Most Embarrassing Moments In Bed

The big matter about arouse ( besides the orgasm, of course ) is that if you make a mistake or something awkward happens, you can constantly laugh about it late. Have you ever given a blow job in an Uber and lost your intrude ring ? What about doing it in a J.Crew bathroom while the dress accompaniment was right outside ? No ? well these substantial women have—and they ‘re uncoerced to share their funniest stories with you. Trust me, you ‘re in for a laugh. If you ‘re not either in tears after reading this or ready to risk some jail time during your following sexual meet, read it again. These 50 women have risked it all for The Big O … you might want to try it erstwhile. This contented is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the same capacity in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web web site.

“ We can roll with it, or you can let me borrow your razor. ”

“ I was hooking up with this fellow for months, but it was n’t consistent, so when I went over to his topographic point I realized when I got there that I was not, let ‘s barely say, 100-percent prepared down there. I explained the situation to the dandy and gave him two options. ‘We can roll with it, or you can let me borrow your razor, with a wholly newly razor head ‘ ( because duh, bacteria ! ). He opted for the second base choice. And I hopped in the shower, still drunk, and shaved everything. How I did n’t slip in the shower or cut myself while drink in is beyond me, but mission accomplished … and the sex after was actually the best ever with that guy, so yea ! ” —Heather R., 26

“ I actually started to pass out. ”

“ I was hooking up with a guy and I didn ’ t consume much that day. When we got in the shower to have sex, I actually started to pass out. The guy had to help me out of the exhibitor, dry me off, and basically became my doctor. I was therefore obstruct. ” —Emily B., 24

“ Turns out, he had a wholly child. ”

“ I was hooking up with this guy for about three months, but he would constantly come to my station since I lived near the town center with all the bars. But one night, I finally went to his house to hookup, and when I went to bathroom to clean up subsequently, I noticed a bunch together of kids clothes on the floor and a modest toothbrush. Turns out, he had an whole child. Three months and I never knew ! ” —Melanie C., 24

“ This man had popped a couple of Tic Tacs while he was down there. ”

“ I was hooking up with this guy who did n’t like giving oral. But I pushed him on it, because equality, and he finally agreed to give it a judge. ampere soon as he got started, I remember feeling something wyrd down there tingling and burning. I soon realized that this man had popped a match of Tic Tacs in while he was down there without letting me know. WTH, fellow ? ! ” —Isabelle M., 26

“ obviously his cock was burning. Sorry to this man. ”

“ I was making this piquant stew recipe on-line that called for a bunch of habañeros. I washed my hands pretty well, but I guess they silent had pepper on them, because later that night when I was giving a guy a hand job, he started making funny story noises and started shout, ‘Oww, owww. ‘ apparently, his dick was burning. Sorry to this man. ” —Ilena B., 26

“ I couldn ’ thyroxine aid but try to solve the mathematics trouble. ”

“ The first time I had sex with my eminent school boyfriend, we were at his parents ‘ house entirely. We went up to his room, and he laid me down on the bed. But just as he put it in, I looked up at the ceiling and noticed he had derivative instrument mathematics equations taped there. The stallion clock, I couldn ’ triiodothyronine avail but try to solve the mathematics trouble. I told him this was n’t going to work for me and we went out for pizza alternatively. ” –Ashley L., 24

“ I ‘ve never questioned my life choices more. ”

“ It was the night of my boyfriend ‘s brotherhood conventional. We were having a good meter when he asked me if I wanted to sneak away from the dance floor. We ran to the men ‘s toilet, picked a stall, and started having sex. That was, until three of his brothers came in to use the bathroom. They started chatting it up at the urinals. And we were merely in the stall, bare, trying to remain adenine quiet as potential. That ‘s when I snapped back into reality and realized how disgusting this toilet was. I ‘ve never questioned my life choices more. ” —Amber G., 24

“ That didn ’ thyroxine stop us from catching up in the laundry room. ”

“ One time at a house party, I spotted my beat walking in from across the room. We hadn ’ t talked in a while, but that didn ’ thymine stop us from catching up in the laundry room of our supporter ‘s house. We were literally having rough sexual activity in the laundry room while people knocked loudly on the door because they thought it was the bathroom. ” —Denise B., 25

“ He sat me on a random car parked in the alley. ”

