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Celebrity tomato
Ripe Celebrity tomato Ripe Celebrity tomato
Tomato Solanum lycopersicon)
Maturity 70-75 days
Plant height 5-10 feet
Fruit weight 8-10 oz
Leaf Regular leaf
Resist. verticillium wilt (V), fusarium wilt 1 and 2 (F), nematodes, and tobacco mosaic virus (T)
Color Red
Shape Globe

The Celebrity tomato cultivar is a hybrid ( biota ) that produces long fruit-bearing stems holding 20 or more very plump, full-bodied tomatoes. Fruits weigh approximately 8 oz., and are 4 inches across. Plants need caging or stake, and produce fruit throughout the growing season. [ 1 ] The celebrity tomato is a cultivar of the species Solanum lycopersicon. It is a crossbreed of the coarse tomato that is wide used for versatile culinary purposes. This tomato is of great size and is known to be insubordinate to most tomato diseases such as Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, Tobacco mosaic virus and Root-knot nematode ascribable to its hybrid nature. fame tomatoes are highly adaptive to harsh environments and can grow in a wide range of places including dry, humid and wet regions. [ 2 ] They are tolerant to cracking and splitting which normally occurs when there is an surfeit of water and sugar drift in the fruits. [ 3 ] Therefore, causing the tomato skin to grow at a slower rate compared to the expansion of the fruit. They can survive in coarse odd rain. however, they are highly susceptible to colder environments and are at a higher risk of dying in regions with short growing seasons. The plants can grow up to 5 feet in stature with bright crimson medium-sized fruits. [ 4 ] The plants are broadly very thick and grow in clusters. The tomato fruits are by and large used in the make of assorted salsas, salads, juices and canned food. [ 5 ]

history [edit ]

The hybridization ( biota ) of tomato cultivars was introduced in 1945 to provide gardeners, chefs and food industries with high choice, disease insubordinate and flavorful tomatoes. [ 6 ] The hybrid plant Celebrity tomato was first produced in USA by Colen Wyatt who was a vegetable breeder in the recently twentieth century. [ 7 ] The plant was commercially distributed in the deep 1980s for PetoSeed Co. which is now a subsidiary company of Seminis Vegetable Seeds. In 1984, the implant was judged by respective experts in the fields of gardening and recognised as a recipient of the All-America Selections award due to its favorable characteristics compared to early tomato cultivars. This tomato cultivar remains a popular choice for gardeners and is frequently winners of several garden and gardening research experiments for its discrete features. [ 8 ]

vegetation [edit ]

Unripe Celebrity tomato Unripe fame tomato

description [edit ]

Celebrity tomato plants are semi-determinate and grow in bush-like geological formation with compound Regular Leaves ( RL ) and stems ranging from 5-10 feet in acme. [ 9 ] Due to having traits of a definitive cultivar, the plant stops growing after reaching a certain height and far growth is prevented through the output of flowers in groups. In some cases, the plant will continue growing and bear fruit despite reaching its pre-determined altitude and therefore is labelled as a semi-determinate. [ 5 ] The flowers are yellow in color and blooming size is less than 1 inch. [ 4 ] The maturity time of the plant ranges from 70-75 days since it is a mid-season assortment. The tomatoes are medium in size weighing 8-10 oz each and ripens in less than 6 weeks. [ 5 ] The outside and inner of the fruit is bright red in color with a distinct flattened-globe form. [ 9 ] The merely edible parts of the establish include the fruits since the leaves and roots are toxic upon consumption. The life bicycle of Celebrity tomatoes is perennial as it does not require replanting every class and will survive for a farseeing period of clock. [ 9 ]

F1 Hybrid Breeding [edit ]

Celebrity tomato is a first gear genesis ( F1 ) hybrid. [ 5 ] It was designed through the crossbreed of two saturated tomato plants with craved characteristics such as disease resistance, high yields and good relish. This was achieved by crossing connatural rear plants that were either pollen-carrying or seed-carrying. [ 10 ]

cultivation [edit ]

celebrity plants in their early stages

Growing Conditions [edit ]

