Types of penises: Shape, size, circumcision, and more

The penis is a male harmonium with functions that include reproduction and micturition. As with any body separate, no two people have the lapp penis. The penis has two chief features. The body, or rotating shaft, connects the penis to the abdomen. At the antonym end of the cheat is the glans, or lead. This article lists some common types of penises, categorized primarily by measurement, and provides some related information.


Illustration to show different ways in which penises can be different shapes. plowshare on PinterestMedical Illustration by Diego Sabogal Penises come in different lengths when flaccid or erect. Estimates about average penis duration can vary. For model, one 2014 discipline looked at the penis size of United States males. It found that the average erect distance was around 5.6 inches. however, another article suggests there are issues with many penis length studies, including the fact that participants self-report measurements. These studies use self-reported data and are consequently discipline to bias, which likely fuels the far-flung impression that the average penis size is closer to 6 inches. In reality, the modal is probable to be lower .


Penises besides have different girths or circumferences. A 2014 sketch into the penis size of U.S. males found that the average raise cinch was around 4.8 inches. however, as with penis distance, a person should note that many penis cinch studies use self-reported measurements, which are known to be reasonably treacherous.


Some penises are wholly straight when erect. however, many have a bend or curvature. There are three chief types of curl penis. These include penises that :

  • curve upwards from its base
  • curve downwards from its base
  • curve to the left or right

additionally, some people may have multiple kinds of curvature. For case, some penises may curve to the leave and upwards. Penile curvatures are coarse and typically benign. They are rarely atrocious and do not normally make penetrative sexual activity more difficult. however, abnormal penile curvature can sometimes be a symptom of Peyronie ’ second disease. One review lists the keep up as potential symptoms :

  • a thickened area, or plaque, in the penile shaft
  • curvature of the penis during erection
  • pain in the penis
  • erectile dysfunction

Scientists are not sure what causes Peyronie ’ second disease. One common explanation is that the condition results from balmy, recurring injury to the penis. This can occur during sexual intercourse or masturbation. Peyronie ’ second disease can besides be due to a rupture in the penis, known as a penile fracture. familial factors may besides contribute to the growth of this condition.

Anybody who suspects they may have Peyronie ’ s disease should seek medical advice. sometimes, people with the condition who experience no other issues, such as pain, could even use their penis for intimate activeness without needing medical discussion. In some cases, doctors may recommend surgery to remove the plaque or reduce the curvature in the penis .

The base to head ratio

For some people, the circumference of the base of their penile shot is the same as the circumference of their penile head. For others, this ratio is unlike. Some may have a penile head with more cinch than the base of their spear, or frailty versa.

Circumcised and uncircumcised

A person with a penis is born with a retractable layer of skin that covers the penile head, normally referred to as the prepuce. many people around the populace have their prepuce surgically removed, in a march known as male circumcision. A aim person may carry out male circumcision on children and adults, much for cultural or religious reasons. Doctors can besides perform them in checkup treatments. Circumcised penises do not have a prepuce, which means that the glans is constantly visible. Uncircumcised penises have a prepuce, which often covers the glans, specially when the penis is soft. Some infants can be born without a prepuce, which is a stipulate called hypospadias. here, the open of the penis is not found at the tap. Surgery is normally required to correct this exit. Uncircumcised men can besides develop phimosis, where the prepuce can not retract over the hood of the glans. This can lead to aggravation and infection. People with the condition broadly require medical circumcision. Because circumcision is a surgical process, it can sometimes lead to health issues, including :

  • infection
  • necrosis of the penile head
  • cut to the penile head or urethra
  • penile loss

however, people should note that this procedure is very common. Infections following circumcision, one of the most common possible complications, affect just 0.5 % of people.


many internet sources misinform and perpetuate myths about penises. In reality, they are highly varied, merely like other body parts. Anyone who has concerns about their penis can seek checkup advice from a discipline professional .

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