Questions to See if Crush Likes You

A few foreign things happen when you develop a fresh crushed leather : You ca n’t fall asleep without envisioning your future wedding, your tongue seems to swell up anytime you ‘re within their vicinity, and making casual conversations feels low-key impossible. But here ‘s a hint : Asking a few truly, in truth good questions can help break the methamphetamine and ignite the back-and-forth banter we all love when getting to know person .

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That said, you ca n’t just ask any question though. You have to be crafty when digging for information from your crush. You need the questions to be deep adequate that you can get to know them, establish a association, or test the waters to see if they ‘re into you adenine well, explains Carmel Jones, a relationship coach and sex technical at The Big Fling. But you besides do n’t want to come across like you ‘re interviewing them for a job. so to help you on this travel, we ‘ve come up with the best, juiciest conversation-starting questions to ask your beat the future time you want to chat. Thank me late .

1. “If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?”

This Q builds curiosity and exploration, which is why accredited marriage and syndicate therapist Payal Patel loves this interrogate. Pay care to what they would love to do if they didn ’ t have fiscal restrictions, which can indicate what they value and how they truly enjoy spending their complimentary time .

2. “What is one rule you really enjoy breaking?”

“ Breaking rules is sexy and forbidden, but there ’ s a restrict, ” says psychologist Kassandra Heap. possibly they like sneaking an extra sample at Costco or speeding on their direction home plate from work. This wonder not lone gives you a glance at where your squash ’ second moral compass lies, but it will besides help you determined whether it aligns with yours ( which can seriously alleviate future, potential disagreements ) .

3. “Your kidnappers would return you for talking about _________ for 2 hours”

not lone is this question a singular means to mix things up, but Heap says it ’ s besides a great direction to tap into your crush ’ s hobbies. “ It ’ s constantly fun to hear person spill the beans about something they are passionate about, and it gives you a glimpse of the type of things they find interest, ” she explains .

4. “What’s the one place you have to travel to before you die?”

many people grow individually by traveling and learning about different cultures, says Patel, which is why uncovering whether or not your crush is more of an internet explorer or stay-at-home is pretty major. obviously, if you like to travel, you ’ ll want to know if your oppress will be down to area hop, but chances are if they prize taking trips, it shows they ’ re down to veer outside of their comfort zone and enjoy being adventurous .

5. “If you had to eat the same meal every day for the rest of your life, what would you eat?”

First of all, talking about food is always matter to, and the convo might flush end with both of you getting then hungry you order Taco Bell. yay ! More importantly, however, is how your oppress answers this question, says Heap. “ Are they responding in a thoughtful, curious, or engaged way ? Or are they responding in a dismissive, casual or disengage manner ? ” She asks. “ If they aren ’ metric ton will to play along, that means something. ” If they ’ re giving you nothing answers, it ’ s a gestural they might not be as bet on for playful convos/experience, which could make future road trips superrrr boring .

6. “If your life was a TV show, what would the theme song be?”

This is so much more fun—and meaningful—than asking person what their favorite song is. Would their show be a play ? A situation comedy ? A limited series ? And is the hatchway music lively and bouncing or more sorrowful and big small Lies-ish ? This shines some clean not only on what tunes your jam listens to but how they view the report of their life. Deep, correct ?

7. “Have you ever been to therapy?”

obviously you ’ ll very want to read the site before jumping into this doubt since it ’ s a bit profoundly, but Patel says if the temper is right, this Q can be extremely knock-down and distinguish. “ therapy shows they ’ rhenium not afraid to seek serve and they ’ ve opened up a space for individual growth, ” explains Patel. “ People tend to go to therapy to become better versions of themselves, and that carries over into any relationship. ”

8. “What’s something you’re really looking forward to?”

Whether or not you asked the deeper therapy interview, asking some Qs that are positively framed can create a more relax and enjoyable conversation, says Heap. “ Being on the receiving end of besides many serious and intense questions can feel like an interview, ” she explains. “ Lighten up the conversation with a few questions like this to create a comfortable air between you and your break down. ”

9. “What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?”

If you want to sniff out some loss flags ( or hopefully miss thereof ), Heap says asking about bad dates is a solid place to start. “ This question is a must because it gives you an mind of what person considers characteristics of a bad date and in turn a non-ideal collaborator, ” she explains. “ It besides tells you in the inverse what they think is a dear date. ”

10. “What’s your favorite story to tell about your best friend?”

