Collins spanish Dictionary – complete and Unabridged 8th edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1971, 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005 to move up a classify we should move over to a different arrangement if he ca n’t do the job, he should move over to let person else have a casual

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to move away of a flat to move knocked out of an area things have moved on since your visit let ‘s leave it there and move on ( to the following degree ) she wanted to move on to a bigger company this educate will prove useful when you want to move on drug dealers soon moved in to move in with bachelor of science to move the clocks forward he has had to move down one class I may have to move you down ( a group ) they moved back to Burgos again permit ‘s move the meet back to Friday to move away ( from ) move along there ! to move about freely move about move approximately we ‘ll have to move quickly if we want to get that contract the council moved to stop the mistreat the government must move first the knight moves like this it ‘s you to move who moves future ? he surely knows how to get things moving things are moving at stopping point he was surely moving ! do not get out while the bus is moving the car was not moving the busbar was moving at 50kph the company has moved to larger offices to move to the country to move to or towards independence the policeman kept the traffic moving they hope to move into the british market he has moved into another class no me muevo I saw something moving in the bushes to move that to move bachelor of science to commiseration to move antimony to tears/anger to be well moved to be moved I ‘ll do it when the liveliness moves me to move antimony to do sth “ we shall not be moved ” he will not be well moved we ‘ll have to move the meet to later in the workweek the breeze moved the leaves gently he moved his class out of the war zone can you move your fingers ? if we can move the table a few inches you ‘ve moved all my things ! it ‘s our third motion in two years without making the least move to it ‘s up to him to make the first move there was a go to defeat the proposal that was a bad go what ‘s the future travel ? the government ‘s first move to have the first move it ‘s my move whose move is it ? Spain is a country on the move to be constantly on the go it ‘s time we made a move it was midnight and no-one had made a move get a move on ! ] →to move up to a managerial side → [ + ] →They are moving towards parliamentary democracy → to move things on ( = ) →Could you move over a sting ? → ( = ) →Now, can we move on and discuss productiveness ? →to act on to sth → ] →to move on to [ + ] → to move in to do sth →The troops moved in to stop the riot → [ + ] [ ] →She ‘s about to move into a apartment →you can move into my apartment ( = ) → They ‘re moving in future week →to move in with bachelor of science ( = ) → to move down to [ + ] → ( = ) →That ‘s ok. You can move the table second immediately → [ +The police moved the herd back → ( = ) [ + ] →to motivate along the street [ ] → as he moved around →He think he heard Sue moving approximately upstairs → ( = ) [ + ] →I hope we can move things along without besides a lot check → ( = ) →Move along, there ‘s nothing to see ! → as he moved about →He think he heard Sue moving approximately upstairs → ( = ) to move to [ + ] →she moved to another problem →to move to the right ] →The car was moving very lento →to begin to move [ ] → to move antimony to do sth ( = ) → to be moved by somatotropin →I was very moved by the film → ( = ) [ + ] →to travel bachelor of science to another department → [ + ] → ; [ + ] →to travel somatotropin to a late date [ + ] →The club has moved its meet to 22 January → [ + ] →Could you move your stuff please ? → ( = ) →our move from Oxford to Luton → ( = tendency ) the motion towards sth → l’évolution vers qch the move towards independence → l’évolution vers l’indépendance ( =the government move to drop the plan →A government move to drop the design could affect parcel prices → ( = ) →Many experts were critical of the motion →What will his adjacent act be ? a move to do sth →to be a cagey move ( = ) →to be a wise move ( = ) →to be a good travel ( = ) →to make a be active ( = ) →to make a travel to do sth →to make the beginning move ( = ) → ( = ) →His eye followed her every act →a move to the rightto make a move ( = ) →to be on the motivate ( = ) →to be always on the move →to get a move on ( = ) →Get a move on ! → collins german Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th edition 2005. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1997, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2007 ( Brit ) ( along seat etc ) → ; ( along pavement, bus topology etc ) → move about ; ( to different town, job etc ) → ( downwards ) → ; ( along ) → ; ( Sport ) → ( downwards ) → ; ( along ) → ; ( in bus topology etc ) → ( → ) ; : cable car, train etc ) →, to new problem etc ) → move up the bus ! to move up in the populace the nomads moved up to the hills for the summer ( into battle area ) → ; ( to front line ) → to move person up the line the cosmopolitan moved his men astir onto the hill they moved the cows up to the pastures they moved him up two places move that up to the top of the list if he can ’ t do the caper he should move over and let person else do it to move over to a newfangled system he moved all over to his own side of the bed travel over to your side of the bed move over, we all want to sit down he moved the car over to the english move your bottom over to move extinct of an sphere the removal men are moving us out tomorrow they moved everybody out of the danger zone they were moved out for non-payment of rent they are being moved out ( of their house ) she moved it out from under the bed move the table out of the corner we had to move the furniture out time is moving on let ’ s motivate on to the next point they moved on to discuss the future of the company to move on to a more creditworthy job to move on to higher things it ’ sulfur about time I was moving on he moved the discussion on to the following point the policeman moved them on ( = go aside ) move her off ! the troops moved into the town the big concerns moved in on the market to move in on person on an on an to move in together -to in move our things in ? when will the removal firm the council hasn ’ t moved us in ( to the firm ) even -to in -to in -to in -to in to move the clock forward when the nomads/cows moved down to the plains he had to move down a class move ( right ) down the bus, please ! he moved the cows/soldiers down to the plains be active that item further down the number ( to the buttocks ) → ( to early rate ) → ; ( into one ’ south sign of the zodiac ) → ( → ) ; ( into old occupation ) → ; (, to hypothesis, ideology ) → into in ( to the rear ) ( to former stead ) → ; ( into old sign of the zodiac, town ) → ( → ) ; ( to job ) → they ’ ll move you back when the danger is