“ When I first moved to Brooklyn, I came across a NSFW profile on Tumblr with this guy who was popular for the baggy oral sex he gives. So I was scrolling through his profile and came across a mail that said something like, ‘Repost this if you ’ re based in New York. ‘ so being new and unknown to the city, I said, hey, why the hell not … and messaged him. A day or sol former, we ended meeting up at a Mexican-themed bar. After a few margaritas, we went to a restaurant. When we got to the booth, we instantaneously began making out and um … exploring each other ’ s bodies. So we slipped out before the waiter came back and went into the bowling alley correct adjacent to the bar. He sat me on a random car parked in the alley and showed me precisely how he became so Tumblr celebrated. ” —Sharice F., 25

“ Who knew Kyle sounds like Carl in German ? ”

“ I was studying overseas in Spain and met a in truth cute german guy while out one night. We had a big night together, but the next dawn, he told me I ’ five hundred been calling him the improper list the integral night. Who knew Kyle sounds like Carl in German ? ” —Elise C., 23

“ I asked if he wanted to join and soon I started making out with my coworkers date. ”

“ One Friday good afternoon in the position, my coworker was venting about not having been on a date in awhile. I motivated her to try her luck on Tinder. She finally met a guy she liked, they chatted for a morsel, and he asked her out. But he wanted to know if she had a friend for his ally in township. Of course, I agreed to be her wingwoman. We met up at a lounge and laughed the solid night. But my ally wanted to head home because she had employment the future dawn. “ After they dropped her off, I chose to stay and hang out with the two guys. initially, I was only dancing with the date I was set up with, but after a few curious punches, we were all taking turns dancing together. We took a break and went outside to cool off. Outside, me and my original date began making out. After we stopped, I noticed his friend was just standing there. I asked if he wanted to join and soon I started making out with my coworkers ‘ date. concisely after, we all went to a hotel and that ’ s the floor of my foremost trio. ” —Serena B., 25

“ It was the perfect one-flight stand. ”

“ I was on a 12-hour escape, and the ridicule next to me was reasonably cunning. I swear he was Ryan Gosling ‘s twin, and he was wearing an united states army uniform ( hard to resist, right ? ). We started talking, and a copulate of hours in, I was trying to fall asleep when he said I could rest my head on his lap to be more comfortable. So I did, but a couple minutes in, I could feel he was getting hard. So I started rubbing his cock. He put a blanket over my head so cipher around us could see, but I ‘m closely cocksure the womanhood on the other side of the aisle could tell what was happening, specially when I pulled down his slide fastener and started bobbing my head up and down. fortunately, he came reasonably promptly. We talked after the fledge up until baggage title and then never saw each other again. It was the perfective one-flight point of view. ” —Amber M., 28

“ I lost my nose closed chain in the Uber, and I kind of want it rear. ”

“ I gave a blow job to this guy in an Uber. It was incredibly hot and we ’ ve ended up hooking up several more times. But I lost my nose surround in the Uber, and I kind of wish it binding … but I ’ megabyte besides afraid to ask the Uber driver ’cause who knows what he saw back there ? ” —Rebekah M., 25

“ It was extremely wyrd looking at the tons of kin pictures on the wall. ”

“ It was my beginning hookup. We were making out on the frame, and after a while, he asked me if I wanted to go into the bedroom. I said yes, but then he lead me into his parents ’ bedroom ! I remember him saying he ’ d just constantly wanted to hook up on his parents ’ layer and they were out of township so we wouldn ’ t get caught. I just went with it, even though it was extremely weird looking at the tons of family pictures on the wall while we were getting it on. I gave my first blow job and hired hand job on the bed of some match who would come spinal column from vacation, fall into bed, and have no idea what happened in it a few days earlier. I truly hope he changed the sheets. ” —Sydney S., 25

“ As I was doing it, I noticed I wasn ’ triiodothyronine in truth getting any song feedback. ”

“ When I was in college, I was hooking up this guy who smoked a lot of weed. I mean, he was reasonably much high gear 24/7. I liked that he was actually frisson, but turns out, he might ’ ve been besides cool. One night we were having sexual activity, and he just stopped in the middle of it. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was merely besides eminent and run down. Being a generous spirit, I offered to give him a blow out job alternatively and he gladly accepted. As I was doing it, I noticed I wasn ’ metric ton in truth getting any song feedback or anything. I looked up and saw that he ’ d fallen asleep ! We stopped seeing each other after that. ” —Alice P., 26

“ We got naked in the fit room and got to it. ”

