ANYONE who ’ s hear Angelina Jolie rave about her husband ’ second charms can guess Billy Bob Thornton has something special.Halle Berry doesn ’ t have to guess .
“ He ’ randomness very aphrodisiac, ” Berry says of her co-star in the approaching “ Monster ’ s Ball. ”
“ I think he ’ s big, absolutely, but his arouse appeal comes from something else – the way he looks at you, the means he takes you in. He makes everyone feel special ; he takes the time to talk to you and look at you. ”
“ Vanilla Sky ” brings together real-life lovers Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise, and “ Ocean ’ s Eleven ” paired George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

But neither couple produced the kind of sparks that flew when Berry and Thornton hit the sheets .
Their fit was filmed on a close set and the result footage was sol hot that a hour ’ south worth had to be cut to avoid an NC-17 rate .
even film director Marc Forster was blown away. “ I felt like I was watching two people who had no idea they were being watched, ” he said .
The savageness with which the two characters tear off each other ’ sulfur clothes and fall naked to the floor in a frantic, bibulous yoke has left early-screening audiences feeling about uncomfortably voyeuristic, besides .
“ Those characters are getting their needs filled, ” Berry told The Post during a quick travel to New York to promote the film, which is already garnering critical acclaim leading up to its Dec. 26 free .
Berry plays Letitia, the wife of a death-row prisoner ( played by Sean “ Puffy ” Combs ), and Thornton is Hank, the emotionally scarred prison guard who executed him .
“ It ’ s polar opposites sometimes that make the best chemistry, ” said Berry. “ That ’ s what was displayed in the movie. ”
Berry says the fact that both stars are secure in their marriages helped them leave their inhibitions at the doorway .
“ I didn ’ thymine feel like [ Thornton ] would use this scenery as a way to exploit the situation and take advantage of me, and I don ’ thyroxine think he felt that, either, ” she said .
Berry says she and Thornton “ got very close up very fast ” during the 21-day inject.

still, Thornton insists Jolie wasn ’ t covetous. “ She and I have a real potent relationship, and we ’ re the best friends in the worldly concern, ” he told The Post .
Berry ’ randomness husband of a year, singer Eric Benet, was a different floor .
“ I had a screening just for him to let him deal with it, ” Berry admits. “ At the end of the day, he was able to say, ‘ I ’ m actually gallant of you for the risk you took. ’ But then he said, ‘ But I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like seeing you with another man like that ! ’ “
The 33-year-old actress says her ill-famed “ three-second dumbbell shoot ” inverse Hugh Jackman in this class ’ south “ Swordfish ” prepped her for this function .
“ If I hadn ’ triiodothyronine done that and been over it, when I got to the love scene in the ‘ Monster ’ s Ball ’ script, I would have stopped reading and said, ‘ not for me. ’ “
As it was, she couldn ’ t put the script down. “ I was shocked ; I was riveted ; I was moved, sad, angry, ” she says. “ I felt I could wholly relate to this charwoman character – she was firm, however very vulnerable ; she was angry, but very fragile ; she went on a travel and, at the end, through her doggedness and military capability, she bettered her biography .
“ At that here and now, I called up my director and said, ‘ Let the fight begin ! I want this. ’ “
And she did have a competitiveness on her hands to convince Forster that, despite her many glamorous roles in mainstream blockbusters, she could get down and dirty in a sparse, shoestring-budget film that veers from tender to shockingly barbarous .
ironically, the A-lister – who weathered rumors that she ’ five hundred demanded a $ 300,000 bonus to take her top off in “ Swordfish ” – says she walked away from “ Monster ’ s Ball ” with just $ 5,000 .
Berry, who is about to start filming the “ X-men ” sequel and is negotiating to play a villain in the adjacent James Bond film, besides walked away believing she had given a career-changing performance.

last week, she snagged the National Board of Review ’ sulfur Best Actress award for the function and she ’ randomness in a potent position for the Oscar race .
Asked what an Academy Award would mean to her, in unhorse of the years she spent struggling for recognition as a black actress in Hollywood, she bows her head .
When she looks up, her eyes are brimming with tears. “ It would mean a lot, ” she says simply .

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