SEX POSITIONS You Can Do on an Exercise Ball

sex on a stability ball —is that in truth a thing ? absolutely, and if you haven ’ t tried it yet, you are missing out. not only is it fun and feels incredible, sex with these moves on the ball can give your pelvic deck muscles a capital exercise. You might be thinking, I can hardly stay on a ball to exercise, how can I have sex and not fall off ? Below, I ’ meter breaking down bit-by-bit instructions so that alternatively of worrying about getting hurt, you can stay present and enjoy the playfulness and sensations a stability ball can add to your sex life .
The Positions:
Ball Bounce
Doggy Style
The Lounge
Partner on Ball
Partner on Ball 2.0
Keep in mind the size of the ball you need will depend on the stature of your collaborator. If you need more stability, place the ball against the wall or in a corner.

Move 1: Ball Bounce

How to : Have your collaborator sit down in the middle of the constancy ball. You will get on top face and straddling your collaborator, and then they will begin to bounce up and down while you hold onto them. You can besides do this facing away from your partner ( reverse cowgirl ) and then have the choice of keeping your legs together or aside. If in either position your feet can touch the ground, you can besides ask your partner to not bounce while you initiate the movement .

Move 2: Doggy Style

How to : lie over the ball on your stomach and have your hands on the ground ( if needed ), relaxing over the ball. Your spouse will get behind you. Depending on the height of the ball, they will get on their knees or squat down, and seethe you slightly forward and spinal column. Your partner can hold your legs, or you can rest them on the ball .

Move 3: The Lounge

How to : Lie on your back on the ball, letting your head rest on it. Your spouse will get in presence of you on their knees or squatting down. Your collaborator can control the movement by holding your legs or having your branch perch on their shoulders, and rolling the ball advancing and back. You can besides control the motion by keeping your feet on the ground and rolling the testis.

Move 4: Partner on Ball

How to : Have your partner lie on their back on the ball with their feet on the background. Depending on the size of the ball, their principal may either rest on the ball or be lifted if needed, while their hands are on the ground. Face your partner, getting on top, one leg on each slope. You can bounce or do small pelvic tilts/circles .

Move 5: Partner on Ball 2.0

How to : Your collaborator is in the same position as the previous move, but this time you will turn away from your partner ( reverse cowgirl ) and place your feet close together in between their legs, then get on top. You can do pelvic tilts/circles or bounces .

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