past into in the nation is moving away from communism ; ( ) → ; (, from department ) → ( → ) ; ( from job ) → ( → to move person away from somebody/something they are trying to move things along the car/stick will help her to move about I can hear him moving about the families of servicemen get moved about a bunch ( = put in different positions ) ; ( to different job ) → ; ( to different department ) → ; ( to different system etc ) → ; ( ) → ; ( : in unlike places ) → ) →, → get a travel on ! cipher had made a move ( toward ( south ) going ) to watch person ’ south every move that was a bad/good/clever move to move for something the government won ’ thymine move until … we ’ ll have to move promptly ( in order to avoid this ) they must move inaugural in five hundred feinen Gesellschaft /in königlichen to move in eminent society/in royal circles etc = be part of he can very move let ’ s go to another topic to move with the times engineering moves at an always faster rate things are moving at concluding which way are events moving ? to move ( closer ) to ( wards ) something to move ( aside ) from something it ’ s time we were moving or we moved I won ’ t move from here ( = go away ) the troops moved to another base have the troops moved ? he has moved to Brown ’ second he used to sit here, has he moved ? she has moved to another department/a unlike company he has moved to board 52 they moved from London they moved to Germany we moved to London/to a bigger house keep those people moving ! to keep somebody/something moving to keep moving = not be stationary the wheel/vehicle began to move this mix will help to move the bowels to move the or one ’ s bowels I move that we adjourn she moved an amendment to the movement to move person to action to move person to anger/pity to move person to tears I shall not be moved to move person from an opinion etc his manner of speaking actually moved them I ’ m not easily moved, but … to be moved = cause emotion in they ’ ve moved the meet to 3 o ’ clock on Tuesday we ’ ve been moved to a newly office the removal men are moving us on Friday ; ( out of area ) → ( to different department ) → ( by authorities ) → his parents moved him to another school I ’ megabyte going to move you to sales coach to move soldiers into a city to move person to a hospital motion yourself, can ’ t you ? move your feet off the board ! he moved his face a little close could you move your head a fiddling to the side ? ( = take away ) late events have moved the share index upwards/downwards you must have moved the television camera don ’ thymine move anything, said the detective you ’ ll have to move these books/your car ( out of the way ) to be unable to move something to move something to the recycle bin to move something to a different place ) → ; ( ) → ; ( ) →move the chair out of the corner → the policeman asked them to move on →to motivate on to ( ) ( ) → ) → ; ( ) →we have n’t moved the furniture in yet → go about move around ) →it ‘s you to move → ) →the family moved to a newfangled theater → ) → ; ( ) → ; ( ) →move ! →let ‘s motion ! →to travel towards →she moves beautifully →I ‘ll not move from here →to move freely ( ) → ) → ) →the policeman kept the traffic moving →things are moving at death →to move in high society → ) ( to move that … → ) →to be moved →to move bachelor of science to tears →to move bachelor of science to anger/pity → ) ( to move bachelor of science to do sth →he will not be well moved → ) → ; ( ) → ; ( ) → ; ( ) →move those children off the grass ! →to move house →we asked a ( removal ) firm to move us → ) → ; ( ) → ) ( ) →it ‘s my motivate →a good/bad move →what ‘s the adjacent affect ? →to make the first move ( ) →his beginning motion after his victory →there was a move to oust him from the party → ) →to be on the move ( ) → ) → ) ( ) →to get a move on ( ) →get a move on ( with that ) ! ( ) →to make a move ( ) → ) →he made a move towards her →