Celebrity tomato plant requires wide sun to grow and reach its electric potential altitude, wear fruits and achieve utmost yields. [ 5 ] Although Celebrity tomatoes can be grown in a wide compass of soils it is recommended to plant them in loosely pack and nutrient-rich soils. Seeds are typically sow 6-8 weeks before the final frost date. [ 9 ] Seed germination normally occurs between 6-10 days. high yields of this plant are achieved by maintaining an allow territory pH level of 6.2-6.8. [ 11 ] Application of fertilizer is recommended to the dirty when the plant begins flowering. The plant requires a consistent and large come of water throughout the temper. [ 11 ] Moisture needs to reach at least 6 inches deep into the dirty to promote root and plant emergence. Soil moisture can be cautiously retained through the use of mulch. [ 12 ] By using fabrics such as black landscaping framework, it can cause the soil to become warm more cursorily and aid in an earlier plantation of seeds. [ 12 ] Mulching can besides improve the dirt productiveness and reduce the total of weeds that can interfere with the growth of Celebrity tomatoes. [ 12 ] Without sufficient moisture the plant can have stunted growth and flower end decomposition. Minimising pests and maximising water retention are necessity to cultivating the Celebrity tomato, and this is achieved through the application of mulch in its smother. [ 9 ] The plants require proper spacing ( 2 feet ) between each plant to ensure that diseases do not spread. [ 5 ] Staking is a necessity method acting that is required by the tomato plants since it can grow up to 10 feet tall and the fruits can become quite heavy and big in size. [ 11 ] The plantation of companion plants such as chives, marigolds and basil are encouraged as these plants prevent the growth of weeds, provides natural pest command and improves flavour of the tomatoes. [ 13 ] It is recommended that Celebrity tomatoes should be rotated aside from other members of the Solanaceae syndicate for a menstruation of three years. [ 12 ] Since Celebrity tomatoes require a high come of nitrogen, potassium and morning star in the dirt to thrive, planting beans and pea advance will improve the land conditions by fixing more nitrogen into the dirt. [ 12 ] Crop rotation of Celebrity tomatoes enables a disease-free, weed-free environment for the plants and decreases the number of pests that are confront due to the successful contest of weeds with the accompanying crops. [ 14 ] This besides ensures that the soil does not wear out from the plants ’ alimentary demands, which can lead to a decrease of agrarian productiveness, poor territory structure and degradation of land quality. [ 14 ]

consumption [edit ]

nutrition [edit ]

According to the United States Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) Celebrity tomatoes have identical broken calories containing 18 calories per 100g ( 3.5 oz ). There are no saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and the total share of fats is 0 %. [ 15 ] They provide a commodity source of dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals that are essential for health and wellbeing. Since the tomatoes contain Lycopene which is an antioxidant phytochemical, it helps prevent the formation of unblock radicals that can develop cancer. [ 15 ]

culinary [edit ]

fame tomatoes are normally eat sliced or raw in sandwiches and salsas. They are used to make thick sauces for pasta and noodles, tomato stocks, tomato soups and salads. [ 16 ] They can besides be cooked and added to dishes such as tomato purèe and tomato fritters which greatly enhance their flavour due to the lemony smack of tomatoes. [ 16 ] In some cases, Celebrity tomatoes are besides used as a garnish for savory dishes. [ 17 ] other dishes such as stuff tomatoes, tomato basil bruschetta, broiled tomatoes and cheese, spaghetti squash with tomatoes incorporate Celebrity tomatoes. [ 17 ]

green or green tomatoes are used to prepare diverse chutneys and can besides be pickled. They are normally used to make can tomatoes and are fried to form components of early dishes. [ 16 ]

storehouse [edit ]

