Female Nipple Piercing

Whether you prefer the fish of your pierce to be horizontal, vertical, or somewhere in between, it will work good if it is placed in the natural creases of your tissue .
Whether you prefer the position to be horizontal, vertical, or somewhere in between, nipple piercing works good when placed in your tissue ’ s natural creases. Depending on the fish and supreme headquarters allied powers europe of your breasts or pectoral muscles, the “ horizontal ” placement may be more visually appealing if the out boundary is good a bite higher than the inner side. This tilts the jewelry up at a rebuff slant that much frames the area nicely. A geometrically horizontal placement can look a little drooping at the out side on certain chests .
If you have well-developed anatomy, the acute should be placed in the grooves at the base, where the nipple rises from the areola. If your nipple is defined with substantial stature, the cutting can safely go in deoxyadenosine monophosphate fiddling as 5⁄16 edge of weave. If you have bland nipples, the pierce should generally encompass a minimal of 3⁄8 edge between entrance and die when the area is relaxed. however, some practitioners will pierce the nipple through much less skin, which raises concerns over guard and long-run lastingness. If your nipples are featureless, without an exalted tip, the tissue in the nipple ’ sulfur ocular center might be pierced so that the jewelry rests evenly within your areola. ( While this type of piercing routinely extends into the areola, particularly on very small anatomy, it is still considered a nipple pierce. )
If you want a pair of piercings and have big, protruding nipples that are mismatched in size, it is often best to place the jewelry at the lifelike base of each nipple, and not make one side shallow ( or deeper ) in an undertake to make them match.

Multiple Nipple Piercings

A nipple can be pierced only once in a school term ; however, after healing, depending on its configuration and dimensions, it may be pierceable a second time. few nipples are substantial enough to accommodate more than two piercings. typical arrangements include two horizontal piercings ( normally moving closer toward the body for the subsequent trap ), a cross ( normally with a horizontal placement in front and a vertical behind it ), or an adam shape formed by two diagonal barbells. Exceptional skills may be required to place extra holes accurately in an already-pierced nipple .

Inverted Nipples

When performed on desirable candidates, piercings can be a noteworthy resolving power for invert nipples. If the tip can be coaxed out sufficiently, then the nipple can credibly be pierced, and jewelry will block it from retracting.

The medical community assesses them using three different levels of austereness, and they are not all evenly pierceable :

• Grade 1 : The most child class in which the invert nipple is well coaxed out with minimal manipulation. once out, the nipple maintains its projection reasonably well, but normally reverts to its invert submit after a short period of clock. In general, this anatomy is well suited to piercing. Placing jewelry in the correct blemish is normally an effective cure for the invert nipple .
• Grade 2 : The invert nipple can be pulled out, but not a easily as in Grade 1. The majority of anatropous nipples are in this class. More forceful manipulation is required to bring them forth, and after releasing the grip, the nipples slip back to their invert country promptly. If they can be brought out and kept that way for the procedure, they may be pierceable. It is critical that the hide at the deepest part of the anastrophe can be elevated beyond the floor of the acute, or you may end up with a overtone pierce that misses the concentrate of the nipple, or a shallow one that migrates through it over time .
• Grade 3 : The nipple is sternly inverted and very unmanageable or impossible to pull out manually. It won ’ thymine come out all the way and won ’ triiodothyronine stay that way on its own. These are not pierceable.

Some anatropous nipples will pinch up lone at an slant that is not standard for a nipple pierce. It is best to let the weave be your guide and if you won ’ metric ton be pleased with jewelry at that angle, you should forego piercing.

The nipple pictured below is grade 1 : only slightly inverted and the topple everts easily. It is no problem having this type of anatomy pierced .

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