( muːv) verb1. to (cause to) change position or go from one place to another. He moved his branch ; Do n’t move ! ; Please move your cable car. beweeg يُحَرِّك премествам mudar pohnout, hýbat ( fort- ) bewegen bevæge ; flytteκινώ, κινούμαιmover liikuma, liigutama انتقال دادن liikuttaabouger לְהָזִיז चलना, हिलना micati ( million ) mozgat, ( million ) mozdít ; mozog, ( million ) mozdul menggerakkan hreyfa ; færamuovere, muoversi, spostare 動く 이동하다 judinti, judėti kustināt ; kustēties alihkanbewegen, verplaatsen bevege/flytte ( seg )ruszać انتقال کولmudar a ( southeast ) mişcaдвигать; передвигать pohnúť ( sa ), hýbať ( sa ) premakniti ( southeast ) pomeriti röra [ på ], flytta [ på ] เคลื่อน hareket et ( tir ) mujahidin-e khalq organization 移動 рухати ( ся ) ; пересувати ( ся ) جگہ یا انداز بدلنا یا اس کا سبب بننا di chuyển移动 to ( cause to ) change position or go from one put to another .2. to change houses. We ‘re moving on Saturday. verhuis يَنْتَقِل للسَّكَن في بيتٍ آخر местя се mudar stěhovat southeastumziehen flytteμετακομίζωtrasladar kolima اسباب کشى کردن muuttaadéménager לַעֲבוֹר דִירָה परिवर्तित करना, बदलना seliti költözködik pindah flytjatraslocare 引越す 이사하다 kraustytis pārcelties ( uz citu dzīves vietu ) berpindahverhuizenflytte przeprowadzać się کوچ کشی کولmudarпереезжать sťahovať sa ( pre ) seliti selenium seliti selenium flytta ย้ายที่อยู่taşınmak 搬家 переїжджати ; переселятися گھر بدلنا chuyển nhà搬家 to change houses .3. to affect the feelings or emotions of. I was deeply moved by the film. ontroer يُؤَثِّر، يَتأَثَّر трогвам comover-se dojmoutergreifen bevægeσυγκινώconmover liigutama متاثر ساختن liikuttaaémouvoir לְרַגֵש प्रभावित होना biti ganut megindít, meghat mempengaruhi perasaan hræra, snertacommuovere 感動させる 감동시키다 ( su ) jaudinti aizkustināt mempengaruhi perasaanbewegenbevege, røre, gripewzruszać متاثر کولcomover-se a emoţionaволновать dojať ganiti dirnuti göra rörd, gripa ( ความรู้สึก ; อารมณ์ ) หวั่นไหวduygulandırmak 感動 зворушувати ; хвилювати جذباتی طور پر متاثر کرنا xúc động感动 to affect the feelings or emotions of . noun1. (in board games) an act of moving a piece. You can win this game in three moves. skuif حَرَكَه، تَحْريك ход jogada tah five hundred Zug trækκίνησηjugada, turno käik تغيير مکان siirtocoupצעד, מהלך चाल potez lépés langkah dalam permainan færsla, leikurmossa 指し手 움직임, 수단, 방법 ėjimas gājiens gerakanzettrekk, turruch, posunięcie د مکان تغییرjogada mişcareход ťah poteza potez drag เดินหมากhamle, hareket ( 棋盤遊戲 ) 移動棋子 хід بساط پر مہرے کو کسی اور خانے میں لے جانا ( đánh cờ ) nước (下棋)走棋 ( in board games ) an act of moving a slice .2. an act of changing homes. How did your move go ? verhuising إنتِقال إلى البيت الجَديد местене mudança stěhování five hundred Umzug flytningμετακόμισηmudanza, traslado kolimine اسباب کشی muuttodéménagement מַעֲבָר דִירָה घर बदलना selidba költözködés pindahan flutningurtrasloco 引越し 이사 kraustymasis pārcelšanās ( uz citu dzīves vietu ) perpindahanverhuizingflyttingprzeprowadzka د کوچ کشی شیانmudança mutareпереезд sťahovanie selitev selidba flytt ย้ายบ้าน taşınma 搬家 переїзд گھر بدلنے کا عمل chuyển, xê dịch搬家 an act of changing homes .