After harvesting ripe Celebrity tomatoes, they should be kept at room temperature for a utmost of 2-3 days in order to ensure that the taste is best and fresh. [ 12 ] Celebrity tomatoes should not be refrigerated directly away since they are sensitive to cold temperatures. [ 16 ] even though refrigerating them will keep the Celebrity tomatoes from ripening faster, it will finally lead to a distorted taste and make them lose their master relish. [ 16 ] They are to be stored away from direct sunlight since this can cause quicker spoilage of tomatoes. The stems are to be removed from the tomatoes cautiously and they should be stored in an ‘ inverted ’ manner. [ 16 ] In the font of harvesting green Celebrity tomatoes, the ripening process can be appropriately quickened by placing them in a newspaper bulge containing apples or bananas. [ 16 ] This is because fruits such as apples and bananas exude Ethylene flatulence that can make the ripening process of tomatoes faster. [ 16 ] fame tomatoes can last for up to a week when stored properly however it depends on the ripen of the tomatoes when harvested. [ 16 ] Consumption of good tomatoes should be done within 1-2 days since this enables maximal preoccupation of vitamins and minerals present in the fruits. [ 12 ] It is recommended that the tomatoes should be preserved quite than refrigerated to maintain their original texture and spirit. [ 12 ]

Diseases and Pests [edit ]

celebrity tomatoes are repellent to Verticillium Wilt, a fungal disease which causes a yellow color to plant leaves and finally causes the leaves to wilt and die. [ 18 ] It is besides resistant to Fusarium Wilt which is a fungus found in the dirt that infects the roots of plants, stopping plant growth and causing leaf necrosis. [ 11 ] Root-knot nematodes and tobacco mosaic virus resistance are found in celebrity tomatoes which both causal agent stunted growth and decreased yields. [ 5 ] Despite having such high resistance to fungal and viral infections, Celebrity tomatoes are not immune to other pests and diseases. Aphids are a dogged pest that negatively impact the fruits and leaves of the tomato plants. [ 11 ] The most common aphids that affect tomato plants include potato and green-peach aphids and a large count of them cause flick curling through the sucking of fool. [ 11 ] Cutworms and hornworms are caterpillars that cause massive wrong to the substantive parts of newfangled plants by feeding on them. This causes insufficient growth of plant leaves, lateral shoots and ultimately plant death. [ 11 ] Spider mites and scales are pests that causal agent punctures to the top and bottom of tomato leaves in order to feed on the sap. This can cause yellow of leaves, wilted leaves, premature fruit production and stunted plant increase. injury can be done to the leaf of Celebrity tomato plants by slugs and snails. This is because they chew on the leaves of plants and have a damaging impingement on low-hanging fruits. [ 19 ] Russet mites are pests that can cause Celebrity tomato plant leaves to turn greasy in appearance before turning bronze in color. Pinworms and fruitworms are caterpillars that cause heavy wrong to the plant leaves by eating them. [ 19 ]

Pest Control [edit ]

Through the removal of hiding places such as under rocks, wooden boards and areas with many weeds, the count of snails and slugs can be minimised. [ 20 ] It is besides allow to hand-pick snails out of your garden and to lay escargot traps to ensure the growth of healthy plants. [ 20 ] The use fungicidal and miticidal sulphur dust and wettable sulphur prevents russet mites from creating tan of tomato leaf. [ 19 ] celebrity tomatoes should not be planted near plants from the Solanaceae syndicate such as petunias and potatoes since planting near them can cause diseases from those plants to transfer. [ 19 ] By planting potatoes near tomatoes, the chances of them catching potato blight disease can increase. [ 19 ] Pesticides and natural enemies are not helpful against pinworms. After the harvest of Celebrity tomatoes, it is suggested that all plants should immediately tilled to reduce the incidence of pinworms. [ 19 ] Via the application of the organic insecticide Bacillus thuringiensis the number of fruitworms can be contained. This will ensure that insects that are beneficial to the plants do not get harmed through the application of pesticides. [ 19 ]

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