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SD 39 - Nikema Williams Congresswoman Nikema Williams
Elected to serve Georgia ’ s Fifth Congressional District in 2020, eight years after being a member of the foremost WLA class. Georgia Senator from District 39 from 2017-20. In 2019, became the first base black woman to serve as Chair Georgia Democratic Party .

Tybee City Councilwoman Nancy Devetter
Devetter is a member of the Tybee Island City Council where she has resided with her husband and two young children since 2013. According to Nancy, the most beneficial partially of being in WLA came from the relationships and support network formed in classify. “ Being surrounded by like-minded women who believe in running for office has been then valuable, ” she says .

Western Judicial Circuit District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez
The western Judicial Circuit spans Athens-Clarke and Oconee counties, which Gonzalez represents with pride. “ WLA was implemental in terms of the educate that I took with them, the network, and the sisterhood we created with the other women who were in my class. My favored thing was meeting the women, for me it was truly such a great opportunity to be with other women who felt the same way I did and that we needed to do something, ” Gonzalez says on her WLA know .

Former HD 99 Rep.  Brenda Lopez

Became the first WLA calibrate and beginning Latina to serve in the Georgia General Assembly when elected in 2016 for the beginning of two terms. An immigration lawyer, she was a penis of the 2015 WLA class and has received numerous awards for her community service and inclusive leadership style for mentoring early young leaders .

DeKalb County Sheriff Melody Maddox
Sheriff Maddox has 20+ years of jurisprudence enforcement know and is the first female elected sheriff of DeKalb County. “ As women, we are natural-born leaders. WLA is an environment which validates a woman ’ s ability to not only lead but lead in areas with a history where women are underrepresented, ” Maddox said, noting WLA helped shape her to become the sheriff of DeKalb County .

Jen Jordan

Senator Jen Jordan, SD 6
graduate of the 2012 WLA class, Senator Jordan flipped Senate District 6, a longtime Republican stronghold, during the 2017 special elections. She won re-election in 2018 and is presently serving her second term during the 2019 Legislative school term

HD 50 - Angelika Kausche
Representative Angelika Kausche, HD 50
Rep. Kausche graduated in the 2018 WLA class and flipped a long time Republican district. Rep. Kausche is the beginning Democrat to serve in HD 50 and is besides the first German-born immigrant to be elected to Georgia ’ sulfur legislature

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other noteworthy WLA Alum :

  • Rebecca Mitchell – elected state rep in 2020
  • College Park Mayor Bianca Motley Broom
  • Savannah District Attorney Shalena Cook 2019 Class
  • Nikki  Merritt – Class of 2019
  • Zulma Lopez – Class of 2019
  • Kim Jackson – Class of 2017
  • Jacquie Bettadapur – Cobb County Democratic Party Chair
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