My girlfriend showed me old sex tape videos on her phone and I asked her to delete them.

My girlfriend showed me two videos of her having sex with two different guys, showing me the difference of how one was better at it than the early … After seeing these videos I had a deep ghastly impression in my digest and my heart was racing and I had the first panic approach I ‘ve had in a long time. I kept it under see and breathed though it in the shower, but the image of these videos are ingrained in my head now. She told me she sells these videos and I asked her to delete them which she immediately was okay with. She ‘s identical sympathy but I ‘m having fuss understanding what it is I felt from seeing that. Is it okay that I asked her to delete all these videos ( she had more ) or am I just trippin for nothing ? I actually love her and I think that might be why I felt brainsick, seeing her with other men fair made me feel profoundly pale.

edit 1 : just needed to make it known that to her, these videos are just content to sell and she asked if she could show me before she actually did. She ‘s a fantastic person and has no aroused fastening to these videos. They just made me feel sick. besides she deleted e every one video equitable for me so that ‘s pretty chill .
edit 2 : Did n’t expect this to get vitamin a much attention as it did but thanks for all the comments and help. And all the funny/degrading comments about my gf LMAO I authentically find it hilarious so thanks all you trolls I love you guys ; ) still have so far to read all y’all ‘s comments but I ‘ll read them when I ‘m home

edit 3 : I appreciate every perspective, the ones giving thought out advice, the ones saying these are loss flags, and even the ones saying she belongs to the streets and I should leave her. I expected this post to get possibly 20 comments soap, then thanks for all the opinions and we ‘ll thought out perspectives. There is more context to the site and she did not just show me to spite me. We are silent figuring each other out and she ‘s prove to me that we are compatible. Of course time will tell if this is the event but my intuition is telling me to stay. As for the “ You love her ? After alone a month ? ? ” Comments, I do realize that it can seem like I get attached easily but I in truth do not … It is rare that I would let myself fall in sleep together with person indeed promptly because of my past experiences that created entrust issues. But sometimes you just find that rare person that fits you so well and you end up feeling a certain way about them quicker than common. We have had a lot more experiences in concert than I thought we would in such a shortstop sum of prison term knowing each other, but I realize we have a batch more to experience.

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