, though far studies are necessary to confirm this .

Alcohol and tobacco use

Drinking a lot of alcohol can negatively impact many aspects of a person ’ s health.

According to the CDC, excessive drink can interfere with male hormone product, potentially contributing to impotence and sterility. Alcohol besides increases the likelihood that a person will engage in bad intimate behavior. such behavior puts a person at increased risk of contracting or transmitting an STI. tobacco smoke can besides have a negative effect on penis health. According to the Truth Initiative, smoke may play a character in the follow intimate health issues :

  • erectile dysfunction
  • infertility
  • decreased libido

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