Lust Definition & Meaning


He was consumed by lust.

He was driven by a lust for power.

Lust for chocolate drew her into the candy store.

recent Examples on the Web : noun

Indulge museum lust at the mind-bending Dali Museum or new venues such as the James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art and the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement.

Robin Soslow, Chron, 17 Nov. 2021

Her avalanches of prose are studded with sharp moments of specificity, and her descriptions, though heated by curiosity, affection, or lust, are always cooled by wit.

The New Yorker, 8 Nov. 2021

At first, visions of Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy) frolicking around the West End’s cabaret circuit imbue the reserved Eloise with a lust for life.

Leah Dolan, CNN, 29 Oct. 2021

Suddenly, a pomegranate seems like the obvious offspring of a rose and a grape in lust.

New York Times, 4 Oct. 2021

At the same time, that’s tangled up with very true feelings of lust and love and friendship.

Devan Coggan,, 30 Sep. 2021

Like his previous album, Gold-Diggers Sound has no shortage of songs about moments of lust and passion.

Thor Christensen, Dallas News, 23 July 2021

Her preparations include cleansing and perfuming herself with divinely fragrant ambrosia as well as borrowing a magical, lust-inducing belt from Aphrodite.

Britta Ager, The Conversation, 20 Oct. 2021

Women, children, and slaves are playthings for their masters; lust is as freely licensed as hunger; the body’s effluvia are frankly examined.

Claire Messud, Harper’s Magazine, 17 Aug. 2021

late Examples on the Web : verb

The league bosses, who lust for new stadiums, would have objected, leaned on the Yorks to build a new one ASAP.

Scott Ostler, San Francisco Chronicle, 13 Nov. 2021

Fantasies of love or lust open her up to violent visions of volcanoes, unrest and a hail of bullets, but all these disasters are outstripped by her longing.

Washington Post, 29 Sep. 2021

Now cool-hunter kids lust after Jordan sneakers and Jean Prouvé No. 305 chairs.

Jacob Gallagher, WSJ, 27 Sep. 2021

All other human passions are subsidiary to lust for money and contempt for those no longer in a position to dole it out.

Geoffrey O’brien, The New York Review of Books, 29 Jan. 2020

But their convenience and easy setup has made campers everywhere lust after them.

Will Egensteiner, Popular Mechanics, 18 Aug. 2021

In Big Church the message was simple: Men were prone to lust, women to gossip.

Kelsey Mckinney, Star Tribune, 16 July 2021

Putin continues to lust after these three former Soviet republics, but only Belarus remains firmly in his orbit.

Tracy Wilkinson Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times, 15 June 2021

Luckily, Bridgerton was just renewed for a season 3 and 4, so there will be many more hot people to lust after.

Natalie Morin,, 14 Apr. 2021

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