ˈmovable, ˈmoveable adjective skuifbaar قابِل للنَّقْل، مَنْقول، مُتَحَرِّك преносим mutável pohyblivýbeweglich flytbarκινητόςmovible, móvil liikuv, liigutatav تکان دادنى liikutettavamobileמיטלטל परिवर्तनीय, अस्थिर pomičan mozg ( athat ) ó bisa digerakkan hreyfanlegur, færanlegurmovibile, mobile 動かせる 움직일 수 있는 kilnojamas ( is ) pārvietojams ; kustams boleh dipindahkanbeweegbaarbevegelig, som kan flyttesruchomy ټکان ورکول mutável mobil, miş­că­tor переносной, передвижной pohyblivý premičen pokretljiv rörlig, flyttbar ที่เคลื่อนที่ได้taşınabilir, oynak 可移動的 переносний ; рухомий منقولہ可移动的ˈmovement noun1. (an act of) changing position or going from one point to another. The animal turned sideways with a fleet movement. beweging حَرَكَه، تَحْريك местене movimento pohyb die Bewegung bevægelseκίνησηmovimiento liikumine تغییر مکان liikemouvementתנועה गति pokret mozgás ; mozdulat gerakan hreyfingmovimento 動き 이동 judėjimas, judesys, mostas kustība pergerakanbewegingbevegelseporuszenie ځای بدلولmovimento mişcareдвижение; перемещение pohyb premik pokret rörelse การเคลื่อนที่hareket, kımıldama 移動 рух حرکت sự chuyển động 移动,运动 ( an work of ) changing position or going from one point to another .2. activity. In this play there is a draw of discussion but not much movement. aksie, ontwikkeling فَعالِيَّه، نَشاط، حَرَكَه действие movimento pohyb das Handeln bevægelseδράσηmovimiento tegevus جنبش toimintamouvementתנועה क्रिया, चेष्टा živahnost lendület, cselekmény kegiatan hreyfing, tilfærslamovimento 筋の運び 활동 veiksmas, veikla darbība aktivitiactieliv, fartruch جنبشmovimento acti­vitate, acţiune действие ; динамика pohyb gibanje aktivnost rörelse, fifty-four กิจกรรมhareket, faaliyet 活動 рух ; переміщення عمل hoạt động活动 natural process .3. the art of moving gracefully or expressively. She teaches movement and drama. beweging فَن الحَرَكَه ходене movimento pohybová kultura fail Bewegung bevægelseκίνησηexpresión corporal plastika حرکت دادن liikkuminen expression corporelleתנועה चाल-ढाल pokret mozgásművészet seni gerak hreyfing l’arte di muoversi 身ぶり 동작, 몸짓 sceninis judesys kustība ; kustību kultūra seni gerak bewegingsstijlbevegelsesforming ruch sceniczny حرکت ورکول movimentação gestică ; expresivitate corporală сценическое движение pohybová kultúra gib pokret rörelse การเคลื่อนไหวhareket 動作 манера триматися ہاؤ بھاؤ، آداب حرکت cử động动作, ,姿势 the art of moving gracefully or expressively .4. an organization or association. the Scout motion. beweging حَرَكة أو جَمْعِيَّه организация movimento hnutí die Bewegung bevægelse : -bevægelseκίνημαmovimiento liikumine جنبش liikemouvementתנועה आंदोलन pokret mozgalom gerakan hreyfingmovimento 社会的運動 조직, 단체 judėjimas, sąjūdis kustība gerakanbewegingbevegelse, rørsleruch جنبشmovimento organizaţie, asociaţieдвижение hnutie gibanje pokret rörelse สมาคมhareket, akım ( 組織團體發起的 ) 運動 рух تنظیم phong trào, cuộc vận động (政治或社会)运动 an organization or association .5. the moving parts of a watch, clock etc. beweegdele الأجْزاء المُتَحَرِّكَه من السّاعَه стрелки movimento chod, krok das Gehwerk bevægelig del μηχανισμός ρολογιούmovimiento ( kella ) mehhanism متحرک

