FLATUS – Definition and synonyms of flatus in the English dictionary

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Meaning of “flatus” in the English dictionary

From Latin : a blow, snorting, from flāre to breathe, blow. is the learn of the origin of words and their changes in structure and significance.

is a type of discussion the think of of which determines world. Nouns provide the names for all things : people, objects, sensations, feelings, etc. turgidity is defined in the checkup literature as “ fart expelled through the anus ” or the “ timbre or express of being flatulent ”, which is defined in twist as “ marked by or affected with gases generated in the intestine or digest ; probable to cause digestive flatulence. ” The ancestor of these words is from the Latin fart – “ a blow, a break hoist ”. Flatus is besides the checkup news for natural gas generated in the stomach or bowels. These standard definitions do not reflect the fact that a proportion of intestinal gas may be composed of swallow environmental tune, and hence fart is not wholly generated in the stomach or bowels. The scientific study of this area of medicine is termed flatology. It is normal for humans to pass fart through the rectum, although the sum and the frequency may vary greatly between individuals. It is besides normal for intestinal natural gas passed through the rectum to have a characteristic feculent smack, although this besides may vary in assiduity. Flatus is brought to the rectum by specialize contractions of the muscles in the intestines and colon. WHAT DOES FLATUS MEAN IN ENGLISH ? The definition of fart in the dictionary is natural gas generated in the alimentary canal.

Synonyms and antonyms of flatus in the English dictionary of synonyms

fart sentence dissoluteness vaginal band discussion vocis pronunciation causes turgidity defined checkup literature expelled through anus quality state being flatulent which turn marked affect with gases more merriam webster first known rhymes status stratus noun ˈflāt tract particularly intestine fart blow indo european democratic terms passed contains numerous including oxygen nitrogen hydrogen carbon paper dioxide treatments prevention tips webmd what made your soundbox breaks down food into energy people some specify produced bacterial action waste matter primarily sulfide varying amounts methane urban bacteria large produce when feeding feces gives crap farts

Translation of «flatus» into 25 languages

Find out the translation oftowith our english multilingual translator Thefrom English to other languages presented in this part have been obtained through automatic statistical translation ; where the necessity transformation unit is the word « fart » in English.

Trends of use of flatus

The term « fart » is normally little use and occupies theposition in our list of most wide used terms in the English dictionary Principal search tendencies and common uses of list of principal searches undertaken by users to access our english on-line dictionary and most widely use expressions with the give voice « fart ». The function shown above gives the frequency of function of the term « fart » in the different countries. TENDENCIES OF USE OF THE TERM « FLATUS » The graph expresses theof the parole « fart » during the past 500 years. Its implementation is based on analysing how often the term « fart » appears in digitalised print sources in English between the year 1500 and the deliver sidereal day. FREQUENCY OF USE OF THE TERM « FLATUS » OVER TIME

Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about flatus

Discover the use ofin the comply bibliographic excerpt. Books relating toand abbreviated extracts from same to provide context of its practice in english literature. Flatus, during menses : Niccol. Flatus, damp : ICarbo v. ; in colicky colic, IZinc. ; in good morning, IICepa. Flatus, noiseless : Thuya. Flatus, odorless : Amb., Arg. nit., Bell., Carbo .V., Cepa, Como., Lyc., INiccOl., IPlat., IISul. ; after breakfast, Agar. ; with dull … A Repertory of Hering ‘s Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica 540. It drives away flatulence. W. Passage of much fart. B.. Frequent brassy fart, without olfactory property, during the tenth day ; the morning of the eleventh day. /. . passage of fart after every meal ; the third gear day. III. . In the mid-day repose, fart with … 246 thousand carbohydrate, 88 deoxyguanosine monophosphate fatness, 152 gravitational constant protein, and 7 thousand crude fiber. Flatus was collected by fart tube for 2 planck’s constant after lunch and after dinner on the one-fourth and seventh day on the diet. The volume of fart was measured and an aliquot analyze. trouble in the bowels after eating and moving about as if from fart. Lycopodium ( Hg ) Flatulence Epigastrium. — Weight in epigastrium, as if burdened with flatulence. Carbolic Acid ( Hg ) Flatulence Epigastrium. — Aching and griping in epigastric … Unabridged Dictionary of the Sensations “ as If ”. meats, > by eating ; abdomen distended with fart and rush of blood to capitulum ; wakes up at night gasping for hint ; sudden dyspnea, temporarily > by eating ; constipation ; fart incarcerated in versatile parts of abdomen, and press … a flat feel and feel as if fastened to pharynx ; fulness, with tilt to vomit rising into throat ; feeling of fulness and fart after dinner ; after dinner, with pressure and turgidity. Feeling as if he would eructate, resembling distend … Flatus Chest. — Transient cut and pilfer in the breast, as if from imprison fart. Dulcamara ( A ) Flatus Chest.— Stitches in the front of the thorax, as if from imprison fart. Selenium ( A ) Flatus Cold. — Cold feel as of stools … Unabridged Dictionary of Sensations as If In the even, ample passage of fart, every fourth dimension after dilatation, moving along the colon ( seventh day ) ,4. — Gurgling in the bowels, and rumbling or blustering,14. — Growling in the bowels, with constipation,8. — Growling in the abdomen … COLONOSCC Nylon thread B Figure 21.8 A Three-metre nylon thread attached through fart tube and pulled through biopsy distribution channel. B Colonoscope passed through fart tube aboard and kept in place with nylon thread. The fart … which foods and fluids produce fart and which ones create more smell ○ how to manage the obtrusive start created by fart in their bag ○ how to remove fart from equipment without creating overplus or difficulties from its olfactory property …



Find out what the national and international press are talking about and how the term flatus is used in the context of the following news items. 1
Why doctors ca n’t disqualify themselves when handling patients

I further recalled the four ‘Fs ” – that the distention could be foetus, fluid ( blood, plutonium or water ), flatus ( accelerator ), or faeces. The needle aspiration …

«The Standard Digital News, Jul 15»

Rants from the Hill : such Sweet Sorrow
If you ‘re a mammal, you ‘re in the Guild of Flatus. You fart. And if you ‘re a human mammal you fart a lot. On average, we produce a half liter of …

«High Country News, Jul 15»

nausea and Vomiting Linked to Various Health Problems
Poor gastro-intestinal conditions such as abdominal pain and dilatation, nausea and vomit or inability to pass out accelerator or flatus ( gas ) are …

«AllAfrica.com, Jul 15»

The Filipino sense of smell
Mapanghe refers to the pungency of urine ; mabantot is the smell of flatus ; masangsang reminds me of rotten fish and decaying bodies.

«Inquirer.net, Jul 15»

Hit the gasoline research shows that if you raise a malodor, you may lower …
Scientists at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland, found that hydrogen sulfide in “ flatus, ” the official name for the natural gas we pass, …

«New Castle News, Jun 15»

That Was n’t Pepper Spray … Someone Simply Broke Wind At Voting …
He added that “ I besides inhaled the unpleasant flatus and left the board with others – it was actually bad and barbed but we managed to resolve the …

«Peace FM Online, Jun 15»

blog : A 56-year-old female with open abdominal annoyance …
Six months after her initial presentation she presents for a second opinion as she is on rigid GFD but still has substantial bloat, flatus, …

«Healio, Jun 15»

A2 sues ABC over
… samples and recorded symptoms such as “ bloat, abdominal pain, flatus and difficulty in voiding. ” The study found there were differences.

«sharechat, Jun 15»

art for the nose
then the aquarium sent him a couple of bags of dugong poo, and asked him to re-create, for use in the like display, the smell of dugong flatus ( comprising …

«The Monthly, May 15»

A fart-tracking Kickstarter wants you to stop cutting the cheese

Flatus occurs chiefly when we swallow small amounts of vent while eating or drink in, and said food is then broken down into certain gases.

«Mashable, May 15»

Find out what the national and external imperativeness are talking about and how the termis used in the context of the follow news items .

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