Driver’s License and ID Megacenter Now Open In Tulsa

Tulsa ’ s state ID megacenter opened for clientele Monday good morning. The Department of Public Safety is offering a variety of refilling and surrogate services there on a walk-in basis, including REAL ID compliant cards. Tulsa and Oklahoma City megacenters are meant to help address a backlog that created months-long delays for hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans. Computer system problems were one of respective contributing factors. “ To be honest with you, when the pandemic hit, of course, that truly thrust the global into chaos anyhow, but it had an shock on us equally well. We were n’t able to service the public like we should have been able to, and that put us behind. so, nowadays we ‘ve been trying to catch up, ” said DPS Chief of Administration Pat Mays. Mays said workers at the megacenters can process barely about any transaction that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate require a drive quiz, including driver ‘s license refilling and replacement, out-of-state license transfers, and issuing apprentice ‘s permits for applicants who have completed driver ‘s education or passed a written test at an Oklahoma Career Tech.

“ We picked services that we could process cursorily to get the public through and be able to process deoxyadenosine monophosphate many as we could, ” Mays said. Mays said business was regular Monday dawn, but there was no hours-long wait like they ’ ve seen in Oklahoma City. Services are beginning come, beginning served. Appointments at tag agencies, which were hit by many of the same problems that caused the state ’ second delays, can be hard to come by or keep, in some cases. Rick Minkler accompanied his wife to the Tulsa megacenter Monday to get her license reincarnate and said they waited possibly 10 minutes.

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“ We had an date down the street here at a tag agency four different times, and they canceled even today, ” Minkler said. “ I precisely was then exacerbate, I said, ‘Let ‘s go up here and try it. ‘ Oh, I would have came hera any time. ” The Tulsa megacenter is in Kensington Business Center at 7130 S Lewis Ave., Suite 190. It ’ south open Monday through Saturday 6:30 ante meridiem to 10 post meridiem through Jan. 7. Payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit or debit cards. No cash or checks are accepted. Applicants for any service must have physical copies of compulsory documents that are official or certified copies.

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Those applying for REAL ID compliant identification must bring proof of their identity and legal bearing in the U.S., which can be a state parentage certificate, unexpired U.S. pass, naturalization security, unexpired foreign recommendation with a valid U.S. visa and I-94, consular report of parentage afield, unexpired permanent wave resident wag or unexpired use authority circuit board. If person ‘s name is different from the proof of identity provided, they must besides provide a legal document showing proofread of their identify change, like a marriage license, divorce decree or borrowing decree. real ID applicants must besides know their Social Security number and two forms of proof of their current Oklahoma address. A full tilt of acceptable documents is available at the DPS web site. real ID-compliant The fiscal class 2022 state appropriations bill included $ 6.6 million for the DPS megacenters .

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