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What is the AZ Fantasy 5?

Arizona Fantasy 5 is a attract game where the goal is to match your numbers to the numbers selected in the draw to win cash prizes .
Five number balls are drawn from 1 to 41. If all your numbers match the draw numbers, you win the jackpot .
Each Fantasy 5 slate is $ 1 and drawings are held Mondays through Sundays .
For an extra $ 1 or $ 2, you can play EXTRA ! which is a freestanding game that can be added onto your Fantasy 5 ticket and can be played immediately. Playing a $ 1 EXTRA ! gives you a opportunity to win up to $ 250, and playing a $ 2 EXTRA ! gives you a find to win up to $ 500 .
By playing, you will receive five EXTRA ! numbers on your ticket and if any of them match your numbers for Fantasy 5, you win the loot amount shown future to the matched EXTRA ! issue. If you match more than one number, you win the prize come for each one of those matches vitamin a well .

What are the Arizona Fantasy 5 Draw Times?

Sales cut-off time is 6:59 pm Arizona Time.  Approximately 1 hour prior to draw time.

Draw Times
Sunday 8:00 promethium MST
Monday 8:00 autopsy MST
Tuesday 8:00 prime minister MST
Wednesday 8:00 promethium MST
Thursday 8:00 promethium MST
Friday 8:00 phase modulation MST

8:00 prime minister MST

How do I Play AZ Fantasy 5?

PICK YOUR NUMBERS: Select 5 numbers from 1 to 41. Use a playslip to mark your numbers or mark the Quick Pick ( QP ) box to randomly blue-ribbon any or all of your numbers for each gambling .
Add EXTRA ! for $ 1 or $ 2 more for a chance to win up to $ 250 or $ 500 immediately !
BUY YOUR TICKET: Fantasy 5 tickets cost $ 1 per turn. The extra ! option adds $ 1 or $ 2 per play. Tickets can be purchased at more than 3,000 Arizona Lottery Retailers. Fantasy 5 sales are suspended approximately one hour anterior to the reap .
PLAY MULTIPLE DRAWINGS: You can play your numbers for up to 12 consecutive drawing dates on the lapp ticket. Just tell the cashier at the time of your leverage or mark the Number of Draws box on your excerpt slip .

What Can I Win Playing Arizona Fantasy Five?

Matching Numbers Prizes Odds
5 Balls Jackpot* 1 in 749,398
4 Balls $ 500 1 in 4,163
3 Balls $ 5 1 in 119
2 Balls $ 1 1 in 11

*If other players besides match all five numbers, you ’ ll plowshare the pry pool in equal amounts. overall odds of winning are 1 in 9.62. overall Odds of winning a prize with EXTRA ! are 1 in 3.8

AZ Fantasy 5 FAQs

Q: What are the odds of winning Fantasy 5?
A : The overall odds of winning a cash loot are approximately 1 in 9.62 .
Q: When are Fantasy 5 drawings held?
A : Drawings are held Monday through Sunday evenings .
Q: How often can I play my numbers?
A : You can play your numbers for up to 12 consecutive drawing dates on the same ticket. Just tell the teller at the time of your buy or mark the Number of Draws corner on your survival slip .
Q: How long do I have to claim a prize?

A : For draw bet on tickets, 180 days from the go steady of the draw. once a ticket has expired, it can not be redeemed even if it is a achiever .
Q: What happens if multiple people win the jackpot?
A : The players will share the jackpot in adequate amounts .

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