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There is an abundance of fruits in this world with different taste and different look. If you love fruits, you might have stumbled upon one fruit that resembles another. You might have seen fruits that look like tomatoes. Possible fruits that look like tomatoes are persimmon, tamarillo, and physalis.

They are not 100 % similar to tomatoes. Each of them have a classifiable feature of speech that differs them from tomatoes .

list of Fruits That Look Like Tomatoes


Persimmon is credibly a fruit that resembles tomato the most. Persimmon semblance vary from bright orange to reddish orange. The red persimmon looks so much like tomato. Persimmon has leaves and a root attached to its fruit. The shape of the leaves makes it easily to distinguish them from tomatoes. Persimmon ’ randomness attached leaves are egg-shaped and orotund while tomato ’ mho attached leaves are very thin, like a hanker, sharp triangle human body. When you cut persimmon and tomatoes open, the dispute is real. The anatomy of tomato fruit is absorbing and building complex. Tomato fruit chiefly consists of a placenta ( the soft pulp in the center ), seeds that sit down on a diaphanous “ gelatin ”, a locular cavity, and flesh. Because tomato is very blue, scooping tomato flesh from its reduce skin can be a mess particularly when you want to avoid the seeds. The interior of persimmon fruit wholly look different from tomato. Persimmon fruit is more “ scoop-friendly ”. When you cut it open, it looks fluent, imagine cutting up a giant grapeshot. You might find several seeds in persimmon, but they are indeed easy to pick and throw away, unlike tomato seeds that feel “ sticky ” to its slimed “ mousse ”.

Persimmon human body tastes sweet. You can eat persimmon fruit as is or you can make some pudding from it .

tree tomato

Tamarillo looks about like a tomato in the room of color. The form international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wholly the lapp since tree tomato is longer and more “ ellipse ” while tomato is rounder. Tamarillo ’ s skin tastes unpleasant. thus, to eat tree tomato you need to cut the fruit open and only take the flesh. You can eat tree tomato using a smooch ( scoop the human body from the yield ). Raw tree tomato tastes tart. If you want to eat it raw you can sprinkle some carbohydrate on it so it becomes more palatable. You can besides make sauces from tamarillo the room you make tomato auce .


Physalis look wholly different from tomatoes from the outside. But when you open the out layer, you can find a fruit that look like a tiny-sized tomato. The color international relations and security network ’ thymine normally red, though. So they decidedly differ in color. The color of physalis is normally orange or when unripe, green .

Final Thought

There are thus many fruits in this earth.

When you see a fruit that resembles another one, you might be surprised or confused. If you find a fruit that look like tomatoes, preceptor ’ thyroxine freak out out ! Those fruits that look like tomatoes are credibly persimmon, tree tomato, or physalis. Or, it might be something else that international relations and security network ’ metric ton listed here .

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