21 New Things Couples Need to Try in Bed in 2021

Couple trying something new in bed
It happens to the best of relationships .
Love kindles like a wildfire … then simmers toss off to a slow radiance .
If you do n’t stoke the fire every immediately and then with something modern in the bedroom, the heat could die out wholly.

Some couples think they have fallen out of love or the flicker is gone. It is n’t .
The person you fell for is still in there, with all the arouse appeal that made the relationship pop at the beginning .
At first, the zest of novelty kept the relationship afloat ; the shudder of discovery as you discovered each others ‘ bodies, tastes, and personalities .
It was easy to keep things hot .
As you relaxed into the relationship, routines set in, and bills and/or kids entered the picture, that easy sexual chemistry subsided .
now it takes effort to spark that erstwhile love story .
You ‘ve committed to your relationship—honor that committedness by being proactive .
switch things up tonight with one or more of these 21 raw things to try in bed for couples .

1. Try New Positions

The Kama Sutra details 64 intimate positions. Most couples get tired after three or four .
There ‘s the one or two that works for him, and the one or two that works for her, and that ‘s what they stick to, every clock time .
That kind of sexual routine can quickly become humdrum .
Want something modern to do in seam ? Try a different sex position .
All sex positions begin from one of the three starting points .
These starting points are :

  • Face-to-face vs. rear entry
  • Standing, lying stacked, or lying side-by-side.
  • Him on top, her on top.

Everything else is a pas seul on one of those .
Within those basic parameters, however, the flip ‘s the terminus ad quem .
You could try :

  • Rear-entry with her bent over the bed, him standing behind.
  • Reverse cowgirl with his shoulders on an ottoman, hips raised in a bridge pose.
  • Reverse missionary where he lies on his back, tucks his legs back, and she thrusts her vagina up and down on his penis—great for role-reversal play!

If you do n’t like the new situation, there ‘s nothing wrong with going back to old congregation for the climax .
But you both might discover sensations you never knew exist
equitable know your consistency, and do n’t hurt yourself or your partner .
even if the new position turns out to be a amusing train wreck, it ‘s not a disaster—it ‘s something to attachment and laugh over .
Remember, sex is supposed to be fun !

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2. Keep the Lights On… or Turn them Off

Couple Getting Close in Romantic Setting
A survey done of over 2,000 people declared that those who were single prefer having sex with the lights on .
however, those who were in a relationship or who were married prefer sexual intercourse in a black dark setting .
In a separate study ( A Griffin 2016 ), it was found that men who were exposed to bright inner light for a duration of time through the sidereal day experience more sex drive and were found to have increased testosterone levels .
Lighting Preferences During Sex Infographic
Another thing you can try in sleep together is to do the face-to-face .
If you normally prefer the shroud of darkness, try keeping the lights on. This can be specially bang-up to try in bed for him .
Men tend to be ocular creatures. It adds to the agitation of the meet to watch her doing naughty things to him .
If you ‘re normally a “ light-on ” couple, try sex in black. This one is awesome to try in bed for her .
Women have rich people fantasy lives. The prediction of the stranger and unexpected could truly turn her on .

3. Try Light Bondage

Tips for Couples to Try Light Bondage
According to Magliano ( 2015 ), research showed, anywhere from 2 % to 62 % of couples enjoy BDSM .
If that gap makes your mind suffer, remember that it matters how the doubt is worded .
BDSM could encompass anything from lightly holding your collaborator down, all the means up to handcuffs and ball gags .
BDSM “ is a blend abbreviation. It stands for “ bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism. ”
Couples enjoy the shudder of ability or the bang of helplessness .
normally, one partner prefers to be dominant, the other submissive ( true of many couples who don’t exercise BDSM ). occasionally, couples might switch roles .
Do n’t go straight to handcuffs or ropes. person could well get injured .
alternatively, try tying each other down with silk scarves, possibly using one as a blindfold .
No slipknots,  as they can constrict and cut off circulation. Use a stationary knot like a square ravel or bowline .
Try some light teasing with :

  • Feathers
  • Foods
  • Fingers
  • Tongues

An significant aspect of BDSM play is a “ safeword, ” normally something unrelated to the sexual activity act like “ banana ” or “ freight train. ”
When the submissive partner says the safeword, the session stops immediately and the dominant partner removes all restraints .
Safewords allow submissives to say things like “ No, please stop ! ” and the dominant allele knows they are fine to continue .
Remember, BDSM is about the magic trick of world power and control condition between entrust partners .
real laterality can cursorily turn into assault .

Remember, never let a stranger tie you up.