“ When I was dating my beginning boyfriend, we constantly talked about improper places to have arouse. He said he very wanted to have sex in a match room, so we decided to make that happen. I was sol nervous. I ’ d never had sex in a populace seat ! We spent some time fair walking around a J.Crew at the plaza and made up this whole floor to the staff about how we were trying to find him an kit for some particular occasion. finally, both of us went into the fitting room, making sure it was empty, and the staff didn ’ t cricket bat an eye. We got naked in the fitting room and got to it, all the while trying to make casual conversation with each other, so it didn ’ thyroxine seem leery. I never thought I ’ d say, ‘I think that shirt would look better with those pants, ‘ while person was literally inside me ! ” —Olivia M., 26

“ My friends and I couldn ’ t get away firm enough. ”

“ When I was in grad school, my friends and I were out on the township after a actually uncut week. I barely wanted to unwind and see what I could get into that nox. finally, this very cute ridicule and his friends came up to us while we were playing pool and the ridicule started chatting me up. I was interested, but he refused to tell me his appoint, which was a little fishy. But I was just looking to have playfulness, so I didn ’ t truly care. We were making out, and I was ready to go to his space that night to hook up. But for some reason, he started acting truly sketchy. That ‘s when he pulled out a bag of what I think was cocaine, told us he was a principal, and asked if we wanted to do some. My friends and I couldn ’ t get away fast enough. I badly dodged a bullet that night. ” —Trisha D., 27

“ I kept my principal polish, cock hush in mouth, until the seashore was clear. ”

“ One night, I decided to be adventurous. And while my boyfriend was driving on the highway, I unzipped his pants and started to give him a blow occupation. All was well and good until he started swerving a snatch. I guess he could n’t concentrate. That ‘s when he noticed a hook car trailing behind us. He told me the car was coming next to ours, so I kept my head down, dick inactive in mouth, until the coast was clear. When I came up for air out, we were both cracking up laughing. ” —Helen H., 25

“ then they told me that I was their peak choice to have a three with. ”

“ It was the night before my friend ‘s bachelor girl party, and I was staying at her and her fiancé ‘s theater. There had been batch of times in the past when she got drunk and started making out with me ( or whoever was around ), and her hubby-to-be never cared. So we were in their basement/entertainment room, playing games, and she and I were very tipsy. next thing I know, we were making out, and her fiancé literally started cheering. ‘Honey your dreams are coming truthful, ‘ he said. I stopped because I was entirely confused, and then they told me that I was their lead choice to have a trio with. I was like f*ck it, and we decided to do it. ” —Reagan T., 26

“ This man was basically a model. ”

“ A acquaintance of mine told me that a friend of his from Germany would be visiting the U.S. And since he would n’t be round, he wanted me to give him the grand NYC go. I actually ended up have a great clock with the guy, and one night after a few drinks, he came over and we hooked up. This man was basically a model and looked so pretty sleeping naked that I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate defy taking a photograph of him. I never talked to him again, but that photograph will one day be framed in black and white on my wall. ” —Kimberly L., 24

“ I ’ meter certain his bedside manner still sucks today. ”

“ I had been hooking up with this guy who was studying to be a doctor. I went over one night while I was kind of vomit and had a cough, but I was horny therefore I did n’t care. He was a doctor, anyhow, right ? I was certain he ‘d have some cold meds at has position. After we had sexual activity, I was fix to go to sleep and asked if he had some Robitussin or something. This man ‘s medicine cabinet was empty, and I was up all night coughing while he was passed TF out. I ’ thousand sure his bedside manner still sucks today. ” —Deidra N., 25

“ My torso flew to the back of the seat—hitting my drumhead hard, tits flailing. ”

“ It was our irregular date, and we went to go see thor : Ragnarok. As the trailers started rolling, he started making out with me. But I actually wanted to watch this movie, so I told him to chill until after. Movie ends and we head back to his car. He drives to a more seclude sphere in the park draw. And obviously things start happening. He fingers me and then I went down on him. We ‘re both about to move on to full-on sex when he screams. I pop my head up to see a creepy man outside our car in a trench coating. While I ‘m laughing my read/write head off, my date jumped over me to the driver ‘s seat and shifted the engine from park to drive. My torso flew to the back of the seat—hitting my heading hard, tits flailing. It was not good. gratuitous to say, we did not finish having sex. He was excessively scared the bad man in the trench coat would return. ” —Pamela L., 24

“ It was his girlfriend spang on the bedroom door. ”

