What It’s Really Like To Have Sex With A Gemini

Gemini men and women, born between May 21 and June 21, are know for having a means with words, and this is precisely one of their stellar personality traits that carries over to the bedroom. many born under this most oral of all zodiac signs claim they can literally be talked to orgasm, or that they can chat their partners to nirvana. Let it be known that Geminis are dirty talkers and are known to elevate talking dirty to an art human body. They ‘re therefore well at it that it ‘s unmanageable for partners to compete !

But if you ‘re trying to learn how to have bang-up sex with a Gemini, do n’t worry. They ‘ll appreciate your efforts to keep up, even if your naughty prose is nowhere approximate as creative ( or downright filthy ) as theirs is. Filthy philosophize just seems to effortlessly spill from between their lips. In fact, after the hotness of the moment has passed, they ‘re apt to be a little abashed about what they said .

Here’s what it’s like to have sex with a Gemini.

Gemini women are amazing kissers.

Speaking of lips, Gemini tend to identical gifted at snog. They will treat lovers to twists of the tongue they never imagined. Lip locks with one the Twins is guaranteed to curl your toes, straighten your hair and tie your knickers in a bow .

Geminis are highly skilled at oral sex.

They ‘re therefore antic at oral sex that you might think they have two tongues. In a sense, they do. not lone are Gems artful at cunnilingus and fellatio, but they supremely enjoy performing the act — so much so that they might actually prefer giving a bit more than getting. Do n’t be insulted if your Gemini partner would quite give than receive. It ‘s just in their nature, so go with it. Believe it or not, they get off on you getting off about equally much as you do .

Gemini’s lovemaking is varied, energetic and creative.

Be prepared for an enjoyable tomboy when you bed a Gemini. They ‘re curious about all kinds of sexual construction, are normally game for anything and are will to try out something newfangled. This is one reason they ‘re comfortable and convinced in threesomes, specially trios which include two same-sex partners. Again, this is due to the twin aspect of their Sun sign .

Geminis find role-playing to be fulfilling.

Role-playing games can be highly fulfilling with a Gemini since they are imaginative and fun-loving. But be certain that the scenarios are varied. Geminis are well bored with the same old scenario, evening in illusion. Keep a storehouse of ideas, props and costumes on hand for any role-playing forays. They can only reenact “ the cheerleader and the football star ” thus many times before wanting to branch off into “ the headmaster and the blue student. ” And one guess who likes to be the top …

Geminis enjoy talking during sex.

A downside to Gemini ‘s “ oral obsession ” might be their inclination to break out into a drawn-out treatise in the middle of sex. To them, speak is good extended foreplay — it turns them on. But no worries, they ‘re easily redirected. sometimes a hard, passionate kiss on the mouth is all it takes to shut them up and get your point across .

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How to Have Great Sex with a Gemini

Although Geminis are animal individuals, they ‘re generally more driven by their intellectual than by their desires. Some may even over-think sex to the point of beguilement so that it disturbs their use of the act. Their hyperactive mind might be so pronounce that it interferes with a man ‘s ability to sustain an erection and with a womanhood ‘s capacity to climax. A good intimate spouse for Gemini is person who can handle their over-active take care, and easily distract them with something much more tickling. Remedying the site could just be an case of heed over matter. In most cases, the Gemini leaning to constantly examine the “ what if ‘s ” and “ buts ” in animation does n’t sneak into the bedroom, but when it does, be sure to keep their interest. Because with a Gemini, you are practically guaranteed an heedful, playful fan.

Ariella Moonstone has been a sought astrologer for several decades, counting many recognizable names among her private clientele. Vivian Woodley, MA/MFT, has been a accredited therapist for more than 20 years, specializing in issues related to sex. Their book, The Astrology Sex Diet, is available on Amazon .

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