4. Share Fantasies

Sharing Wild Fantasies in Bed
If you want ideas of things to try in bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend, do n’t overlook the best beginning of all—asking your boyfriend or girlfriend .
Your partner may be ashamed of his or her intimate fantasies, brought up to believe that they were wrong or bad .
Some fantasies may be politically incorrect or even nauseating in the wrong context .
Consider making your relationship a safe distance to talk about the darkest desires of each others ‘ hearts .
This may be the riskiest suggestion on this list.
You could end up finding out something you did n’t want to find out about your partner .
Better to know now than to find out later, though .
You besides might find out that once you act out the illusion it loses its ability to turn you on when you masturbate .

5. Talk Dirty

Couple Cuddling and Talking Dirty in Bed
many people feel stifled about talking dirty in bed, but it can actually spice things up if you run out of things to do in the bedroom .
If you ‘re not used to talking dirty, you might be afraid of sounding pathetic .
indeed, saying “ Give it to me ! ” or “ You ‘re a bad daughter ! ” might provoke giggles alternatively of moans, if you say them half-heartedly .
The flim-flam is to become give to the moment, to the emotions you are feeling, and speak them from the heart .
Do n’t be afraid to tell your spouse what you want to do to him/her or what you want him/her to do to you .
many people do n’t want their sex lives to be all lovey-dovey, all the time .
even with their partner for life, they want to feel like animals be treated like animals in bed .

6. Get Rough

Like BDSM, pugnacious bedroom playing period can be intimidating. You may love this person and do n’t want to hurt him/her .
OKcupid survey shows women like rough sex
That being said, 62 % of women responding to an OKCupid poll reported that they liked harsh arouse .
This is assailable to interpretation, but it might include :

  • Pulling hair
  • Spanking
  • Scratching
  • Biting
  • Choking
  • Holding your partner down
  • Slapping of the breasts, face, etc.
  • Taking control

Be extra careful before you choke, slap, scratch, hold down, or do anything to someone that could leave a mark.

These actions look like assail. Without consent, they are rape .
Consider rough play only with a believe partner, and build up to it so you understand how roughly you can safely get .
Another kind of harsh play is verbal rough play—calling your spouse a adulteress or verbally abusing him/her .
This could be a good place to start .
If one or the other collaborator does n’t like it, you can constantly make up late with little harm done .

7. Swallow

Sexual Mosaic Art
Informal polls find that most people who give cock sucking to climax swallow the blurt out .
If you or your partner has objected to this in the past, consider giving it a attempt .
Swallowing semen is naughty, taboo, and ( some believe ) intimate—in early words, a capital matter to try in seam with your girlfriend or boyfriend .
For the health-conscious, semen is 97 % water, non-fattening, and contains about 2 % sperm .
The metallic preference comes from zinc, an all-important mineral .
If a partner objects to the taste of semen, the world could do a few things to improve the taste .
Eating lots of yield or drink fruit juices reportedly improves the spirit of semen, while others habits like drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes can befoul the taste .
even eating certain foods can cause semen to taste bad like :

  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Coffee
  • Deep-fried foods

8. Anal Play

Couples Who Enjoy Anal
Anal is considered taboo, a final frontier, the state of cheery men .
Women are n’t supposed to like it, and surely not neat men.

The numbers tell a unlike narrative .
An NIH study discovered that 43 % of men and 37 % of women reputation having had anal arouse at least once in their lives .
An NSSHB survey by Herbenick et alabama, ( 2017 ) found that 43 % of men and 37 % of women concluded that over 20 % had anal sexual activity within the past year .
many couples make two big anal-sex mistakes :

  • Not enough lubricant – The anus is tighter and does not self-lubricate like the vagina. Lube is mandatory, preferably a long-lasting, viscous lube made of oil or silicone.
  • Leading off with anal intercourse – A penis in the butt is something you work up to. Start small with a lubed-up finger in your partner’s anus, maybe during regularly-scheduled sexual activity. Upgrade to small butt plugs, then larger butt plugs, inserted during other sex acts.

Anal is not for everybody, but adequate people like it that it ‘s worth a try—if for nothing else than the satisfaction of crossing that taboo wrinkle in concert .

    IMPORTANT: merely toys with erupt bases are safe to use as butt plugs. Non-flared dildo can become lost inside the rectum and causal agent internal damage .

    9. Watch Each Other Masturbate

    Couples Should Watch Each Other Pleasure Themselves
    Pay attention—you could learn something !
    many people feel furtive and close about their masturbation, habits acquired in adolescence while living with their parents .
    We ‘ve come a long means from ma and dad ‘s house .
    Studies have shown that people find masturbation more physically gratifying than sex with a spouse, even if partner arouse was more emotionally gratifying .
    possibly that ‘s because we do n’t have to focus on anybody but ourselves .
    possibly it ‘s because alone we know how to please ourselves the best .
    so turn masturbation into a spouse action .
    If you run out of things to do in bed, take the atmospheric pressure off of pleasing each other and just please yourselves in each others ‘ presence .
    You may discover that how you were touching the penis or vagina in question was very unlike from how your spouse likes to touch him/herself .
    Try to reproduce that tint with your hands during the next hands-on session and see what happens .