One of the easiest ways to get person to open up about themselves is for them to talk about, well, not themselves. “ This interrogate lets you know what sorts of things your puppy love admires in others, ” Heap explains. “ besides, we ’ re often the sum of the company we keep, so you can assume your crush has behaved in similar ways as their best friend in their history, ” or at least cheered on their behavior .

11. “Who is your celebrity crush?”

This question lets you get a sense of their taste in early people and the things they find both ideal and attractive, says Jones. It does n’t have to be ace courtly when you ask—you can bring up an artist or movie star you actually like, and then pivot from that to, “ They ‘re my celeb oppress, who ‘s yours ? ” Ya feel ? Sneaky !

12. “What’s your biggest turn-off?”

Or what behaviors can they absolutely not stand ? “ a authoritative as it is to learn what they are attracted to, you ‘ll besides want to know what turns them off, ” adds Jones. Again, feel unblock to couch this like a rando celeb opinion of yours. “ I ca n’t stand Leo DiCaprio, ” you say, and when they ask why, you can be like, “ He ‘s a stag party, which I just ca n’t vibe with. Who ‘s your Leo ? ” Sneaky platinum. 2 !

13. “What was your first impression of me?”

There ‘s a find that your break down ‘s first depression of you was actually that you were crushing on them, but however, it ‘s a big opportunity to figure out what they think about you, according to Jones. Set it up like, “ People always think I ‘m super shy, but I ‘m not, ” or vice-versa, submarine in any adjective for shy. then they ‘ll credibly offer up a rejection or avowal about your argument, or you can press them like, “ What did you think ? ”

14. “Do you like huge parties or would you rather spend time in a small group/alone?”

Figuring out if your crush is an invaginate or extrovert can make judging your potential compatibility direction easier. If you absolutely must go out five nights a week and they ‘re the kind who does n’t leave the firm unless absolutely forced, it miiiiiight not be a great equal. Being able to suss out your squash ‘s comfortability in social situations and how they recharge means you can besides make them comfier in the future, according to Jones. If you know they ‘re shy, possibly do n’t go for the OTT, public announcement of love in front of all your common friends, but if they are, do it !

15. “What’s something weird that you find attractive?”

possibly it ‘s something physical like elbows, or possibly it ‘s more abstract like when person is volition to take one for the team in a group setting or something. Everyone has weird things they ‘re into that are n’t inevitably, “ universally attractive, ” explains Jones, but getting to know these quirks are helpful in seeing what your oppress values and for your future relationship .

16. “What’s the best gift you’ve ever received and who was it from?”

not lone is this primo intel for any future endow you ‘ll be doing if you become a happy couple, it besides tells you what and who matters most to your crush, says Jones. Was it a rando give from an acquaintance where just the thinking was what counted ? Or was it a extremely elaborate gift from their BFF ?

17. “What’s one rule to live by?”

Get a feel of what they value most in biography and what they consider to be crucial life lessons with this one, explains Jones. Is it to constantly treat others with kindness ? Is it that they should do no injury ? There are no wrong answers here, and the penetration, even aside from them being your crush, will likely stay with you, merely because it ‘s an concern question most people do n’t get asked .

18. “What’s your biggest fear?”

The answer could be anything from spiders, to death, to heights, to ghosts. This question gives you outer space to bond over something, even if you ‘re not afraid of the like thing. “ Secrets and fears tend to strengthen the bonds between people, ” Jones says .

19. “Who are you closest to in your family?”

This lets you learn about your jam ‘s family history but besides opens the door for lots of constituent follow-ups, according to Jones. If they say they ‘re closest to their ma because she ‘s the kind, you can ask for an exercise or their front-runner memory of their ma being the saint that she is. If it ‘s their sibling, ask why. If it ‘s their grandma because she ‘s nonindulgent but wise, ask for more deets. You get the painting. People like talking about their families normally, so you ‘re opening a door to let them talk that they ‘ll probs appreciate .

20. “Do you want to be in a relationship right now?”

Yeah, most questions you ‘ll wan sodium ask your squash are n’t yes or no questions, but this is the one exception. “ Your time is valuable and if they say no, you might want to re-evaluate whether or not the pursuit is worth that meter, ” says Jones. If you ‘re looking for an easier room to thread this into the convo, attempt bringing up how you ‘re simply exhausted of dating and considering taking a break from everything. then you can segue into asking them, “ How about you, are you dating ? Do you want to be dating correct now ? ”

21. “When was your last relationship?”

