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Five healthy habits net more healthy years


February 19, 2020


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Dr. Hemen Das
March 3, 2020
Nice information….Prevention is always army for the liberation of rwanda better than treating the ailments whrn it arrives..
albert miller
March 2, 2020
What is needed is Government intervention resulting in laws that prohibit the manufacture of food that does not contribute to good health .
A Goldstein
March 2, 2020
This country has unprecedented handiness of healthy foods but access and affordability is not evenly distributed. Highly action foods are over-flavored, over-processed and over-caloried and normally cheaper and faster to create a meal.

We know what eating well means. It ’ sulfur just hard to preach the effective diet to those who can not afford it .
March 3, 2020
You can ALWAYS eat healthier, tied on just a bit of $ …the option is always yours to make. Apples, broccoli, and some fish is barely arsenic bum as potato chips, pop and ice rink cream !
March 2, 2020

Restaurants sure preceptor ’ t make it easy to put veggies, fruits, and plants in general first. then again, they will offer what people buy. It ’ second deter. People revere the foods and amounts that get us in the worst worry .
Allen F. Browne, M.D .
March 2, 2020

Good mail ! ! ! !

Allen Browne
mary Dean
March 2, 2020
I am 70 years erstwhile, female, 5 ’ 2 ” 123 pounds. I swim four times a week, 30 minutes. I walk daily. I eat a low fatness diet combined with plant diet. I laugh daily and very grateful. It works💚
Henry Smith
February 20, 2020
There is an old saying : Eat Well, Sleep Well, Exercise Well. These things are the nucleus for a effective health. Living a good life style and practicing actions as mentioned above like goodly diet, half an hour of exercise and avoidance of tobacco and smoke are necessity for healthy life and you can add years decidedly .
Jimmy carney
February 19, 2020
I am 75 year old I walk at least 30 minutes every day mix with strength training stopping point my work out in about one hour some clock time a little more love it
R. Evans

March 2, 2020
I do all of the above – except alcohol. Who in the hell can alone drink one 5 oz glass of wine ?
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