What ass fingering feels like for women

We know anal finger is n’t merely pleasurable for men and people with penises, although they get to enjoy it for the prostate massage. Although women and vagina-havers do n’t have a prostate gland gland – or P spot as it ‘s sometimes known – ( life is barbarous ) anal finger or ass feel can still feel amazing because there are loads of nerves around there. It can besides put press on your supposed G-spot from inside, excessively. It besides happens to be a big way to prepare for anal sex. So what does anal fingering feel like for women and people with vulva ? This lot get very blunt about what it feels like to be fingered in the ass during sex. Just FYI, if you ‘re going to try it, manipulation lots of because the anus does n’t self-lubricate like the vagina .

What ass fingering feels like for women and people with vulvas

1. “ I am now at the point where it ‘s about disappointing if [ my partner ] does n’t do something with my arsenic. I besides enjoy when he circles it and then taps it with his feel. Luckily we are very open and he reads me very well so I do n’t have to ask for it, but I am decidedly not shy about vocalising what I need. ” [ via ] 2. “ I kinda like when he thrusts it in and out, but if he does two fingers that can be a bite much unless we ‘re moving on to anal. ” [ via ]

3. “ Love it when he ‘s eating me out … these days I do n’t evening ask. ” [ via ]three peaches in a row

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4. “ When I ’ megabyte getting screw pooch style I love it ! ” [ via ] 5. “ When it ‘s good timing it heightens the pleasure vastly. It tightens everything, I ‘ll feel every ridge and vein on his cock basically. It equitable makes the whole experience much more acute. ” [ via ] 6. “ I like it best when I ’ meter on top and I decidedly prefer to have my partner do it rather than myself. ” [ via ] 7. “ I prefer a butt hack or other anal toy, it feels a lot smoother. ” [ via ]

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8. “ I like identical slender strokes when in my fuck. I think he makes a circle motion inside. decidedly not the same finger as my vagina … that ‘s a bit besides promote for me as yet. ” [ via ] 9. “ There are tons of boldness endings there and even the smallest measure of atmospheric pressure can be arrant heaven ! ” [ via ] 10. “ If he ’ sulfur fucking me and I ’ molarity getting actually into it, he ’ ll lento traffic circle my fuck and stick a wet finger in. I see stars every prison term. With the right build up it can be amazing. ” [ via ] 11. “ It ‘s a huge ‘yes ‘ for me. My husband is an expert at fingering me, so far does n’t play with my ass all that often. I think it ‘s by and large the position we find ourselves in, sol when he ca n’t, I ‘ll much push my own finger in a moment. I ‘m besides not shy about asking for what I want, so I think I ‘ll request more of this from him. While it feels great when I do it, it ‘s constantly perplex when it ‘s his feel alternatively. ” [ via ]a hand holding an 'o' shaped balloon

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12. “ I started doing american samoa play on myself until I thought I could let him touch it. then I had him insert one of my butt chew in my american samoa. I did the lapp to him. I can trust him … and it makes all the difference in the world. I ask for it. I have to mentally be in the right invest. sometimes I ‘m up for it in pooch. ” [ via ]

“ I besides love it when he takes my handwriting and forces me to do it to myself ”

13. “ good leaving the [ finger ] in and use pressure is much preferred to any movement in my opinion. ” [ via ] 14. “ I have n’t done enough pick up in anal play ( aside from rim jobs ) to truly understand very a lot how it affects sensations for me, but was going at it recently and the partner asked if I minded before pushing in. I instantaneously said I did n’t mind because the theme was fair freaking hot. then he said, ‘I can feel myself fucking you through your fuck, it ‘s amazing ‘ and it went from a ‘yes ‘ from me to a ‘HELL YES ‘. ” [ via ] 15. “ I prefer it when he ’ mho behind me ( smooch, pooch etc ), and I like nudge fuck or gentle jiggle of the fingers inside, not in-and-out motions. I besides love it when he takes my hired hand and forces me to do it to myself so that I can massage his cock from the inside and he gets a capital ocular. TBH, though, I prefer pressure on the external. Finger rimming or a fist/few fingers ( something that doesn ’ triiodothyronine penetrate besides well ) putting pressure on and releasing it repeatedly. ” [ via ]a black butt plug on a pink background


16. “ You get your finger ( randomness ) or dick all the way in, and alternatively of going in and out you just push. But going all the way in and out like you would normally is reasonably medium. once you get it all the way in, just grind hard. I came so hard from anal once, and I ‘ve had it many times … the only clock I came was the way I described. ” [ via ] 17. “ besides a natural language or dildo feels amazing excessively. ” [ via ] 18. “ I love it. But I find it ‘s easiest to have a conversation advance as to whether they like it or not, that direction precisely “ slipping it in ” does n’t result in a surprise [ that you have n’t consented to ]. ” [ via ] 19. “ I decidedly love it. Any anal play is fun and when you ‘re double penetrated, both holes are tighter and you can feel more ! My only pre-requisite is to make sure you start out gentle, and that your girl is wet enough or use lubricant. ” [ via ] 20. “ I ‘ve been trying to warm up to this one recently. I want to want to like it because he thoroughly enjoys it, but it ‘s very new district for me and identical foreign. ” [ via ] SUBSCRIBE HERE to have Cosmopolitan delivered to your door. Like this article? Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox.

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