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Finding Your Oasis: Foods & Drinks for Dry Mouth

February 27th, 2018
xerostomia is the technical terminus for dry mouth, the condition that results from absent or decreased saliva menstruation. It is not a disease on its own, but it may be a side effect of medicine or radiation treatments. xerostomia affects about 20 % of the aged population—not because of their old age, but due to the increased likelihood of using medicine or having radiation therapy that causes dry mouth. Dr. Flugstad is here to discuss some foods and beverages to alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth .

Food & Beverages that Help Dry Mouth

8-12 glasses of water per day is ideal to keep saliva product on track, then making a habit of carrying a water bottle with you is a bang-up theme. Sugar-free juices, reduced-sugar sports drinks, cabaret sodium carbonate, and herb tea tea with lemon are good beverage choices when you precisely can ’ triiodothyronine stand the idea of drinking any more water.

A soft, high-protein diet is recommended for people with dry mouth. Substitute damp pisces, eggs, and tall mallow for crimson kernel. Serving food lukewarm or at room temperature reduces the chances of burning the sass with hot food. To make boodle or rolls easier to eat with dry mouth, soak them in milk or your favorite sauce to soften them. Eat damp casseroles and other foods that incorporate gravy, sauce, or broth in their recipes. Make smoothies, slushies, or shakes in the blender that incorporate milk alternatives like soy, almond, or rice milk ( consumption of cow ’ randomness milk frequently produces thick saliva and can worsen dry talk ) .
More examples of soft natural foods that are helpful for people with dry sass include tender meats like chicken and fish, smooth peanut butter, soups, canned fruits, soft cooked/blended vegetables like carrots or celery, mashed potatoes, soft-cooked pasta, oatmeal, frost cream, pudding, and popsicles. Herbal season enhancers, condiments, and fruit extracts can be used to make food more flavorful, as the diet for dry sass may seem bland to many .
There are besides artificial saliva substitutes and stimulants that can help curb dry mouth, as can sugarless candies and chewing gums. Sucking on fruit pits from cherries or olives, and lemon rinds can help stimulate saliva flow, as do gamboge drops and other hard candies, although be leery of excessive sugar intake .

Food & Beverages to Avoid With Dry Mouth

Increased water and fluid consumption are recommended, but caffeinated fluids such as tea, chocolate, and colon act as diuretics and are not ideal for xerostomia sufferers. If you ’ re crave sodium carbonate, let it go flat anterior to indulging. Alcohol consumption should besides be limited or avoided .
Foods should not be excessively blistering or cold, sugary, salty, hot, or acidic, including citric fruits like tomato, grapefruit, orange, and pineapple and acerb foods like apple, pomegranate, pear, quinoa, legume, bean curd, sprouts, beans, and lentils. You should besides avoid dry, crumbly foods like crackers, grain, pastries, pledge and dry kernel.

If you have any questions or concerns about dry mouth, contact us at Dayton Dental nowadays and we ’ ll be happy to talk about solutions with you !
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