Piggybacking off the courteous lil segue into ~dating~ as a subject that # 5 just opened up for you, you can press a bit further and get the scoop on their stopping point relationship, why it ended, and more. This doubt is a goldmine, says Shelly Kessinger, LPC, of Friendswood Marriage Counseling, as it can help you understand who this person is and how they operate in relationships. not only will it tell you how much time has passed since their last relationship and get a timeline ( precisely what you ‘re asking for on the surface ), it ‘ll besides help ease you into the following two questions which get increasingly harder and are n’t a simpleton to answer .

22. “Why did it end?”

next, you can get some deets on why the relationship ended. You can gain insight on everything from whether or not they ‘re self-conscious adequate to notice patterns in their relationships, if they refer to their antique as “ crazy ” ( bolshevik masthead : beware the person who calls their antique crazy as they might do the lapp for you ). Through this interview, you can get a sense of their perspective and see how they are talking about it. “ Do they seem hush angry ? Bitter ? Relieved ? Annoyed ? This can be helpful to see how emotionally available they are, angstrom well as hold you an mind of what their dealbreakers are, ” adds Kessinger .

23. “Do you think you’re over your ex?”

For the pièce de résistance, ask this question to see if they ‘re truly cook for a relationship. “ The obvious answer is, ‘Yes, I ‘m over my ex-husband, ‘ but there is an opportunity for self contemplation, self awareness, ” says Kessinger. This question gives them space to communicate their feelings to you, and flush possibly segue into how great you are. The key here is to listen for bitterness, resentment, and annoyance when they answer, Kessinger says. “ The way they answer is just deoxyadenosine monophosphate crucial as what they actually say. ”

24. “What’s your love language?”

If you do n’t know your love speech, get on it pronto ! Learning your oppress ‘s beloved lyric opens the door to allowing a deeper connection without emotionally exposing yourself excessively soon, explains Chloé Miller, laminitis and CEO of “ And, Swipe Right, ” a Chicago go steady consultancy. “ This is how people have those ‘they merely get me ‘ clicking relationships, ” she adds. “ Communicating in the other person ‘s ‘language ‘ makes them feel seen, heard, and emotionally validated. It ‘s flatter, deepens your bond, and because it ‘s enjoyed, [ they ‘ll ] be back for more. ”

25. “What do you do to relax?”

Everyone ‘s got a different direction to recharge, and exchangeable to finding out if they ‘re an invaginate or extrovert, seeing if you ‘re on the lapp page about how you both re-up your batteries can be something you shackle over. If you both love something like like going to yoga, you can even take this as an opportunity to go together, adds Miller. It does n’t have to be a date-date either if you ‘re not at this degree yet, just “ going together ” can establish the seed in their head that it might be fun to hang with you outside of your normal interactions .

26. “What’s a typical Saturday look like for you?”

Adding another layer to the “ what do you do for fun, ” question, this one lets you besides get more penetration into who the person is. This question can besides surface dealbreakers, says Miller. Do they spend about every Saturday catching up on make ? And if sol, are you okay dating a workaholic ?

27. “When it comes to priorities like work, life, family, and friends, how does each rank compared to the others?”

This question is bad because if you do n’t align on the crucial stuff, it might be a signal that it ‘s time to nip this crush in the bud and settle for being friends. however, if you find rather that you have commonalities in your ways of think and prioritize, “ bring these up in conversation and emphasize your values and how important each is to you, ” suggests Miller. “ Values are great to alliance over as it defines a person ‘s character. ”

28. “How would you spend an ideal fake sick day?”

If person does spend every Saturday working out of obligation, what do they want to do for fun ? This lets you know how your crush would plan a conjectural frivolous day off, and it ‘s besides super fun to hear about. “ If you bring up fun ideas, it ‘s a new bonding point for you two and the conversation good keeps getting better, ” Miller says .

29. “Are you a dog or cat person?”

This is besides another exception to the “ no one-word answers ” rule, as people have VERY strong opinions on this baby, and you ‘ll def be going back and away for a while on it. “ This is a amazingly polarize interview and it ‘s good to have an public opinion, ” says Miller. It might be a apparently innocent and superficial subject, but remember of the ways you can build conversation around this. “ Funny memes, cunning videos, heartwarming stories … the item here is to bail on something that keeps you two chatting IRL and on-line. ”

30. “What’s your most embarrassing moment?”

The point of this question is n’t so much to use the information that they share, but to get them to laugh — the bigger the belly laugh, the better. genuine laughter releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which increases emotional connection, and makes it more probably for you both to stay engaged in convo long, according to Indigo Stray Conger, an AASECT certified sex therapist based in Colorado .
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