19 Best Halloween Sex Toys

Has your penis penetrated a pumpkin ? Do you wet ambition in shades of PSL ( pumpkin zest caffe latte ; keep up, Brad ) about making out with Vincent Price––nay, the skeleton of Vincent Price—on the reg ? then velcome [ opens cape ] to ze horniest of Halloween sex toy guides, where we unearth the spookiest sexual accessories for your hot, lycanthropic rituals this year . There are all kinds of weeeeeird sex toys out there, and while they ’ rhenium not always Halloween-specific, I ’ ll be damned to Beezlebub ’ mho lap if a pair of red, downy handcuffs doesn ’ thymine slap a little bite harder during the skittish season. Hell, even the traditional hag ’ south broom, or “ besom, ” was actually mounted by its owner in the reverse, so as to represent a penis. fall is, merely put, infernally hot girlfriend shit . Of course, you have to find your spirit of skittish. Do you want to feel like Gandalf the Great Load, courtesy of a glow-in-the-dark vibrator wand ? Why not gift a hand-blown glass pumpkin chew to your fan ? We ’ ve got spankers, thrusters, and a founder ’ sulfur Wartenberg wheel that would make Dr. Frankenstein bloom . If all of this sounds like a pretty effective Thursday to you, then into the woods we go, leaving nary a apparitional nipple clamp behind…

It came from the deep 

You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come across five-star rated tentacles that much, man, which is a pity, because they have all the potential to be a sincerely multi-tasking toy dog ; not only is this octopus arm textured, but the curvature besides makes it a great G-spot toy. “ Everything about this is delicious, ” writes one commentator, “ The ridges, the cool texture of the glass, [ it ] feels amazing. [ It ] feels great for clitoris play angstrom well as penetrative [ and ] the bumps on the side feel amazing when it goes in and out. ”

You’re a wizard, hairy

Turn out the lights and go bump in the nox with a glow-in-the-dark mini-massager baton. At just over seven inches long, it ’ s an ideal sex dally to take on vacation, it ’ randomness USB-recharcheable ( and therefore more environmentally friendly ), and it packs seven unlike patterns and 10 intensities . Looking to summon the ghostwriter of Jim Morrison ? identify this glow-in-the-dark target plug at the altar of everyone ’ s darling back door man .

Bottoms up 

When it comes to intimate alert, there ’ randomness nothing incorrect with ye olde hired hand. But have you always tried a paddle ? Halloween offers you and your partner ( randomness ) a radian, gay stage for getting a little kinky with a paddle, like this one that has a light electric stream. “ A near impossible sensation to describe, ” says the toy ’ second godhead, “ [ It ] feels like a crossbreed between throbby vibrations, [ and ] far-flung tingles. ” If you ’ rhenium looking for something sans shock Glutton for Punishment makes handmade paddles that deserve to star in their own hot repugnance movie, like this loot cleaver :

Spice up your lube 

Combine salted caramel lubricate with a sensuous pumpkin zest caffe latte massage anoint, and there ’ s no necessitate to buy candy. It ’ ll be like going trick-or-treating in your [ redacted ] !

The moaning ghost 

We love a top-rated, artisanal H-ween dildo, and we about love its reviews even more : “ I ai n’t never bust like that 🥴, ” writes one glad, haunted customer. “ pretty sure this has ensured my being disappointed by any actual human being. It arrived with a couple candies and is COMPLETELY scentless––Nothing even SLIGHT, which is AWESOME. It is such a fantastic little friend. ” Aw .

A Great Pumpkin for your Charlie Brown

Get it ? Cause it goes up your butt ? This gorgeous ~objet~ deserves a high space on your self-pleasure altar. Check out the rest of the methamphetamine dildo at this craftsman ’ second memory, it ’ s one to keep open in your tabs all class long .

Your spooky, but you #LiveLaughLove

( It ’ s an evil laugh. ) besides, how cute are these for thine boo-bies ? Wear them to the strip club on H-ween night with the rest of the Rae Dunn ghoul.

Get off on the right foot 

Or the leave. Whatever is your pleasure. This off-brand Vajankle penis masturbator has been branded into my brain, so nowadays it has to be in your brain, besides. If you ’ re into feet, this is actually your season .

For a little torture chamber roleplay

Igor, what ’ south our safe password ? If you and your hunny are into sense play, Doc Johnson makes a top-rated electro-rod. “ It makes a fantastic ace which is possibly the scariest part, ” writes one commentator, “ and the actual shocks are not besides a lot. A unmarried charged zap is capital fun. ” And have you ever tried a Wartenberg bicycle ? If you ’ re into ASMR or have constantly loved light, barbed massage tools, this introductory-level wheel can open you up to a whole earth of liberalization both in and outside of lupus erythematosus bedroom .

House of wax

Would you like to be dripped upon like an 800-year-old chandelier owned by an opera house haunt ? Of course you would. In all earnestness, candle gambling is a actually special separate of sex magic that can in truth improve your intuitive kinship with closeness and the body .

Because it’s cuffing season

Handcuffs are such a classical, and this crimson, faux-fur set would be perfect for doubling up as a Halloween costume accessory. even when the skittish season is long gone, you can hang these bad boys on your bedpost. so hot. besides, does anyone even have bed posts anymore ? Just a think .

Cat got your tongue? 

How about your penis ? Like our downy handcuffs, these are the perfective subtly horny accessory that can level up your Catwoman costume, and be brought into the bedroom .

Headbangers Ball(s)

think of it as a everlastingly blunder. This skeletal dildo is a work of skittish art, and its wide face of a basis makes it an ideal hunch and grinding sexual activity toy dog. In the words of one reviewer, “ ​​It ‘s goth and cute ! I ca n’t wait to shove this skull up my loot. ”

Children of the corn

few places lend themselves to Halloween energy better than the Midwest. There ’ south just something about a cornfield that gets us in a creepy temper, and something about a corn on the hazelnut dildo that makes us want to spank the bank on a haunted tractor .

For a great gag gift 

Pumpkin Spice Latte ? Pffft. You have your hands—and your mouth—full with a meatier gourd this season . happy ghost season, Halloweeners . The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this narrative .

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