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koneistomouvement מַנגנוֹן תְנוּעָה घड़ी इत्यादि के गतिशील हिस्से kotačić szerkezet bagian yang bergerak gangverkmeccanismo 機械装置 ( 시계의 ) 움직이는 부품, 기계 장치 mechanizmas mehānisms bahagian yang bergerakmechaniekgangverk, bevegelige delermechanizm متحرکmovimento me­ca­­nism ход механизма chod premični delicatessen kazaljke mekanism ส่วนที่เคลื่อนไหวของระบบกลไกmekanizma, hareketli parçalar 機件 хід کل پرزوں کا حرکت کرنے والا حصہ kim đồng hồ … )机件 the moving parts of a vigil, clock6. a section of a large-scale piece of music. the third drift of Beethoven ‘s Fifth Symphony. beweging جُزْء رئيسي من لَحْن موسيقي لآلةٍ مُنْفَرِدَه откъс movimento věta five hundred Satz sats μέρος μουσικής σύνθεσηςmovimiento osa نهضت osamouvementפרק सिंफनी इत्यादि stavak tétel ( zeneműé ) bagian þátturmovimento 楽章 악장 dali ( kompozīcijas ) daļa bahagiandeelsatsczęść نهضتmovimento parteчасть veta stavek stav sats ช่วงหนึ่งของเพลงbölüm 樂章 частина музичного твору کسی طویل موسیقی کا کوئی مکمل حصہ ( âm nhạc ) phần乐章 a section of a large-scale piece of music .7. a general tendency towards a habit, point of view etc. There ‘s a movement towards simple designs in clothing these days. tendens مَيْل عام тенденция movimento sklon, course die Entwicklung bevægelseτάση, κίνησηmovimiento, tendencia suundumus حرکت suuntamouvementתנועה आदल इत्यादि का रुझान razvoj elmozdulás ( vmi felé ) kecenderungan tilhneigingtendenza 動向 추이, 동향 polinkis, tendencija tieksme, tendence kecenderunganontwikkelingtendenstrend جرکتmovimento mişcareнаправление tendencia težnja kretanje utveckling ความโน้มเอียงmeyil 動向 тенденція کسی چیز کا رواج ہونا xu hướng chung倾向 a general tendency towards a habit, sharpen of viewmovie ( -vi) noun ( especially American ) .1. a cinema film. a horror movie. film فِلْم سينمائي филм filme film five hundred Film film ; -filmταινίαpelícula film تحرک elokuvafilm סֶרֶט קוֹלנוֹע चलचित्र movie ( mozi ) film film kvikmyndfilm 映画 영화 filmas kinofilma tayangan filemfilmfilmfilm تحرکfilme filmкинофильм film film film movie ภาพยนตร์film 影片 фільм, кіно سنیما، فلم bộ phim电影 a cinema film .2. (in plural. with the ) the cinema and films in general : to go to the movies. fliek السّينما кино cinema kino das Kino biografκινηματογράφοςcine kino سینما رفتن elokuvacinémaקולנוע फिल्म kino mozi bioskop bíó, kvikmyndircinema 映画 영화관 kinas kino bioskopfilm kino kino سینماته تللcinema film кино kino kino bioskop bio, biograf, movie หนังsinema ( 總稱 ) 電影 кіно فلم یا سنیما phim电影院ˈmoving adjectiveetc. a identical be active language. ontroerende, roerende مُؤَثِّر، مُحَرِّك للمشاعِر трогателен comovente dojemnýbewegend bevægendeσυγκινητικόςconmovedor liigutav موثر liikuttavaémouvantמרגש हृदय स्पर्शी ganutljiv, dirljiv megható mengharukan áhrifamikill, hjartnæmurcommovente 感動させる 감동시키는 jaudinantis aizkustinošs mengharukanontroerendrørende, gripendewzruszający موثرcomovente emo­ţionantволнующий dojemný ganljiv dirljiv rörande, gripande กระตุ้น ; เร้าใจacıklı, dokunaklı 感人的 зворушливий, хвилюючий محرک، جزباتی طور پر متاثر کرنے والا cảm động, thương tâm令人感动的 having an effect on the emotionsˈmovingly adverb roerend بصورةٍ مُؤَثِّرَه ومُحَرِّكَه للمشاعِر трогателно comoventemente dojemněbewegend bevægende συγκινητικά de una manera conmovedora liigutavalt بطور موثر liikkuvastid’une manière émouvante בְּצוּרָה מְרָגֶשֶת हृदयस्पर्शता के साथ dirljivo meghatóan secara mengharukan á hjartnæman hátt in maniera commovente 感動的に 감동적으로 jaudinamai aizkustinoši mengharukanontroerendrørende, gripende wzruszająco په موثره توګه comoventemente ( într-un mod ) emoţionant волнующе dojemne ganljivo dirljivo på ett rörande sätt อย่างเร้าใจ acıklı şekilde 感人地 зворушливо متاثر ہوکر một cách thương tâm动人地get a move onmake a move1. to move at all. If you make a be active, I ‘ll shoot you ! beweeg يَبدو مِنه حَرَكَه мърдам fazer um movimento hnout southeastsich rühren gøre en bevægelse κάνω την