    10. Exchange Massages

    sex may feel like besides much press after a hard day, but who is n’t down for a massage ?
    Go for break with aromatic oils, soothing music, satiny sheets .
    It ‘s a great way to enjoy each others ‘ bodies and make each early feel good, without the attempt of arouse .
    Who knows—in that relax, dopamine-rich country, sex may fair happen .

    11. Play Dress-Up

    Keep Things Interesting With Role-play in Bed
    here ‘s another prospect to risk looking silly, but if you commit to it, intimate roleplaying can make every sex school term a modern gamble and a gamble to explore deep, possibly prevent kinks like intergenerational relationships, power dynamics, or racial fetishization .
    Dress-up ideas include :

    • Tarzan and Jane
    • Queen and peasant
    • Employee and boss
    • Student and teacher
    • Cheerleader and coach
    • Prisoner and guard
    • Prostitute and solicitor (or cop setting her up)
    • Rock or hip-hop star and groupie
    • Movie star and publicist
    • Athlete and physical therapist
    • Old and young
    • Knight and damsel
    • Spiderman and Mary Jane
    • Doctor and patient

    12. Switch Power Roles

    many couples have one dominant spouse, but it can be a refresh change of pace for the submissive partner to take over for a night—initiate, pick the position, fun rough, lecture abusively .
    If you do n’t like it, at least you know a little better what it ‘s like to be in the other collaborator ‘s shoes .

    13. Leave the Bed Behind

    Start Having Sex Around The House
    One of the best ways to try something modern in the bedroom is to leave the bedroom .
    When you are confident of your privacy, take your sexual activity session anywhere in the home that suits you .
    Options include :

    • The sofa
    • Kitchen counter
    • Kitchen table
    • Dining room table
    • Home office desk
    • Walk-in closet
    • Shower
    • Toilet
    • Swimming pool
    • Balcony
    • Back seat of the car
    • On the floor
    • Against the wall

    sex out of the bedroom has that hot, spontaneous vibration of impatience—you ca n’t keep your hands off each early, and ca n’t be bothered to make it to the bedroom .
    You may have even had some sexual activity like that early in the kinship .
    If you run out of things to do in bed, you could always relive those judicious days of sex on the ottoman !

    14. Add Something Tasty

    How to Use Food During Sex
    Consider food play—chocolate sauce, marshmallows, strawberries, eating sushi off each other, dumping champagne over each others ‘ bodies … go nuts .
    An comestible lubricant or edible underwear are options besides .

    Caution: Food and sugars in the vagina can lead to yeast infections .

    15. Discover Lube

    Should You Use Lube During Sex?
    Lube is n’t equitable for anal sex—it can make handjobs, play play, and vaginal sex much more enjoyable .
    Lube should be in every couple ‘s sex arsenal, even if they do n’t like roleplaying or toys .
    Dry vaginal sex can cause chafe and tear .
    Adding lubricant makes sex enjoyable for everyone, more often .
    Lube comes in three basic varieties :

    • Water-based lube – Safe to use on condoms and toys.
    • Silicone-based lube – Silky and viscous, long-lasting, great for anal sex or aquatic sex. Safe to use with condoms, but not silicone sex toys.
    • Oil-based lube – Silky and long-lasting, great for masturbation and toys. Safe to use with sex toys, but not with condoms.
    • Organic lube – Silky smooth, safe to use with condoms and toys, pH balanced, 100% natural ingredients

    Promescent Lubricant – Silky, Smooth, Ultra Glide.

    premium lubricants made to stay satiny smooth, not awkward. View Products

    16. Pick Each Other Up in Bars

    Re-live the bang of singlehood—without the rejection or the regret .
    get dolled up, go out individually, and pretend not to know each other .
    Every pick-up line will work .
    Get each other liquored up and in the temper to make some ad-lib bad decisions. “ I never do this ! ” “ My target or yours ? ” ( It ‘s the lapp place. )

    17. Play with Toys

    sex toys play a key character in many long-run relationships .
    Women rarely give up their favorite vibrators good because they have a partner in bed with them regularly—and they should n’t have to .
    A trip to the local adult storehouse could reveal a earth of possibilities to enhance your sexual encounters with possibilities for play .
    Consider :

    • Vibrators to effortlessly stimulate her clitoris during penetration
    • Cock rings to enhance his and her pleasure
    • Butt plugs or anal beads to add anal stimulation to the sexual encounter
    • Pocket pussies for her to use on his penis
    • Penis sleeves to prolong intimacy or enhance size. See some of the best penis sleeves available today  

    It ‘s better than Christmas—with a new miniature, arouse with the lapp partner becomes a solid new thing !

