The G-spot is the female prostate

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  • Hines TM

The G-spot : a modern gynecological myth . I appreciated Hines ‘ very matter to article “ The G-spot : A modern gynecological myth ” in the August 2001 topic of the Journal .2

  • Gräfenberg E.

The character of the urethra in female orgasm . separate of the disturb with this article and the entire discussion is the lack of agreement on definitions. The G-spot, or Gräfenberg spot, does not refer to “ a small but allegedly highly sensitive area on the front tooth wall of the human vagina, about a third base of the room up from the vaginal opening. ” rather, it refers to the “ area ” or “ zone ” on the upper berth wall of the vagina through which the prostate ( besides known as Skene ‘s glands and ducts ) can be accessed.In women, the prostate gland, although broadly smaller than the male prostate, besides surrounds the urethra, close to the urethral opening. The bang-up sensitivity comes not from what is on the upper wall of the vagina but from glands and ducts behind the vaginal wall.


  • Davidson JK
  • Darling CA
  • Conway-Welch C

The character of the Grafenberg blot and female ejaculation in the female orgasmic reaction : an empirical analysis . The biggest problem I have with the Hines article is how his inspection of the relevant literature that support the universe of a female prostate gland gland as the alleged G-spot misinterprets some research and either ignores or is unaware of other relevant findings. He even promises to discuss that the female prostate gland gland is indeed the G-spotthat he finds then hard to locate, but he never in truth does discuss this.


  • Zaviacic M
  • Whipple B

update on the female prostate and the phenomenon of female ejaculation.

There have been numerous diseased studies that in some way support the decision that what has been called Skene ‘s or paraurethral ducts and glands are, in fact, not a vestigial homolog of the male prostate gland but, rather, a “ minor, functional organ that produces female prostate secretion and possesses cells with neuroendocrine function, comparable to the male prostate. ” The Hines article intelligibly demonstrates that the term “ smudge ” is not a utilitarian metaphor to describe the anatomic basis of the female erogenous experience of stimulation of the upper vaginal wall. It is lone contributing to the confusion. A more accurate and scientifically based concept, such as the female prostate, should make it easier for everyone to understand the issues involved and better serve women ‘s health needs. The G-spot is an area of enormous importance to millions of women and their partners in terms of experiencing more pleasure and closeness from their sex .

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