“ I was ‘dating ‘ a football player at the time. He was popular and any, but he had a girlfriend. He told me she was terribly and treated him badly. I was young, naive, and believed him. so one night, I was at his apartment in bed together and things had fair started heating up when we heard a knock on the door. It was his girlfriend slam on the bedroom doorway. She must have had a key, which made me feel even worse. But I had to keep silent for about 10 minutes while he yelled from behind the door that he was not letting her in. I was mortified. ” —Kris W., 26

“ I got in agate line and bought one for my walk of dishonor. ”

“ I had a one-night digest, and I left her space at like 5 a.m. While I was walking home, I realized her put was justly adjacent to Dominique Ansel ’ sulfur bakery, and people were already lining up for cronuts. so I got in line and bought one for my walk of dishonor. ” —Martha K., 25

“ He noticed a few white stains on my boyfriend ‘s pants. ”

“ It was promenade night, and my boyfriend and I were heading back to my house so he could drop me off. We hooked up in the car in front of an abandoned house in my vicinity and put our fancy clothes bet on on. When we walked in the door, my dad was sitting on the couch wait for us to come base. After recapping the night, he noticed a few white stains on my boyfriend ‘s pants. He asked what it was, and I cursorily said ice cream. I was sweating through my dress as my dad stared my date down before last saying, ‘Well, must have been well. ‘ Whew ! ” —Alexandra P., 26

“ He started saying stuff about how he wanted to marry me and bring me back to Texas. ”

“ I met this ridicule at a stripe who was in the Army and concisely stationed at a base near my school. We went back to my rate to hook up, but deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as we started getting into it, he WOULD NOT stop talking. He started saying stuff about how he wanted to marry me and bring me rear to Texas, where he was from, and kept calling me his african queen. It was wyrd and annoying. I immediately stopped and told him this wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate working for me. ” —Patty M., 25

“ He said his semen was gold. ”

“ It all started when a certain television fame sent me a DM. ‘Hey < 3, ' he wrote. We began talking, and it turned out he was in my area. He asked me to kick it late and get greaser. I wasn ’ metric ton sure if he was for real, so I asked if he was good and told him I was free at 7. We met up and got tacos, but then he started drinking and became visibly intoxicated. He asked me if I wanted to have sexual activity with him and be his pamper mama. When I said no, he said his semen was gold. I 've never laughed hard in my life. I left the restaurant after that and he blocked me on IG. '' —Carrie S., 28

“ I saw my bus driver ’ s side looking through the rearview mirror. ”

“ My high school boyfriend and I were super into intimate acts on the bus topology. They kind of became our matter. We decided to kick things up a notch one day with a waste job. We knew this would be harder and less easy to achieve, but we managed. Until I lifted my head improving from below and the first thing I saw was my bus driver ’ randomness face looking through the rearview mirror. I knew that she knew what we ’ d done. The walk from the back of that bus never felt so long. ” —Kelly G., 23

“ He shrugged and proceeded to take a make on the side of the garage while we perched, bare, above him. ”

“ back in college, when I lived in the dorms and my boyfriend lived in a house with several roommates, we struggled to find a identify to have arouse … alone. naturally, that led to us laying out a bunch together of blankets on the roof of his garage and having sex up there under the stars. It was the middle of the night and we figured no one would be walking by in our belittled town, so it weirdly satisfied our public-sex crimp while besides being more secret than our bedrooms.
“ But of course, one of his roommates stumbled home very elate while we were up there, startling us as he walked by the garage. We froze, and he looked around, clearly having heard something, but confused as to where it was coming from. He shrugged and proceeded to take a peeing on the side of the garage while we perched, naked, above him. He then went inside, and we got on with our night. The following day, he informed us that he thought raccoons or some other animals were living in the roof of the garage…and we victoriously informed him that we were the animals. ” —Jennifer S., 27

“ suddenly, we ’ ra being blinded by headlights as the patrol pulled up. ”

“ In high school, my boyfriend and I would much drive deep into the nation to park on a random perplex road and have sex. On one occasion, he was on top of me and my feet were against the dash. I didn ’ thyroxine realize it at the time, but I had obviously unintentionally flipped the lights on and off a few times, which caught the attention of a family that lived out there, who then called the cops, thinking person might be in trouble .
“ suddenly, we ’ re being blinded by headlights as the patrol pulled up. I tried to hide in the space between the passenger seat and the dashboard on the floor and attack to get dressed. The police made my boyfriend get out and then peeked in to ask if I was in there consensually. They besides wanted to take a look at my ID to check my old age. They didn ’ t make me get out of the car, thank g-d. But it was a little town and I knew the officer. I ’ ve never been more necrose in my life. ” —Melissa C., 30

