The Type Of Woman Most Likely To Try Anal Sex

While anal sex may seem like the erotic secret to mind-bending pleasure that no one likes to talk about come out of the closet loud, a team of researchers from the University of Washington, the University of Chicago, and the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, found that there are women who are bequeath to try it at least once. What ‘s even more bewitching is that there seem to be specific types of women who are more uncoerced to open the back doorway than others .

Do women like anal sex?

While all women are different and so answers will of naturally vary by individual, research indicates that many women do enjoy anal sex.

In a learn that analyzed data from the National Survey of Family Growth, 10,463 straight, sexually active agent women between the ages of 15 and 44 were asked if they ‘d always tried anal arouse. Researchers found that 36.3 % of the women polled said they ‘ve tried anal sex a least once in their lives. however, it did n’t seem like their go-to sexual bodily process, as only 13.2 % said they had anal sexual activity within the last 12 months. But there was a vogue in the types of women who were most likely to be interesred in trying anal arouse. “ Women in their twenties who had no religious affiliation, and higher levels of income and education were the most likely to try anal, ” the study found. married women or women living with their significant others were more probably to try it than one women. Why might this be indeed ? Most bespeak they were trying to spice things up in the bedroom. Being in a long-run relationship was n’t the lone life style form that researchers saw in women who were into anal arouse.

Women were more likely to have anal sex if they ‘ve “ had sexual activity with women, had an unintentional pregnancy, lost her virginity before the age of 16, and had been treated for a sexually convey infection in the by year. ” Women who were “ wifed up ” and unreligious did prove to be more probably to try anal then women in any early circumstance .

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Hey You ! Want more of YourTango ‘s best articles, seriously addictive horoscopes and top expert advice ? Sign up to get our dislodge casual newsletter ! The cogitation besides showed that “ women were significantly less probable to use condoms for anal sex than vaginal sex, putting them at a greater risk for contracting an STI. ” Yes, anal sex will decrease your chances of getting meaning. Yes, it ‘s big to keep trying new tricks in the bedroom. however, there ‘s constantly the risk of contracting an STI whether you ‘re having sexual intercourse anally and vaginally, so be prepare and do some inquiry before giving anal sexual activity a fail.

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