What Does Anal Feel Like? What to Expect

couple kissing on bed share on Pinterest It ’ s impossible to say precisely what anal sex feels like. indeed many factors, from person ’ s human body to their sexual experience, play a function. To answer the question the best we can, we ’ ll count at how people who ’ ve had anal trace the feel. We ’ ve besides rounded up some first-timer tips to maximize joy.

If you have a prostate

Cisgender men and people assigned male at parturition have a prostate gland. While this fiddling gland ’ south job is to produce and propel semen, it besides happens to be chockablock of sensitive nerves that can make for some highly enjoyable feels .

Anal penetration

Before you get to the prostate gland, though, you make contact with all of the nerve endings in and around the anus. If you ’ re not used to this, it can feel uncomfortable at first. This initial penetration is besides frequently described as feel like a reverse poo, entirely way more enjoyable and comforting. And immediately that the other P-word is out there : Feeling like you might poop is identical common when you ’ re anally penetrated. These are all the same nerves and muscles that play a function in pooping, after all .

Prostate stimulation

Prostate stimulation is often described as feel insanely good. As separate of your natural intimate response, blood stream to the prostate increases, causing it to swell and become more sensitive. And talk of swelling, many people besides report abruptly feeling like they need to pee, even if their bladder ’ randomness empty. This is because your prostate is located in front of your bladder, and your urethra runs right through it. The feel is very park and wholly normal.

If you don’t have a prostate

You don ’ t need a prostate gland to enjoy anal — hallelujah ! Everyone has the lapp number of delightful nerve endings in and around the anus. Plus, there ’ s a highly erotic pleasure spot along the vaginal wall that can be indirectly stimulated via the anus. We ’ ra talking about the A spot. The feeling of initial penetration is the like as it is for people with a prostate gland. It can be a little uncomfortable at beginning, and you ’ ll probably feel like you ’ re going to poop.

Will it lead to an orgasm?

It certain can .

Prostate orgasms

Prostate orgasms cause continual contractions that are described as intense waves of deep pleasure that can be felt throughout the entire body. Some people besides experience oozing of milky fluid from the penis when they have a prostate gland orgasm. This is wholly convention and sometimes referred to as milk .

Anal orgasm

You don ’ t need a prostate to have an anal orgasm. Anal sexual activity with a penis or sex toy can indirectly stimulate the A position in the vagina, producing some good vaginal wetness and acute, full-body orgasm. The keystone to enjoyable anal sex and orgasm is the right mix of easiness and arousal, thus do whatever helps get you in the temper. Take a hot bathe, touch your other erogenous zones, or watch some pornography.

Tips for minimizing pain and discomfort

If you ’ re new to anal sex, a small discomfort is to be expected. But if you aren ’ t by rights prepared, things can get downright irritating. Between the close quarters and an open that ’ second accustomed to being used entirely as an die point, friction is a given. While some friction is enjoyable, besides much can lead to skin tears, besides called fissures, in the trace of your anus. These can increase your gamble for sexually transmitted and other infections. But there are a match of things you can do to keep discomfort to a minimum .

Use a lot of lube — seriously

Lube is all-important when it comes to anal. It keeps clash to a minimal and helps your back door sesh go a lot fluent ( literally ). You ’ ll want to apply lubricate to the penis ( or sex toy ) deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as in and around the anus. When you think you ’ re sufficiently lubed, add some more. There ’ second no such matter as besides much .

Go super slow

equitable because you ’ re all worked up and in the throes of passion doesn ’ t necessarily mean you ’ re ready for action. Slow and regular wins the subspecies — the subspecies being a enjoyable experience that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate end with a stumble to the ER. If it ’ randomness besides uncomfortable flush when going dense, try a well-lubed finger or minor anal sex toy dog before moving on to a penis or dildo .

Other first-timer tips

Prepping for anal is particularly crucial for newbies. here are some other first-timer tips to get you started off mighty .

Consider anal training

anal train refers to gradually stretching your anus in readiness for anal arouse. You can do this using cigarette plugs or anal dilators, starting with a little one and working your means up in size. Purchase an anal training kit out here .

Take a shower

There ’ s no way around it : Butts contain nincompoop, and there ’ s a gamble that some will make an appearance during anal. If this makes you uncomfortable, taking a agile rinse before the main event can help put you at ease. Plus, your partner will probably appreciate the gesture. A saponaceous shower or bath is sufficient, but some people like to use an enema before anal sexual activity for a deep clean. It ’ s not necessary, but wholly up to you .

Use protection

It ’ s wholly potential to spread STIs through anal sexual activity. Use a barrier form of protection, such as a condom, to reduce the risk of STIs and other infections, including :

  • HIV
  • gonorrhea
  • chlamydia
  • herpes

Switching between anal and vaginal sex ? Make certain to roll on a new condom in between. If using your hands or a arouse toy, wash thoroughly.

The bottom line

anal arouse can hurt, but it doesn ’ t have to. With some homework and a whole set of lubricant, anal sexual activity can feel ah-mazing, even if it ’ s your first foray into butt playing period.

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