“ He wiped it off and rubbed it on my bare nipples. ”

“ My long-time boyfriend and I got very into edge, where I would give him hand job/blow jobs, stopping equitable before he was about to orgasm, over and all over until he would beg to come and I would ultimately let him. The process led to a draw of pre-cum, and once while we were doing this, he wiped it off and rubbed it on my … denude nipples. I don ’ thymine know why, but it ’ mho still one of the hottest sexual acts I ’ ve ever experienced. ” —Victoria P., 26

“ The solid experience was dreamlike. ”

“ once on a inaugural date, the girl I was with asked about my front-runner comedians ( my dating profile says I love stand-up ). I named a few, and she asked if I was a fan of one long-familiar comedian. I said I liked what I had seen of his material, and she told me she knew him personally. She then proceeded to show me a class ’ s worth of Instagram DM exchanges between the two of them from his official history, complete with photos and voice messages. “ She explained that they were in a kind of digital relationship, that he knew of her bisexuality and liked to hear about her dates. She had sent him screenshots of my profile and told him we were meeting improving ; he had bought her lingerie for the occasion. She wanted to head second to my place nearby to have arouse and send him photos of the two of us. In unbelief that this was happening, I declined and the date ended shortly after. The whole have was phantasmagoric, and I was very close to being spank-bank material for a very celebrated ( and married ) fame. ” —Kristen D., 29

“ It was all well and good until the RA found us. ”

“ I was an intern in New York for the first clock, staying in the NYU dorms for the summer. One night while I was out my friends, I met this cute ridicule who said he was staying good a few blocks down. He came over subsequently that night. But we could n’t hook up in our dormitory because I had five other roommates. alternatively, we went to the dormitory lounge and had sexual activity. And it was all well and good until the RA found us. We were both fined and had to have several sessions with the RA subsequently. My roommates all thought it was hilarious. ” —Rasheeda J., 26

“ We were on a dark residential street when a family ‘s porch lights turned on. ”

“ One night during the early years of my relationship with my girlfriend, we had barely went out to eat and didn ’ thymine wish to go home quite so far. So we went looking for places to park and enjoy each early ’ s company ( a.k.a. have sex ). We went driving all around my town, looking for a dark set to get down and dirty. We were on a dark residential street when one of a house ‘s porch lights turned on and person looked out the window. We froze frighten, trying to make the cable car intercept shake until the porch lights went back off. ” —Alyssa T., 25

“ He went from 30 to 80 in a matter of seconds. ”

“ I was finally hooking up with a ridicule I liked. But when things started heated up, he pulled out his dentures. He went from 30 to 80 in a matter of seconds and the sex appeal equitable wholly wore off. ” —Tara Y., 32

“ He had to give me a tutorial on how to handle his dick. ”

“ I was in the middle of hooking with this ridicule. When it came time to get busy, he unzipped his pants but gave an stallion pre-sex speech before revealing his penis to me. And when he moved his hand, I looked down and saw a dick shaped like a sugarcoat cane. I was so overwhelm, I think I equitable freeze. He had to give me a tutorial on how to handle his cock. I was laughing for hours after I left. ” —Rachel R., 25

“ not only was he gone, so was everything in my wallet. ”

“ I was having sex with this guy I met on a night out. We had an amazing time, until I woke up the adjacent good morning and not alone was he gone, so was everything in my wallet. This homo took all of my cash. And a few items were missing off my chest of drawers besides. We did n’t rally numbers and I never saw him again. ” —Henley B., 25

“ It was the longest two minutes of my life. ”

“ My boyfriend and I were having sex by the pond near our school. And just when things were getting good, we noticed person was coming out of the water system from fishing and headed our means. We both ducked down in the backseat and waited for this homo to walk by with his fish perch, hoping that he did n’t look in my completely gain windows to see two naked teens. It was the longest two minutes of my life. ” —Desi E., 30

“ I started making a few groan noises of my own. ”

“ I was in college, and my roommate ‘s boyfriend was sleeping over. I walked into the board and they were already in go to bed. I hopped in my bed and turned out the light. And just when they thought I fell asleep, they started having sex. I could hear the groan. So I started making a few groan noises of my own and pretended to be in the middle of a atrocious nightmare until I was certain I had killed the temper. ” —Delilah J., 25

“ It ‘s hush some of the hottest sex I ‘ve ever had. ”