    18. Be Spontaneous

    Couple Having Fun and Being Spontaneous
    The everyday of chores, bills, meals, and must-see television receiver go a hanker manner toward killing the sparkle in once-hot relationships .
    here ‘s an theme for when you run out of things to do in bed—turn those boring routines into an advantage .
    Cooking dinner ? Barge in and bending her over the counter .
    A work assignment is ascribable tomorrow ? Interrupt him with fellatio in his home office chair—guess you ‘re working deep .
    hanker road trip ? Pull off the road and snag a room at the nearest motel .
    Scour your everyday for opportunities to inject hot sexual activity into the desegregate .

    19. Try Sex in Public

    Experiment Having Sex in The Car
    now we ‘re getting into a danger partition where lone professionals make bold to tread .
    sex in public is the ultimate rush for many couples—the shudder of spontaneity, the risk of getting get .
    Let ‘s spill about getting catch. sex in many public places violates public indecency laws .
    interestingly, sexual activity on a public-facing balcony or in presence of a public-facing painting window is still considered public, evening if the love nest is technically on your private property .
    many couples dream of joining the mile-high cabaret. Bear in mind that having sex in an airplane flush toilet is wholly illegal .
    thus is road head or other sexual acts performed behind the bicycle of a moving vehicle .
    other danger zones include :

    • Public parks
    • The back seat of publicly-parked cars
    • Alleys
    • Public beaches

    More benign places to try public sex might include a bathroom or vacant bedroom of a family where you are attending a private party .
    possibly this will surprise you, possibly it wo n’t, but sex in the bathrooms of cabaret is besides very coarse .
    Public sex has one advantage—anyone who catches you may be besides embarrassed to bust you, rather preferring to look the other room until you are done .

    20. Make a Sex Tape

    Make A Sexy Home Video
    sometimes the cognition that you are performing for the camera spices up the encounter .
    Go ahead and make your own homemade pornography to revisit later and see how hot you look. Just be mindful of security.
    You may not want to see your homemade sexual activity tape wind up on your favorite pornography web site unless possibly you are a world television star .

    21. Invite Others

    This is a identical huffy discipline .
    many couples do not have the stomach for the mind of their quixotic partner touching person else .
    This is very common, and nothing to be ashamed of.
    Do n’t let anyone convert you that you should be okay with non-monogamy if you are n’t .
    Let ‘s be real number, though—we ‘re wired to be genitive of our partners, but we have wandering eyes .
    Reporting in the Institute for Family Studies web log, Wang, 2018 found 20 % of american english men and 13 % of american women are estimated to have had affairs while married .
    Do men or women cheat more?
    alternatively of being shocked when it happens, we should be surprised if it has never happened to person we know .
    Hundreds of generations of our ancestors passed the infidelity gene down to us, due to the generative achiever of cheaters .
    It may not have made us happy, it may not have made us good partners, but it made us reproduce .
    There ‘s no deny that if you can successfully integrate other partners into a long-run relationship, you will never lack something newfangled to do in bed because you can constantly opt for person new to do in bed .
    In a 2016 analyze ( Haupert ML ), An estimated 4 % -5 % of american english couples practice “ ethical ” or “ consensual ” non-monogamy .
    true champions of sexual experiment could try any of the watch :

    • Picking up a third – This requires at least one outgoing and charismatic partner, preferably both to win the third party over to the idea. Alternately, if you have a mutual friend who is into the idea, you could try that, but all three relationships would be at risk.
    • Orgies, sex clubs, or swingers parties – It requires less charm and salesmanship, but you still have to develop a high comfort level with unusual surroundings and strangers.
    • Cuckold fantasies – Some partners actually fantasize about their partners being sexual with someone else. The partner can be present or absent at the time of the encounter, but it is unethical and possibly criminal to observe or record someone having sex without their knowledge.
    • An open relationship – Some couples make it work, but long-term relationships with dating privileges represent a small minority.


    The feat is worth it .
    To put it gently, arouse matters. It ‘s the glue that holds the relationship in concert.

    Studies show that advanced relationships start to fizzle and fail after arsenic few as five bad sexual encounters .
    One partner might not even share their dissatisfaction until it ‘s excessively former .
    Do n’t wait for that tough conversation. Spice things up now, and enjoy the fruits of a rejuvenated sexual activity life .

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