20 Ways to Talk Dirty to Him Tonight

Frisky Friday: 20 Ways to Talk Dirty Tonight

At first, talking dirty can feel awkward, bungling or even embarrass. But once you realize it ’ s just extra, aphrodisiac level of communication with your world it can heat your intimate life up more than you always imagined .
Try one of these 20 blue phrases next meter you ’ re in the temper. Or, if there ’ s a darling dirty idiom you like to use share it with us in the comments…
Fantasy Play. Cuddle up on a lonely park bench and tell him your deep, sexy fantasies. Get specific. Where are you ? How is the temper ? What put are you in ? Where are his hands ? Where is his mouth ?

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We Miss You. Send a muggy photograph of yourself bare-breasted to your over-worked boyfriend, putting in late hours at the office. Let the caption take, “ Bet you haven ’ triiodothyronine seen these in a while ! ”
Laundry Day. Put a aphrodisiac spin on laundry day and take a cue from Eartha Kitt in “ Boomerang ” when you tell your man, “ I don ’ t have any panties on. ” Watch him loose it .
Anytime, Anyplace. The next time you and your guy are at a supporter ’ sulfur house party, take him into the spare bedroom and tell him how badly you want him right here and right immediately. Show a little hide to let him know you intend occupation .
Bathroom Buddies. Corner your raw ridicule while you ’ re out at a party and whisper, “ The bathroom downstairs is unoccupied, ” with a flirty grin. That ’ s all the dirty lecture he ’ ll need to start a steaming public toilet makeout seance.
Game Time. As airheaded as it sounds, men frequently just want to hear you talk about what ’ s going on in the here and now. Fill in the blanks : “ Your big ____ is ______ to my ________. ”
Design of the Times. After your following smasher appointment, lean into your man and tell him, “ I got a new design with my bikini wax. I can ’ metric ton delay to show it to you. ”
Tonight It’s All About Me. Take charge with your dirty lecture. Tell him what you want him to do to your consistency, how you want it and make indisputable he follows instructions. For example : “ I want you to lay me down on the bed, kiss my neck, move a fiddling lower, a little lower… ”
Get In Touch. Reach in between his legs and tell him you love his member .
Get Ready. When you ’ re out with your girls, getting cook to head dwelling to your smasher, send him a text message that reads, “ I ’ molarity on my means home and I can ’ triiodothyronine wait to touch you all over when I get there. Are you quick for all of this ? ” Oh he ’ ll be ready.

Talk To Me. In your breathiest, Jessica Rabbit-style voice, ask him to tell you what he wants you to do to his body and how he wants it. He ’ ll be so happy you did.
Talented Guy. If your ridicule knows what he ’ s doing in layer tell how much you appreciate it. “ Oh my gosh ! That thing you did last time with your tongue — un-freaking-believable ! ” He ’ ll be quite inclined to do it again .
Dirty Thoughts. While you ’ re out running errands with your guy, tell him, “ I haven ’ thymine been able to stop thinking about the last time you came over. How you had my back up against the wall like that. ” end it with a trench sigh .
Downtown. Wake up in the dawn, slide seductively on top of your man get equally close as you can to his boldness and tell him, “ I ’ megabyte going to go down on you for a identical, identical long time. ”
Let’s Go. Things are heating up with you and your boo while your out at a loiter on Friday night. Without separating your lips from his distinguish him, “ Take me home right field now. ”
Touch Me Tease Me. As the climate heats up with you and your man, grab his hand, guide it between your legs and ask him, “ Do you feel how hot I am for you ? ”
Don’t Stop. sometimes all men want is a small reassurance that they ’ ra doing a good occupation. Let him know if he ’ sulfur hitting the spot with, “ Holy stool ! That feels indeed perplex ! Whatever you do, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop. ”
Climax. The go-to, “ Oh my gosh ! I ’ meter coming ! I ’ m coming ! ” can never be over-used — unless of course you ’ re faking it .
Baby, You ’ re the Best. Doesn ’ t it feel well to turn to your man after a hot school term, still floating in your sexual activity haze, and say, “ Baby, that was the best I ’ ve always had, ” and mean it .
I Want More. Let him know you want an encore by saying, “ end night was so good, I want to do it again. ”

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