9 Worst Things About Having Sex On The Beach

In the movies, when a couple has sex on the beach, it ‘s constantly spontaneous, quixotic, about charming. But let ‘s be veridical, if you try to do that, you ‘ll likely end up with backbone where it ‘s not supposed to be—and not much else. That does n’t mean you ca n’t have beach sex, it just means you need to prepare before you take the plunge. “ The most crucial thing is to plan in advance, ” says Janet Brito, PhD, a sexologist and clinical psychologist in Honolulu ( so you know she knows her beaches ). She even suggests running through a few “ what if ” scenarios—like “ What if it starts raining ? “ —to make sure you ‘ve covered all your bases. That might sound like work ( the opposite of what sex is supposed to be ), but think of it like planning a mini-vacation. You ‘re giving yourself and your intimate spouse something to look forward to, which can only help up the ante when the moment ultimately comes. Besides checking your weather app for rain, these expert-approved tips will help ensure having sex on the beach is actually playfulness :

1. Make sure it’s legal.

nothing kills the ~vibe~ faster than getting arrested ( real handcuffs are direction less aphrodisiac than furred ones, after all ). So before you have your romp in the hay backbone, “ make certain you understand the laws around having arouse in a public area, ” Brito says. Yes, having sex in a semi-forbidden place is a big part of what makes it sol hot, but it ’ s not deserving getting a criminal commemorate. Imagine trying to explain that in your future occupation interview…

2. Find a private and secluded beach.

This might seem obvious, but just in case you thought about banging out a band aid on a democratic beach—don ’ metric ton. “ The more isolated, the better, so you can in truth let free and keep off person walk by, ” Brito says. Depending on your venue, you might have to wait until nightfall for the beach to clear out, but hey, there ‘s nothing better than making love in the moonlight, justly ? This content is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the like contentedness in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web locate .

3. Come prepared.

You want to be spontaneous, indisputable, but you besides don ’ metric ton want to get sandpaper ( or anything else ) in your vagina. To increase your flat of comfort and decrease clash burns, Brito recommends putting together a little sex on the beach kit that includes :

  • or an oversized blanket

    While it isn ’ thyroxine necessity to bring lubricate, if you know that makes sex more enjoyable for you, pack it. Don ’ t ersatz sunscreen for lubricant, either, since that can cause infection or disintegrate latex condoms, according to Brito .

    4. Wear something that is easy to take off.

    You want to choose an outfit that ‘s aphrodisiac, surely, but you besides want it to be functional because, duh. Brito recommends a sarong or stretchable shorts. ( To prevent insect bites, you should besides consider wearing some hemipterous insect repellent, excessively. ) Want more hot AF sex tips ? Ask these grandmas :

    5. Choose your beach sex spot wisely.

    Look for an area that ’ s clear of debris and relatively level. Oh, and make indisputable you ’ re far enough away from the ocean so, you know, the tide won ’ thyroxine roll in by chance .

    6. Set the scene.

    once you ’ ve found the perfect spot, Brito suggests keeping your socks and covered shoes on until you ’ ra sitting on your sand-proof blanket. “ This way you won ’ metric ton bring sand into your delegate area, like you would with sandals, ” she explains. Once you ‘re settled in, merely frisson for a securities and exchange commission, taking in the scenery and each other .

    7. Make time for foreplay.

    just because you ’ re having beach sex doesn ’ thymine mean you have to settle for a band aid. alternatively, Brito suggests covering yourself and your sexual partner with the compact towel and exploring each other ’ mho bodies. If dirty talk is your thing, work that in, besides. Whatever you ’ re into, “ let your resource wind and your hands wander. ”

    In fact, Brito actually recommends outercourse over sexual intercourse on the beach. “ You can decidedly enjoy manual or oral sex under a blanket and have loads of enjoyable fun without calling much care to yourself, ” she says .

    8. Get into position.

    not all beach sex positions are created peer ( good-for-nothing but it ’ sulfur true ). To avoid getting backbone in undesirable places, Brito recommend “ positions where your genitals are the farthest off from the backbone, like pooch expressive style. ” That ’ s not precisely the best situation for avoiding attention, though, so you might besides want to try the napping sex status, she says. It ’ mho reasonably simple : “ Get in a smooch place, like you are getting ready to take a sleep, and then rock back and forth, until you find the rhythm that works best for both of you. ”
    If you brought a beach moderate ( points for readiness ), you can besides try Cowgirl, either facing your partner or facing away. missionary international relations and security network ’ t the best sex position for the beach, but if you actually want to do it, Brito suggests putting a pillow underneath you to elevate the vagina so you don ’ thymine get any sand down there. Whatever position you choose, use the compress towel to cover yourself .

    9. If someone walks by, don’t panic.

    This is when that compress towel truly comes in handy. once you notice person approaching, make certain you ’ ra covered, and act deoxyadenosine monophosphate casual as you can, considering the, uh, situation. “ If you ’ re having oral sex, then stop, and rest your drumhead on your collaborator ’ s belly or thighs rather, ” Brito suggests. “ If you ’ re having intercourse, then stop throw, and cuddle alternatively. ” No one will be the wiser…

    10. Stop immediately if you get sand in your genitals.

    You ’ ve taken enough precautions that this **shouldn ’ t** happen, but if it does, don ’ metric ton worry. Just stop the second base you ’ ra uncomfortable and rinse off in the water. ( I mean, that ‘s literally what it ‘s there for … )

    11. Cool off when you’re done.

    immediately that you ’ ve gotten all hot and heavy, nothing feels better than a agile dip in the ocean, says Brito. Just make certain the surf international relations and security network ’ t besides crude before going in, and use your dry towel to clean up, she says. If it ’ s not dependable to cool off in the ocean, you can besides take a cool shower together back home. once you ‘re done, well, you might like the way your spouse ‘s bark glistens from the urine so much that you decide to go for round two …
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