“ My boyfriend and I were all about bad sex. So one night we decided to have sex in the living room while my ma and aunt were in the kitchen prepping dinner. While my ma shouted out questions like, ‘What sides do you want ? ‘ and I answered forte, ‘Corn is good, ‘ he was inside me. It ‘s hush some of the hottest sexual activity I ‘ve ever had. ” —Veronica A., 24

“ I realized he was squatting and I was committing a felony. ”

“ I liked the popular guy in high educate. I mean, everyone liked him. But one day, he invited me back to his place to hook up. When I got there, he told me that I had to climb through this boarded-up house to get to his room. Years late, I realized he was squatting and I was committing a felony. Young sexual love, amirite ? ” —Lena G., 35

“ We were both stressed trying to get it in before his ma came home. ”

“ I was having arouse with my longtime high school boyfriend for the beginning time. We were so unprepared. ‘Try this hole, ‘ I remember saying. We were both stressed trying to get it in before his ma came home. finally, we figured it out. But we spent the following few hours subsequently laughing about the game of search-and-find we ‘d precisely finished playing. ” —Laila S., 32

“ I locked the door behind me and finally caught my breath. ”

“ I had precisely moved into my first solo apartment. I was in the bathroom when I heard loud noises coming from my bedroom. I came outside to find a man had climbed in through my window and was stealing my jewelry. He told me not to scream. So I did n’t and alternatively ran straight for the front door and into my next-door neighbors ‘ house, who always left their door outdoors. I locked the doorway behind me and finally caught my breath. When I turned about, I saw my two neighbors in the center of having sexual activity, barely stark naked in their be room. We immediately all burst into laugh. ” —Madeline W., 37

“ He was either a series killer whale or the kind of cleanse that I would never live up to. ”

“ One time, I hooked up with this guy and when I woke up in the good morning my clothes were eerily folded on his desk. It about looked like he ironed them. And my shoes were in a square course next to his. I was reasonably certain in that moment that he was either a serial killer or the kind of clean that I would never live up to. Either means, I knew I needed to end it. ” —Tracey A., 24

“ That was the most silent car ride I ‘ve ever experienced. ”

“ My high school boyfriend and I thought it would be smart to have sex in my survive room while my ma was upstairs. He was in the middle of eating me out when my ma flicked on the lights, screamed for us to put on our clothes, and then rushed to drive my boyfriend home. That was the most mum car ride I ‘ve ever experienced. ” —Patricia K., 26

“ I do n’t know what came over her. ”

“ I was youthful and broke, so my roommate and I lived in a one-bedroom apartment and shared a king-size bed. One night, she came home with a guy she ‘d met at a banish. I was sleeping in sleep together when I heard them whispering. future thing I know, both of them had crawled into bed naked and started to have sex. I sat up immediately, turned on the lights, and made them both get out. I do n’t know what came over her. ” —Georgia C., 36

“ I had become a d*mn enterprise with benefits. ”

“ I was fooling about with this ridicule. He did n’t have a car. But every time he came over, after we ‘d have sex, he ‘d ask to borrow my cable car and bring it back the next prison term. I figured he barely needed a ride base since it was deep. But then he started keeping the car for longer periods of time. finally, I found out he was renting my car out to his friends and was fair sleeping with me for the car. I had become a d*mn enterprise with benefits. ” —Wendy E., 38

“ I panicked and pushed my ridicule friend out of bed. ”

“ I was going out with this one guy who I very liked. But I was hush hooking up with one of my best ridicule friends at the clock. One night, my guy friend was all over and we had just finished having arouse when the man I was dating knocked on my front door. I panicked and pushed my guy friend out of bed. I asked him to crawl on the deck and out the back door. Me and the boyfriend did n’t work out. But my guy supporter is still one of my best friends today—just now without the benefits. ” —Betty T., 36

“ We sent the guys running outside down the back porch steps. ”

“ My dad was working recently, so my sister and I invited these two guys over to hook up. But my dad came home early, so we sent the guys running away down the back porch steps. They knocked over a white paint can, spilling it on the grind and leaving footprints. The future sidereal day, my father came to school to find these guys, which of course he did. They actually had the nerve to wear the lapp paint-stained shoes to school. ” —Gabrielle O., 38

“ I still ca n’t look her in the eyes. ”

“ I was spending the night at my boyfriend ‘s house. He lived with his brother and sister-in-law at the clock time. So we were in the kitchen when the mood struck—we started having sex and in walks my boyfriend ‘s sister-in-law, jaw open, as the two of us stood there, butt naked against the counter. I still ca n’t look her in the eyes. ” —Lisa K., 35

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