Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR)

Purpose of the test

The purpose of a glomerular filtration test is to determine if the kidney is functioning by rights. As one of the star evaluations of kidney health, this test has many potential applications. For case, it can be used for diagnosis, screen, and monitor of kidney problems .


Diagnosis involves testing that happens after symptoms have occurred. diagnosis tries to determine the nature of the problem that is causing those symptoms. An eGFR screen can be share of the diagnostic action for symptoms that could be tied to a kidney problem such as urinary changes, fatigue, swelling in the arms or legs, itching, nausea, and vomit .
In addition to detecting kidney problems, an eGFR trial may be used to assess the badness or stage of kidney disease, including the possible presence of kidney failure. however, changes in eGFR do not perfectly correspond to kidney health, so other tests are often needed to evaluate the degree of wrong to the kidney .


screen is the medical term for testing that looks for signs of a health trouble before any symptoms have occurred. An eGFR test may be used for signal detection of kidney disease in people with risk factors such as diabetes, heart disease, urinary blockages or infections, a family history of kidney issues, high blood pressure, and chronic kidney disease.

Screening with an eGFR test may besides be done for people who are going to donate a kidney. The quiz can help make sure they have sufficient kidney routine to safely donate and can screen for problems after contribution .
Doctors may prescribe an eGFR trial as a form of screening before some aesculapian procedures such as imaging studies with contrast agents or treatments that can affect the kidney. In this means, the eGFR screen is used to try to prevent complications or side effects from medical care .


monitor is separate of ongoing care that observes how kidney function changes over meter or in reaction to treatment. If you have been diagnosed with kidney disease, duplicate tests of your glomerular filtration pace may be one component of how your doctor assesses the condition of your kidneys .
An eGFR screen can besides be used to monitor kidney function if you are taking a medicine that has the electric potential to damage the kidneys .

What does the test measure?

The test provides a calculation of the glomerular filtration rate, which reflects how well the kidneys are filtering the rake and is represented in milliliters per infinitesimal ( mL/min ). The solution is often listed as milliliters per minute per 1.73 squarely meters of body surface area ( mL/min/1/.73m2 ) .
In an eGFR test, this rate is not measured directly. alternatively, it is estimated by measuring another message in the blood. Most often, creatinine is measured, and then especial formulas calculate eGFR based on the level of creatinine in the blood .
Creatinine is naturally produced as a leave of the body ’ s process of supplying energy to muscles. The kidneys trickle and remove creatinine from the blood. typically the amount of creatinine generated is relatively constant, so changes in creatinine levels in the lineage can be an indicator of abnormal kidney function.

not everyone produces the same come of creatinine, though, which is why eGFR calculators can include factors such as old age, sex, acme, and ethnicity along with your creatinine levels in order to estimate the glomerular filtration rate .
While normally used, creatinine is not the only means that can be used to estimate GFR. For example, some eGFR tests measurement cystatin C, which is a protein made by many types of cells in the body. The effects of individual factors, such as muscle mass and diet, are different when calculating eGFR using cystatin C, so this method acting of eGFR examination may be more accurate in some circumstances .
The fundamental measurement and recipe used to estimate GFR may be detailed on an eGFR test report. Your doctor can besides provide this information about your screen .

When should I get an eGFR test?

There are a number of circumstances in which an eGFR test may be appropriate and beneficial for your checkup caution .
An eGFR test can help identify serious kidney disease and kidney failure. In response to a wide-eyed range of symptoms, an eGFR test can help determine if your kidneys are working properly .
sometimes kidney disease does not cause immediate symptoms. In these cases, testing with eGFR may enable an earlier diagnosis and improved ability to slow the progression of the disease. In general, this type of screening with an eGFR test is entirely done in people who have an elevated risk of kidney problems.

When you have previously been diagnosed with kidney disease or have had abnormal eGFR tests, doing one or more duplicate tests may aid in the diagnosis and monitor of your condition .
In some cases, an eGFR test is conducted before kidney contribution or the trigger of certain aesculapian treatments or procedures. In some of these circumstances, though, a more precise screen may be necessity to immediately measure quite than estimate GFR .
Your doctor is in the best position to address whether an eGFR trial or any other test of kidney function is appropriate for you given your overall health and health history .

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