14 Things to Know About Clitoral Erections

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We all get erections 

Cue your Oprah spokesperson, because you get a erection, and you get a erection, and you get a hard-on… That ’ sulfur right, folks of all genders and genitalia can get erections, not merely people with penises ! But chances are you didn ’ metric ton learn that in health class. thus, to help you become more cliterate, we put together this sheet on clitoral erections.

How does this happen?

When most people say “ clitoris, ” they ’ re normally talking about the sensitive sleep together button that sits at the apex of the labium ( your down-there lips ). But that ’ s not the hale clitoris. It ’ sulfur just the external separate, known as the glans. There ’ s an home function, besides. The clitoris extends back into the body ( normally close to 4 inches ! ) and around the vaginal canal, explains Garrison. If you were to extract the clitoris wholly from the body, it ’ d look a bite like a wishbone. When aroused, rake rushes to the erectile tissue that makes up the clitoris ( the lapp weave as in a penis ), causing it to become congested. This is a clitoral erecting .

Is this the same process as with penile erections?

Yep ! Individuals who have a penis get erections when blood flow gets directed to their erectile tissues. The difference is that when folks who have a vulva draw erections, you can ’ t very see them, because most of the clitoris is inside the consistency .

What’s the average increase in size?

When rear, the part of the clitoris you can see ( the glans ) “ will peak out of the clitoral hood and grow in size 50 to 300 percentage, ” according to Heather Jeffcoat, a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in sexual officiate. “ And the vaginal lips will swell during foreplay so that they are two to three times bigger than usual, ” she said. And remember : even the parts of the clitoral structure you can ’ metric ton see swell and gorge as a result of the increased rake flow.

What does it look like?

“ You ’ re not going to see the clitoris grow a few inches and point up to the flip, ” Garrison says. That ’ mho because, again, most of the erection happens on the inside. But there will be some detectable changes, he says. typically, the clitoral hood will pull back, and the external bud will become gorge, making it more visible. As a solution of the lineage stream, the clitoris may become a deep pink or red color. The inner and out labium may besides become congested and swell. And because the Bartholin glands inside the vagina sometimes secrete lubrication during foreplay, the clitoris and surrounding labium may glisten with the natural lubricant .

How does it feel?

To the touch, the clitoris itself will by and large feel harder and bigger than usual. “ How arduous precisely depends on the clitoris owner, ” Garrison says. To the touch, it can be super-duper sensitive. But if you have a clitoris and you ’ rhenium learn this, it ’ s possible that you ’ ve gotten a clitoral erection when you were aroused and didn ’ t in truth notice. many folks won ’ thyroxine recognize their clitoral erection as a clitoral erecting, explains Garrison. “ They ’ ll feel that ‘ I ’ m turned on ’ feel and enjoy the physical sensations that typically accompany that, but won ’ metric ton feel anything ‘ special ’ outside of that, ” he says. still, for other folks, a clitoral erection produces much more obvious sense. For example, Jessie K., a 33-year-old cisgender woman, says, “ Yeah, my clitoris gets arduous and well when I ’ m turned on. And it ’ s, like, 100 times more sensitive in this state of matter than it is normally. ” Jake B., a 25-year-old trans homo on testosterone, says, “ After about 2 months on T my clitoris started to grow, and now when I ’ thousand aroused it becomes very visible raise. When that happens, it feels actually good, about tingly. It ’ mho become extremely sensitive. ”

Does every vulva owner get them?

This credibly won ’ thymine surprise you, but research on the subject is wholly MIA. More research is needed to conclusively answer this question. Until then, the answer depends on who you ask. According to Jeffcoat, yes : “ This can occur in all folks with vulva. ” Garrison international relations and security network ’ t sol certain. He says that merely as some vulva owners can squirt and some can ’ t, some vulva owners get clitoral erections and some don ’ metric ton. “ Whether you get hard-ons or not, your human body is normal/natural/healthy, ” he says.

Is there anything you can do to make it feel better?

Yep, many things ! As Garrison explains, “ in truth anything that makes you hornier can make the erection stronger or more enjoyable. ” A few suggestions are below .

Touch it!

The clitoris, like the penis, is at its most sensitive when you ’ re aroused. And if you have a clitoral erection, chances are you ’ rhenium corneous. so move ahead and touch it. “ There ’ s no faulty way to touch an raise clitoris, ” Garrison says. To find what feels best, experiment with :

  • tapping it
  • moving your fingers around it in clockwise and counterclockwise circles
  • stroking it up and down or side to side
  • touching the sides of it

Use a sex toy

“ The Lelo Sona Cruise or Womanizer use sucking technology to stimulate and increase blood menstruation to the clitoris, ” Garrison says, adding that this can strengthen the erection. For vulva owners on testosterone, Garrison recommends trying the Buck Off Sleeve, which is a masturbation sleeve made particularly for trans men and nonbinary folks taking testosterone. “ It allows you to jerk off the clitoris in a like way that you would with a Fleshlight or any other penile masturbation sleeve, ” he says .

Experiment with edging

edge is the practice of stopping yourself from reaching orgasm right before you ’ re about to get off over and over in order to make the final orgasm better. “ Edging will increase the sum of time you have a clitoral erecting and make it stronger, ” Jeffcoat says .

See a pelvic floor therapist

Because the pelvic floor plays a function in all sexual operation, Jeffcoat notes that “ making indisputable your pelvic floor muscles are strong and healthy can besides help. ” note : This doesn ’ thyroxine mean doing Kegels all randomly. It means visiting a pelvic floor therapist who can assess the health of your pelvic shock and give you at-home exercises to try if needed to support its health. Find a stipulate pelvic floor therapist at this directory, courtesy of the american Physical Therapy Association .

Live an otherwise healthy lifestyle

“ Clit erections rely on vasocongestion, or lineage flow, ” Garrison says. then, things that support healthy blood flow, like a balance diet, regular use, and not fume or drink, will help make your erection better, he says.

When is it a sign of something else?

While getting a clitoral erection is a convention and healthy reaction to being aroused, it isn ’ triiodothyronine something that should be happening in the absence of sexual foreplay. If it does, it may be a sign of persistent genital arousal disorder ( PGAD ) or priapism. PGAD is a condition that can result in folks being aroused and having a clitoral erecting even when there isn ’ t any physical, ocular, aural, or other sexual stimulation happening. This can be in truth disruptive to your daily animation, Jeffcoat says. “ Priapism is when there ’ s an erection, but there ’ south zero intimate arousal, ” Garrison says. “ normally the erections last 4 or more hours and can become painful. ” There are many possible causes for these conditions, but the most common admit :

  • certain medications, like SSRIs or blood thinners
  • recreational substances, like cannabis or cocaine
  • certain disorders and diseases, like sickle cell anemia and leukemia

In both cases, sex therapist Angela Watson ( aka Doctor Climax ) says you should seek checkup attention. “ In accession to being afflictive, elongated clitoral erection can result in scar tissue [ that ] can form underneath the clitoris that is identical difficult to remove, ” she says .

The bottom line

Isn ’ t the clitoris outstanding ? When you ’ re aroused, it can become hard, extra sensitive, and reasonably and pink in color. then long as the erection international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine ad-lib, atrocious, or seriously farseeing permanent, good enjoy it !

Gabrielle Kassel is a New York–based sex and health writer and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. She ’ second become a good morning person, tested over 200 vibrators, and consume, toast, and brushed with charcoal — all in the name of journalism. In her free fourth dimension, she can be found reading self-help books and woo novels, bench-pressing, or pole dance. Follow her on Instagram .

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