παραμικρή κίνηση hacer united nations gesto, moverse liigutama جنبيدن liikkua faire united nations geste לָזוּז कार्रवाई करना, शुरू करना pokreni selenium megmoccan bergerak hreyfa sigfare una mossa 動く 움직이다 pajudėti pakustēties bergerakzich verroeren røre ( på ) segruszać się خوزیدل fazer um movimento a confront o mişcare пошевеливаться pohnúť sa premakniti selenium mrdnuti röra sig ขยับ kımıldamak 稍微動一下 зробити рух زرا سی بھی حرکت nhúc nhích移动 to move at all .2. (with for or towards) to move (in the direction of). He made a move for the door. begin, beweging يَتَّجِه نَحْو، يسيرُ نَحْو движа се към dirigir-se a posunout selenium ( kelvin ) sich bewegen ( in Richtung ) tage et skridtκατευθύνομαιdirigirse suunduma حرکت دادن liikkua esquisser united nations mouvement ( vers ) לְהִתקַדֵם बढ़ना krenuti prema elindul berjalan færa sig í áttina aðdirigersi 移動する … 쪽을 향해 이동하다 pasukti doties ( uz ) bergerak een stap doen naarbevege segruszać حرکت ورکولdirigir-se a a por­ni spreнаправляться pohnúť sa ( thousand ) pomakniti southeast krenuti röra ( röra ) sig bon mot เคลื่อนไปข้างหน้า gitmeye kalkışmak 走向 … направитися کسی چیز کی طرف بڑھنا di chuyển về phía向…走去 ) to move ( in the direction of ) .move along The patrol told the crowd to move along. verbystap يَسْتَمِر في السَّيْر продължавам да се движа circular rozejít southeastweitergehen, -bewegen gå videreπροχωρώcircular edasi liikuma عقبتر رفتن pysyä liikkeessäcirculer לְהִתקַדֵם अकेले घूमना kretati se továbbhalad terus berjalan halda áframcircolare 立止まらずに進む 움직여 나가다 nestoviniuoti virzīties uz priekšu terus bergerakdoorlopen gå videre/lenger innoverruszać په شا تللcircular a circula не задерживаться rozísť sa premakniti selenium naprej produžiti gå vidare, fortsätta gå เดินไปilerlemek 持續前進 іти далі بڑھتے رہنا đang di chuyển前进 to keep move, not staying in one place .move heaven and earth hemel en aarde verplaas يُقيم الدُّنْيا ويُقْعِدُها правя всичко възможно mexer céus e terra udělat všeHimmel und Hölle in Bewegung setzen sætte himmel og jord one bevægelse κινώ γη και ουρανό, βάζω λυτούς και δεμένους remover cielo yttrium tierra kõiki rattaid käima panema هفت اسمان tehdä kaikkensaremuer ciel et terre לַעֲשׂוֹת הַכָּל שְׁבִּיכוֹלתוֹ धरती-स्वर्ग में घूमना učiniti sve moguće mindent megmozgat melakukan segala-galanya gera allt sem mögulegt emergency room ( til að ) muovere cielo e terra, muovere/smuovere cheremis east monti できるだけの事をする 백방으로 노력하다 viską išmėginti izdarīt visu iespējamo melakukan segala-galanya hemel en aarde bewegenflytte berg, gjøre alt som er mulig poruszyć niebo i ziemię اوه آسمانونه mexer céus e terra a face total ce este ome­neşte posibil сдвинуть горы urobiť všetko vse poskusiti pomeriti nabu one zemlju röra upp himmel och jord, göra sitt yttersta พยายามทำบางสิ่งอย่างมาก yapılabilecek herşeyi yapmak, her çareye başvurmak 竭盡所能 стояти на вухах زمین آسمان ایک کر دینا xoay xở đủ cách竭尽全力 to do everything that one possibly can .move house They ‘re moving firm adjacent week. verhuis يُغَيِّر المَسْكِن местя се mudar de casa přestěhovat seleniumumziehen flytteμετακομίζω mudarse de casa, trasladarse kolima به خانه تازه اسباب کشى کردن muuttaadéménager לַעֲבוֹר דִירָה मकान बदलना seliti selenium költözködik pindah rumah flytjast búferlumtraslocare 引越しする 이사하다 kraustytis pārcelties ( uz citu dzīves vietu ) pindah rumahverhuizenflytte przeprowadzać się کوچ کشی کول mudar de casa a-şi schimba locuinţaпереезжать presťahovať sa ( pre ) seliti selenium preseliti southeast flytta ย้ายบ้านtaşınmak, ev taşımak 搬家 переїжджати ; переселятися گھر تبدیل کرنا chuyển chỗ ở搬家 to change one ‘s home plate or invest of residency .move inetc. We can move in on Saturday. intrek يَنْتَقِل ويَسْكُن في بيتٍ جَديد нанасям се mudar nastěhovat seeinziehen flytte indμετακομίζωinstalarse sisse kolima به خانه تازه اسباب کشى کردن muuttaa asuntoonemménager לַעֲבוֹר לְדִירָה חֲדָשׁה नए घर में जाना useliti southeast beköltözik menempati flytja hostel ( andare a stare in una nuova casa ) 引越してくる 전입하다 atsikelti, atsikraustyti ievākties menempatibetrekkenflytte inn wprowadzać się کوچ کشی کولmudar a southeast mutaвъезжать nasťahovať sa vseliti southeast useliti southeast flytta in ย้ายเข้าไปอยู่taşınmak 搬進 в’їхати کسی گھر میں رہنا شروع کرنا chuyển vào nhà搬进 to go into and occupy a housemove offmove outetc. She has to move out before the newfangled owners arrive. uittrek, verhuis يُخْلي المَنْزِل изнасям се sair odstěhovat seleniumausziehen flytte udεγκαταλείπω, αδειάζωirse, marcharse välja kolima راه بيافتيد muuttaa poidéménager לַעֲזוֹב בַּיִת त्याग देना iseliti southeast kiköltözik pergi, pindah flytja úttraslocare 移転する 이사가다 išsikraustyti, išsikelti izvākties keluar rumahvertrekkenflytte ut wyprowadzać się شور وخورۍsair a selenium muta съезжать odsťahovať sa izseliti selenium iseliti selenium flytta do ย้ายออกçıkmak, evden taşınıp ayrılmak 搬出 виїжджати ترک کر دینا، چھوڑ کر چلے جانا dọn nhà đi搬出 to leave, cease to live in, a theatermove up Move up and let me sit down, please. skuif op يُوَسِّع ، يَتَحَرَّك لِيُمَكِّن غَيْرَه من الجُلوس правя място afastar-se zvednout seleniumsich von der Stelle bewegen flytte sig κάνω πιο πέραcorrerse edasi nihkuma بلند شدن siirtyäse pousser לָזוּז पहले से ऊंची श्रेणी में जाना pomaknuti selenium feljebb, összébb stb. húzódik bergeser færa sig fare posto 席を詰める ( 자리를 만들 수 있게 ) 이동하다 pasitraukti pavirzīties beralihopschuivenrykke sammenprzesunąć się پورته کیدلafastar-se a southeast district attorney louisiana o parte пододвинуться zdvihnúť sa premakniti, odmakniti selenium pomeriti selenium maka ihop sig ขยับตัวilerlemek 讓開 посунутися جگہ بنانا tiến lên让开一点 to move in any given steering so as to make more space .on the move1. moving from place to place. With his kind of job, he ‘s always on the travel. op pad, op reis كَثير التَّنَقُّل، في حَرَكَةٍ دائِمَه постоянно се движа em mudança five pohybuunterwegs på farten σε διαρκή κίνηση, αλλάζοντας μέρηviajar, desplazarse liikvel در جنبش liikkeelläen marche לִנסוֹע एक जगह से दूसरी जगह जाना u pokretu úton van berpindah-pindah á ferð ; á faraldsfætiin movimento 転々として 이리저리 이동하여 kelionėje kustībā ; darbībā berpindah-randah op padpå farten watt ruchu په حرکت کښی em mudança pe cram ( uri ) на ходу five pohybe na poti u pokretu one rörelse, på rörlig fot ไปโน่นมานี่ hareket hâlinde 在活動中 на ногах جگہ جگہ گھومنا di chuyển từ nơi này đến nơi khác在活动中 moving from place to place .2. advancing. The frontiers of scientific cognition are constantly on the go. aan die beweeg في تَقَدُّم دائِم напредвам em avanço v pohybuin Bewegung one bevægelse σε συνεχή εξέλιξη en progreso edasi liikumas در حرکت edistymässäen marche לזּוז आगे बढ़ना napredovati mozgásban vanguard maju í framþróunin movimento 前進して 전진 중인 besiplėtojantis kustībā ; progresā maju in bewegingsom gjør framskritt, i bevegelse framover, på frammarsj w ruchu په حرکت کښی em avanço în schimbare в движении volt pohybe napredovati uracil pokretu [ gå ] framåt, [ göra ] framsteg ก้าวหน้า ilerliyor 進展中 у русі متقدم ہونا، ترقی پزیر ہونا tiến

在进展中 advancing.

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